Game Recap: Griffin, Clippers Crush Lakers In Second Meeting

Game Recap: Griffin, Clippers Crush Lakers In Second Meeting


Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
The Los Angeles Lakers took on the division rival Los Angeles Clippers on Friday night and the outcome was as to be expected. Chris Paul and Kobe Bryant were unable to get on the floor in this battle for Los Angeles, but the game had to be played regardless.

Despite the injuries for both teams, the Lakers and Clippers played the second game of their season series at Staples Center with Blake Griffin leading the way. Griffin shouldered the load for the absent Paul as the Clippers cruised to victory.

First Quarter

Newcomer Kendall Marshall got the Lakers off to a fast start with a three to start the game, but it was all down hill from there. Griffin opened the flood gates in the first quarter scoring 18 points, recording two steals, blocking one shot and ripping down three boards.

Needless to say, the Lakers were completely outmatched by a hungry and motivated Clippers team looking to prove that the season opener was a fluke. J.J. Redick added 10 points as the Clippers got out to a 18-point lead.

Second Quarter

The second quarter turned out to be a lot like the first. The Lakers struggled to get the ball past halfcourt and as a result couldn’t fight back against a superior Clippers squad that had no mercy.

Marshall attempted to keep the Lakers within striking distance hitting his second three of the game, but the Clippers were relentless. The former D-Leaguer held his own with 12 points while Wesley Johnson led the way in the scoring department for the Lakers with 14.

Despite the Lakers showing a bit more fight in the second quarter, the Clippers took an 18-point lead into halftime, 70-52.

Third Quarter

Only a few minutes in the third quarter, the Clippers ran the score up to 25 and to make matters worse Marshall rolled his ankle. Marshall continued to play after the apparent ankle sprain, but it didn’t make much of a difference with Doc Rivers’ squad kicking it into high gear.

The Clippers extended the lead to 41 points before heading into the fourth quarter. The other team in Los Angeles held the Lakers to season-low eight points in the third.

Needless to say, the rout was on as the third quarter came to a close with the Clippers up, 101-60.

Fourth Quarter

Starting the fourth quarter down 41 points, the writing was on the wall at the Staples Center. The Clippers had officially avenged the loss to start the season and were ready to rest their starters with Griffin and DeAndre Jordan heading to the bench.

Griffin finished with 33 points and 12 rebounds in a dominant performance against the Lakers. All five starters for the Lakers scored in double figures with Marshall leading the way with 16 points and 10 assists, but it was nowhere near enough to even make this game competitive against their division rivals.

Ultimately, the game mercifully came to an end with the Clippers beating the Lakers, 123-87.

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  • Gregory Choa

    The lowest of lows…that was as spirit crushing a loss as I’ve ever seen as a Lakers fan. I’m a guy who can normally find a silver lining in even the most dire of circumstances, but I’m at a loss after this one.

    • Dragon7s

      Silver lining? How about that the Clippers shot 71% in the 1st Q?
      As bad as the Lakers looked, give credit to the Clippers who played probably their best game in franchise history.
      Replay this game again with the same rosters and I highly doubt you see the same disparity in the score.

      People are ranting about how poorly the Lakers played but the real story was how well the Clippers played.

  • Mamba love

    light at the end of the tunnel? a freight train! that was brutal… tanking mode in full effect. Fast forward to next season please

    • Lakers Fan

      Honestly, I don’t see next season being any better. This team will be a work in progress. .

      • mamba love

        may be… a good PF and C and a healthy roster should fix this team #optimism

        • Mamba love

          rebounding machine + defense badly needed

        • lakeshow2015

          Kevin love, greg monroe and loul deng!! :)
          (acquire Love via trade)

  • Jim213

    The team has given up on the season as it’s starting to look like the early team of the season. No excuses to not showing up and representing the brand. Aside of that it’s the coach’s RESPONSIBILITY to motivate players and get them going just like any coach in their SPORT! For Kupcake to support Mike’s coaching moves is clumsy.

    Kupcake has been GM for well over a decade and has yet to bring another franchise player. IMO, Kupcake has reached his limit with regards to expecting the best from him. Just like a top business when an exec has reached their max potential and a business is in a situation to either turn things around or fall to their competitors those execs get replaced for a new vision.

    Same situation here given that FO won’t turn things around at this rate. CEO’s mostly get replaced but it’s unfortunate as hopefully oblivious Jim Bust learns from his mistakes rather than keep making more down the line. Things won’t change unless FO reshuffles their way of thinking given that top talent players want to comepete for championships now not down the line.

    Just as Lebron has recently mentioned, ‘it’s about winning and not about the paycheck foremost.’ Thus, clueless FO has to acquire a strong starting rotation along with strong bench (hustlers). Hopefully FO uses their heads and focuses on building a strong starting rotation rather than putting all of their money on another max salary player in 2014FA. Otherwise don’t expect things to change while waiting until 2015’s trade deadline or FA to attain another star player or two.

    • Jim213

      Also used to boost brain power…

      (no disrespect to actual users).

    • Dragon7s

      “Hopefully FO uses their heads and focuses on building a strong starting
      rotation rather than putting all of their money on another max salary
      player in 2014FA.”

      I, and many others I’ve spoken to, believe that the FO won’t go after a max. player but rather, use the remaining cap space and exceptions to bring in complementary, good players, i.e. not superstars but All Star/borderline All Stars.
      They are simply biding their time until they can do more in FA over the next couple of seasons IMO. There’s not much more they can do at this point tbh.
      Now at the trade deadline? The FO will evaluate where we are and make moves accordingly.
      This is the same FO that came up with the CP3 deal that was vetoed.
      Just because most fans are impatient and don’t understand the subtleties and limitations of the new CBA doesn’t mean that the FO doesn’t. The Laker brand is a multi-billion dollar business for a reason.

      • Jim213

        Not the first time I’ve posted similar comments but given FO’s recent moves that goes back to the past season this won’t be fixed overnight. Yes, they seem to be buying themselves time but it’s not about being inpatient #rollwithit as is having doubts in FO given their track record.

        Regarding CP3, Jeanie Buss also commented a few months back that the CP3 deal would’ve likely been approved if they would’ve waited a few days and not after a bad owners meeting took place.

        But it’s more about playing for the brand COMPETIITVE ball as it is expecting this team to turn it around b/c at best they’re a 500 team this season. Many of the masses take pride in the brand given their competitiveness thru the decades which goes for many LN bloggers.

  • Lakers Fan

    The Lakers are an embarrassment to the league, this organization, and themselves. I wouldn’t allow myself to get upset tonight because the truth is the truth: we suck. We can blame injuries, the coach, and whatever else, but if this loss isn’t an eye opener I don’t know what is. This team has given up on the season. There is no better way to put it. They see no hope, and neither do we as fans. I’ll be glad when this season is over.

    • Gregory Choa

      Eye opener???…more like an eye closer!!! I don’t know that the team has given up on the season, I just think the chemistry has been thrown completely off kilter. Kendall Marshall has been great, but he can’t orchestrate this team from the backcourt by himself – the Lakers need reinforcements at the point and God only knows when that’s coming…the rest of this month is shot for sure.

      Maybe come Jan. 28th, when team returns to Staples from the Grammy roadtrip, they’ll get Kobe and Nash back…that’ll help right this ship a bit.

      • Lakers Fan

        Didn’t you see this game, or these last couple of games? They aren’t putting up a fight whatsoever. I don’t think they care anymore. It’s hard to stay confident when you see no silver lining.

        I’ll believe Nash is back when I actually see him on the court. Even then, they have to build chemistry again. He and Kobe will also have to get into their rythms. No telling how long that will take. They definitely won’t help on the defensive end of the floor either. As much as it would be nice to see some type of good play, it will be a while before that happens again.

  • Whatever.

    Mike D’antoni is setting up the lakers to be raped night after night, while the FO stands by and smiles in support. I grew up on showtime, and this is by far and away the worst two years of my Lakers Fan life. The nightmare began with the Chris Paul trade getting veto’d, and it peaked tonight as the Clippers made the Lakers look like a middle school team. When I watch interviews with D’antoni, I can’t help but think “really? This is our guy?”.

  • Matt Williams

    Mitch said we’re not tanking. If that’s the case then FIRE THE COACH!!!

    • Avery Johnson

      I agree Matt Williams fire that garbage coach MDA.Hey btw you are a great baseball player.Autograph my ball please lol ha ha ha.I agree MDA is shit.

  • kbak

    Every loss gets us closer to a #1 pick :]

  • Aaron

    Lakers are still trying. Not even trying to tank….that’s how bad they are.

  • Daryl Peek

    Gasol Hill and Kaman got completely BITCH slapped by the Clips! 2 FT attempts between the three of them?!? Not one blocked shot! Unbelievable!!!

  • Daryl Peek

    I’m starting to calm down some. Big picture, this is how bad it is looking at the available roster right now…

    We only got 9 players that can suit due to injury. Four centers played tonight because that’s the only position we have depth at.

    Think about that? 4 centers played out of 9 players available, that means there were only 5 players left to play the other 4 positions. Marshall played 40 minutes. Dude is fresh off the street two weeks ago.

    I’m extremely pissed at the big’s (Gasol especially) because they had the most rest in the game but gave the least amount of effort, outside of Sacre. Griffin and Jordan did whatever they wanted to. 13 blocked shots?!?

    Let me stop before my blood pressure goes up again.

    • Daryl Peek

      I see my cowardly haters are busy at work. I love it!

    • Antzer

      Agree! I had to stop watching the game to stop an ulcer attack. Horrible all around … Speechless.

    • Dragon7s

      I noted to a friend, that I was watching the game with, that at one point, the Lakers had 3 bigs on the floor at once (the ultimate anti-D’Antoni) flanked only by SwaggyP and KM.
      Laker Coach=tough gig under the current circumstances

      People that are calling for MDA to be fired need a reality check.

      • Daryl Peek

        Exactly. Kelly is being asked to play SF? He’s a PF/C. He’s never played SF before.

  • papi

    Well lakers nations we lose again ,but the only thing we can do is be there for purple and yellow nations hope next season we get better players they really love the jerseys and have respect for the lakers nations LET’S Go LAKERS no matter what 100% lakers.

  • C*HarrisTHEboss

    Is it baseball season yet?

  • The Little General

    Lakers coaching staff is stanky ass bad.MDA is a punk ass i am calling him out.

  • The Little General

    How the hell does Mike D’Antoni still have a job as a coach in the NBA???Mike D’Antoni should go and coach some 4th grade team he is not Head Coaching material in the NBA.He belongs in a nut farm he is a lunatic.Lakers are not tanking they just stink.FIRE MIKE D’ANTONI RIGHT NOW.Hire a winner.Loser MDA.

    • Dragon7s

      I’m just curious as to how you would coach this team with the top 1/3 of your roster on the injured list.

      I’ll wait…..

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Stop the madness people.I don’t like losing but it’s how it is going down.

  • #LakersLore

    Guys this season will be forgotten after next season when we’re in contention. Possible scenario: Lakers get the lowest seed possible (already in the works) making their pick extremely valuable. They use that pick and Pau with other players and trade for Kevin Love (he is dying to be here). Could be a 3 team trade. (Before deadline)
    -Sign free agents with the remaining money they have after Kobe’s $24 Mill!!
    -Greg Monroe free agent Center to protect the damn rim.
    -Loul Deng to defend the wing and those Lebron type players.
    -Bench etc.
    This is as far as ive gotten (I can dream)

    Lakers cannot expect a lebron type player from the draft. This will take a couple season to develop even if they even get a high pick.

    Dr. Jerry Buss’ mentality was to win NOW. Im sure Kupchak has something like this planned.

    Starting 5 would be:
    C Greg Monroe
    F Kevin Love
    F Loul Deng
    G Kobe Bryant
    G Kendall Marshall???

  • BlackMamba_From_Brazil

    Shame! this has to end now! Mitch Kupchak you have to take some provides.
    Jim boss raises your fat ass off the chair and going to work, you idiot.

    I hope this nightmare ends soon.

    In victory or defeat I love the Lakers

  • Double D

    Remember the 96-97 spurs. 20 win team due to Dave robinson’s injury. Entered lotto and got….

    Tim Duncan

    No shame in our club going that way, especially if the Lakers hit that type of jackpot in one of the deepest drafts in years.

  • Banking On Tanking

    WTF is wrong with some bandwagon Lakers fans?Come on people please think of this as being you’re team and you are the owner of a struggling franchise.What would you do if you have had $34 million dollars tied up by 2 injured legends meaning Kobe,Nash and your only first round draft pick is in your hands and you hear the best top heavy draft ever is in 2014 and you happen to still have your first round pick.Well i will tell you what Jim Buss is doing he is ordering the tank to secure the top 3 pick in the NBA Draft 2014.He is smarter than a 5th grader.

    Yes Jim Buss is keeping Mike D’Antoni around because MDA is the best possible choice to have for a all out tank job.MDA has nothing to lose he is 62 years old and he was in a nursing home recovering from knee surgery at the time he got the call about being hired as Lakers coach.

    D’Antoni is the key to the fixed tank job.These odd lineups and rotations have no merit and are used to tank away the season.Some other team named the Heat are carrying the trophy at the end likely anyways so just tank and forget about the present focus on the future.Become a team that has superstar players that wins championships by tanking is the philosophy Jim Buss is now banking on.Keep on losing and ping pong balls increase to secure a top 3 pick.

  • j d

    Its 3 people I want to know WHY they are still a part of this organization..D antoni, Nash, Gasol . And for you Mitch Kupchak if you want to give this coach who has lost every where he has been a vote of confidence THEN.. Mr. Buss you need to fire all of them. THIS IS A DISGRACE for Lakers Nation.. JD from Wash DC