Game Recap: Jordan Hill Has Career Night, Lakers Win Reviewed by Momizat on . The Los Angeles Lakers will be hosting the Detroit Pistons after falling to the Memphis Grizzlies 89-86 on Friday. The Lakers went into the fourth quarter ahead The Los Angeles Lakers will be hosting the Detroit Pistons after falling to the Memphis Grizzlies 89-86 on Friday. The Lakers went into the fourth quarter ahead Rating:
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Game Recap: Jordan Hill Has Career Night, Lakers Win

The Los Angeles Lakers will be hosting the Detroit Pistons after falling to the Memphis Grizzlies 89-86 on Friday. The Lakers went into the fourth quarter ahead by 3 and had their chance to win late in the game but could not take advantage. Jodie Meeks had a good game leading the team in scoring while Pau Gasol struggled from the field only hitting 4-12. Pau Gasol will have his hands full tonight with Andre Drummond who scored 15 points and grabbed 18 rebounds in the win against the Kings. Josh Smith will also bring the Lakers problems with his athleticism and defense. The Pistons will be without their point guards Chauncey Billups and Will Bynum tonight. The Lakers look to avoid a three game losing streak against a Pistons team that has been having trouble winning on the road this season.

First Quarter

The Lakers came out a bit rusty missing their first few shot attempts and turning the ball over before getting on the scoreboard off an alley-oop made by Wesley Johnson. The Pistons came out strong scoring in the paint early. Jordan Hill continues to provide energy for the team with four quick points including an acrobatic layup. Pau Gasol gets a couple of jump shots to go down to give him four points. On defense, the Lakers are struggling to get back in transition and it leads to a dunk by Josh Smith. With a fast paced game Wesley Johnson gets another alley-oop to go down off a pass by Steve Blake. The Pistons continue to get points inside the paint with good ball movement and are shooting well from the three. Nick Young hit a mid range jumper and a layup off an assist by Blake to get them going on offense. Blake does a great job distributing the ball and has eight assists at the end of the quarter and the Lakers trail 29-27.

Second Quarter

The Pistons continue to shoot well from the three getting another one to go down to start the quarter off. The Lakers start off bad missing shots and turning the ball over finding themselves down by nine. Hill gets the first points of the quarter for the Lakers with a layup giving him six points in the game. The Lakers start to get going with Shawne Williams hitting a three, Xavier Henry attacking the basket and Hill working hard for offensive rebounds. The Pistons have cooled off a bit and the Lakers go on an 11-2 run with the bench players showing some athleticism. After some sloppy play from the Pistons the Lakers get a big three from Meeks. Pistons get a big play on their end with a pass from Jennings to Drummond leading to an alley-oop but the Lakers get another three, this time from Johnson. Both teams turn the ball over consecutively and the Lakers at this point have seven turnovers while the Pistons have 10. The Lakers get little careless on defense with Rodney Stucky hitting consecutive jump shots to give him 12 points to lead all scorers. The Lakers with turnovers and missed shots have a poor end to the half but are only down by 6.

Third Quarter

A nice start to the quarter with Pau Gasol getting his third block of the game and another alley-oop for Johnson off an assist by Blake. Gasol has been quiet since scoring in the first quarter but gets a jumper to go down and assist that gives Johnson 11 points. The Pistons are doing well pushing the ball and knocking shots down. Drummond and Greg Monroe are finding their way into the paint. The Lakers are struggling to get their rebounds on both ends and have missed their two 3-point attempts. A steal by Blake leads to an impressive alley-oop by Johnson, his fourth of the night. Blake has been doing a great job passing the ball and shows some nice offense driving in for a layup. The Lakers have found their rhythm on offense but cannot get stops on the defensive end. Sloppy play by both teams getting turnovers but the Lakers take advantage with Young hitting a layup off a pass by Gasol. Young gets the Lakers the lead hitting back to back threes. Farmar hits a difficult shot as time expires and Lakers finish the quarter on a 10-0 run. The Lakers lead the Pistons 79-71.

Fourth Quarter

The Lakers open up the quarter by continuing to play strong with Farmar hitting a step back jumper and dishing out a sweet pass to Hill for a dunk. On the defensive end the Lakers are playing well denying the Pistons on consecutive possessions. After sending Smith to the line, the Lakers have cooled off offensively missing a few jump shots. Blake comes off the bench to pick up where he left off getting a quick assist to give him 13. Hill continues to fight for inside as he has all game and gets his fourth offensive rebound to give him 16 total rebounds. The Lakers have taken control of the game with Gasol hitting a two and Williams hits a three. Meeks hits a couple of three pointers to push the Lakers lead up to 14 with under five minutes remaining in the game. Hill gets a shot to go down giving him 22 points, his career high. The Pistons have no answer with the Lakers dominating the game as Meeks hits another three. Lakers hold onto win with a 114-99 win.


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  • jeremy

    great game all around and who knew hill could do so well on offense and i knew blake could pass like that, i seen big games like that over his career. this team it starting to find it self now it has a rotation

  • iDontCare

    Steve Blake. Kobe has always had the upmost respect for him, and now we know why. So everyone who always cried for a trade can sit down. I honestly think without Blake and Hill, we would be 1-11.

    • Daryl Peek

      Been saying this for the longest about Blake. Good stuff man.

  • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

    Better chemistry on this game… I think the players are slowly finding their role int the offense. Off all the players, I see Henry being the one that is still finding his place in the offense, his defense on Stucky was very good though.

  • Daryl Peek

    GREAT WIN. Everyone played well. We needed to stop the bleeding and did so. Blake is playing out of his mind since becoming the starting PG. Hill is turning into a young Ama’re Stoudmire. Pau is showing some signs of life. Meeks is consistently getting better every week. Young looks like our sixth man of the year. Johnson had a great all around game.

    Lots of rest coming this week as the next game isn’t til Friday. Big test coming against GS. GO LAKERS

    • jeremy

      naw i think hill more the Anderson Varejao type player.

      • Daryl Peek

        I can see that. I think Hill has a better jumper than Varejao. That’s why I say Ama’re. Hill shot the jumper better last season. If he continues to develop that he will be an allstar this year.

        • jeremy

          hill could be a all star, but depends how he plays when kobe back.

          • kobe24

            I agree with Jeremy, although I don’t think he could be an all star this year (since this is all based on fan voting) if he can keep this up get show the energy 15 points + 10 rebounds + a game (which will be a hard thing no doubt) he will be an allstar next year

        • LakersFan

          Lol, Hill cannot be an all-star. What are you smoking?

          • Daryl Peek


          • Charles

            He’s not even on the ballot! It’s a fan’s vote. Do you think he has a fan following outside of Los Angeles?

          • jeremy

            im not 100% sure but isnt the fan vote for the starters but the bench is chosen from the coaches?

  • Jim213

    Solid win,

    The garbage man holds the fort down again. Hill’s starting to look like (IS!) the most consistent starter for the team thus far. The team out hustled the Pistons overall in the 2nd half but aside of Hill (for me) Wesley Johnson showed some solid play though the numbers may not show but defensively contributed to the win aside of sparking the team with his HOOPS.

    S Williams also had a good game as during the 2nd half he managed to out play some of the bigs inside aside of blocking them from the paint = lesser rebound opportunities.Blake did a solid job at the 1 though farmar was UPSET that he was taken out during the fourth.

    • taviyoung

      I agree. I think that the Lakers should SERIOUSLY consider trading Nash though, because Blake should be the starting point guard for the remainder of the season. Since Nash’s absence, Blake has ran the offense extremely well, and also has done a really good job defensively. If you keep Nash then you run a really good risk at ruining the chemistry of this team, because the rotations are going to change drastically.

      • Jim213

        Agree, but (not dissing Nash) he’s a defensive liability that often forces others to help out in doubling up players which leaves open shooters to capitalize on this since Nash needs help on the defensive end. Farmar seems to run the 2nd unit better but will Blake get the nod if Nash returns. However, Hill has managed to play solid ball no matter if rotating within the 1st or 2nd team (Blake/Farmar).

        • Daryl Peek

          Yes Blake will, and he deserves it. I still believe Nash has gas left in his tank, if so it will only help the team chemistry when if and when he returns. Same with Kobe. The team just becomes that much deeper

          • Jim213

            IMO, I don’t expect Nash to play consistent minutes aside of the season. He may possibly require to go under the knife again given his nerve discomfort. He’s also mentioned that it’s not worth playing given the aches so i don’t see things changing in the short term aside of long term.

          • Daryl Peek

            Possibly but believe me when I say Nash will fight his ass off for this team trying to get better.

          • Jim213

          • taviyoung

            Thank you

          • taviyoung

            You can’t be watching the games if you still believe Nash has gas left in the tank.

    • Daryl Peek

      Meeks is still the most consistent player on the team. His shooting percentages are LeBron ridiculous!

      • Jim213

        Yes, he has good numbers but I’m going with the SPARK PLUG of the starter rotation though not taking anything away from Meeks given that both are just starting to get good minutes as starters.

      • taviyoung

        He’s only two or three bad games away from being out of the rotation.

  • taviyoung

    Hill was great tonight. I just hope MDA doesn’t ruin his confidence, and go away from him if he has a couple of bad games. Hill has now shown that he is a starter in this league, and MDA has to stick with him. I watched Earl Clark have ten or more good games in a row. Then have two bad ones, and got his minutes cut down significantly. That’s one thing I can say about Phil. He never did that to his players, because he understands that this game is more mental than it is anything, and that you need your role players just as much as your stars. You can’t have a guy out there thinking too much, and worried that if he misses a few shots or have a few bad games, that he may end up out of the rotation. If Hill continues his strong play along with the other role players, and Kobe can come back soon, and be the Kobe that we all know, this team is going to surprise some people.

    • Daryl Peek

      How is MDA gonna ruin his confidence when D’Antoni is the one who’s giving Hill a chance this year? Hill is thriving in the D’Antoni PNR system. Long as Hill continues that he’s a lock as a starter.

      • taviyoung

        I think I explained what I meant about ruining his confidence. Did you read everything or just the first sentence?!?!

      • taviyoung

        Just like with Xavier Henry. He played great the first few games. Had a couple of bad ones and got his minutes cut down big time. You can see it in his play of late that his confidence is shot, and he’s thinking too much. When he was playing his best ball he was out there playing free and playing his game. Don’t get me wrong. MDA does a great job of giving guys chances, but my whole thing with him is that he screws around with the guys heads by having them on such a short leash. He has had that reputation every since he’s been a coach.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Nice game Jordan Hill.

  • Paytc

    Not a big surprise. The Lakers must win winnable games especially at home. Good job to all that “STEPPED UP “. Remember we cant get too high on wins or too low after a loss. Hopefully we can win the last two at home to carry momentum with the team on the road. We need to keep “STEPPING UP ” so Kobe does not feel he has to rush back too soon.

    Go Lakers !

  • LakersHeatBeef

    The College Years.

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