Game Recap: Bazemore And Brooks Energize Lakers Past Celtics Reviewed by Momizat on . After a disappointing home loss on Tuesday to the Houston Rockets, the Lakers welcomed back Pau Gasol and took on their bitter rivals the Boston Celtics. New ad After a disappointing home loss on Tuesday to the Houston Rockets, the Lakers welcomed back Pau Gasol and took on their bitter rivals the Boston Celtics. New ad Rating: 0
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Game Recap: Bazemore And Brooks Energize Lakers Past Celtics

After a disappointing home loss on Tuesday to the Houston Rockets, the Lakers welcomed back Pau Gasol and took on their bitter rivals the Boston Celtics. New additions Kent Bazemore and MarShon Brooks were in uniform for their first game for the purple and gold.

The Lakers were looking to snap a franchise worst eight game home losing streak.

First Quarter:

Pau Gasol made an immediate impact, going strong to the basket and drew a foul. Gasol made one of two to get the scoring started. Marshall hit a three and then added an assist to a streaking Meeks off a Gasol block. Jeff Green came out with the hot hand and scored the first 11 points for the Celtics. Newly acquired guard Kent Bazemore made his debut at the four minute mark. The Lakers fell behind early as turnovers plagued the team once again. MarShon Brooks made his Laker debut at the 2:30 mark. The team struggled once again on the offensive end as they managed only 19 points in the quarter and ended the quarter down 28-19.

Second Quarter:

Bazemore came out strong in the second quarter and attacked the basket converting a layup and then getting to line on the very next possession. The second unit was able to come in and fight back and drew the team within two points with under 10 minutes to go. The Celtics, however, were able to go on a run and pushed their lead back to eight points. Consecutive buckets from Bazemore and Brooks helped the team crawl back within four points. The Lakers continued with their turnover problem in the second quarter, giving up 10 in the first half. The Lakers battled back to end the half and ended the half down just two points, 46-44.

Third Quarter:

The Lakers continued to trail behind the Celtics for a majority of the third quarter. Jodie Meeks started off the quarter with a beautiful three, but the Lakers also turned the ball over early on, preventing them from closing in on the Celtics. Half way through the quarter, the Celtics slowly but surely begin to increase their lead as the Lakers had more turnovers and less baskets. As the quarter came to a close, the Celtics led by as much as 13 points as the Lakers offense began to crumble. Top scorers by the end of the quarter were Meeks and Gasol with 16 points each. Marshall also contributed offensively finishing the quarter with eight assists, but this was not be enough to push the Lakers ahead. Celtics maintained the lead at the end of the third with the score being 74-63.

Fourth Quarter:

MarShon Brook came out hot in the fourth quarter hitting the first three shots for the Lakers. Following a Farmar corner three Brooks scored a slam-dunk after a steal to tie the game at 76. The Lakers took their first lead after Brooks hit a floater off the glass. The Lakers continued to play well and built their lead to 7 points with four minutes left after a three pointer from Kent Bazemore. With great energy on both ends, Chris Kaman sealed the game as they established a 99-89 lead. With 63 points from the bench, the Lakers swept the season series as they defeated Boston, 101-92.

Lakers Injury Update: Kobe Bryant Evaluated In 3 Weeks, Nick Young, Xavier Henry

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  • Gregory Choa

    That 4th quarter was impressive! Credit D’Antoni for sticking with his subs and for playing the unit that started the period down the stretch. I knew a little bit about Kent Bazemore from the few times the Lakers have played the Warriors over the last year or so but – holy cow – what a breath of fresh air this kid is! Dude can play! It’s good to see some real depth being restored to the team.

  • Danny E. Pagan

    This game reminded me of the beginning of the season when Xavier , Nick, and Wesley surprised everybody and the Lakers got off to a fairly good start. It’s just a shame injuries fucked up this season. Good coaching by D’antoni leaving Bazemore and Brooks to finish the game.

  • e3bonz

    Good all around input as a team, Pau, Kaman, & M33KS each with 16, and the Killer B’s with 29 combined.

  • AC52

    Although D’Antoni isn’t the best coach, especially when it comes to defense, his style can work at times and be really fun to watch. I like how he always has role players or unproven players have really good seasons under him. Marshall, Henry for example. I’m confident that Bazemore and Brooks will continue this level of play and if they keep it up, I would consider re-signing both of them next season if I was Mitch. It gives us more depth for next season.

    • Daryl Peek

      I keep trying to tell people he’s the perfect coach for where we are right now. Rebuilding needing to develop young players.

      • Jim213

        SMH, no diss DP, but you’re hitting the pipe right? There’s twenty five games remaining and now most of the credit is being given to the coach as opposed to the players who can actually play defense?

        • Daryl Peek

          SMH Every young estranged elsewhere player that has worked with D’Antoni this season has prospered. But he gets no credit for that? Brooks said MDA gave him the confidence to play his game. Blake gave major props to MDA and absolutely appreciates how he allowed him to rejuvenate his game. Meeks holds MDA in the highest regard due to allowing him to blossom this season. Farmar has been chomping at the bit all season because he loves MDA’s coaching style and how it fits him. X, Johnson, Marshall, ETC.. all echo this sentiment. Even Gasol has come around, see his post game comments. Kaman when the effort and PT are there has good production, Hill also. But none of these testimonies and individual results are due to D’Antoni?!? The losing is via injures period point blank so don’t go there.

          What you’re smoking is that good hateraide.

          • Jim213

            I’d give him full credit if he’d do a better job adapting to the rotation while focusing more on defense which he’s recently stated has been implemented in practice. No diss to some on the roster but have no use for them down the line if they can’t play defense.

            R Kelly and W Johnson had another bad game while getting out hustled by the opponent. Still about wins and losses and not beating the teams they should (bottom dwellers) speaks volumes and shouldn’t be blamed on injuries. Hating?! smh #brooklynindahouse DP?

          • Daryl Peek

            Again all of your expectations are completely unrealistic. The injuries man. You can’t ignore that. No team builds any type of cohesiveness in consistency with this many injuries. This is unprecedented! Only 8 players available through the month of January. A game where one of the most unused rules had to be put into play just so we could have 5 players to finish the game.

            As Brad Stevens said tonight, D’Antoni is doing a great job given the injury circumstances of the team. Mark Jackson, Greg Popovic, Doc, Rivers and several other of his peers and NBA analyst’s have all said the same.

            The hate is real.

          • Jim213

            Give the coach some credit but the lack of huslte, defense, and player toughness is real. This falls on the coach again as if they can’t play hard for the brand on a consistent basis it just shows they’ve accepted the circumstances as opposed to trying night in and out.

            Brooks (a Laker fan) has even brought this up being the acknowledgement of the fans who appreciate hard effort. Yes, injuries have cost them wins but at least 10 of them could’ve been won with more effort/competitiveness.

          • Daryl Peek

            Can’t roll with lack of hustle and toughness being on the coach. Players play the game. Again injuries and being forced to play more minutes can lead to fatigue/second half meltdowns. Guess what didn’t happen tonight as we had enough bodies?

          • Jim213

            Disagree, had enough bodies but the 1st unit wasn’t cutting it resulting in additional minutes for the 2nd unit. But sounds like you’re admitting that Kobe’s prolonged minutes increased the odds of him suffering another injury?

            But Kobe will be Kobe though walking too much and meeting business obligations isn’t helping his cause currently IMO.

          • Daryl Peek

            8 players is not enough bodies. Not one game played this season with all 5 projected starters.

            Guess what we were doing at 10-9 before all of the injuries? Competing. This team was not projected to be great even with Kobe and all healthy but they’ve fought best they could all season. Were there a few really bad games where they did give in? Yes but you can say the same for 30 other teams in this league also.

          • Jim213

            Recall having a similar conversation in the summer being the coach’s rotation. Remember you saying that the coach plays with no more than 8 players being a small rotation?

            Yes… then backed up his coaching preference as of today too? but now being that he doesn’t have enough players? But have to cut him some leeway given the injuries but seems opinions have changed ever since the Cavs game?! SMH

          • Daryl Peek

            I said MDA runs a short rotation once he’s groomed his players upon settling into a group of starters that he’s comfortable with. I used both Phoenix and NY as example. His Rotations were deep in the beginning. He found his group in Phoenix but never got there in NY due to the FO blowing up his roster.

          • Jim213

            DP: I had said… #chekcmate

          • Daryl Peek


          • Daryl Peek

            BTW, If you add those so lost ten games due to injuries on to our win column, guess what our record is?

            Above .500 at 29-26

          • Jim213

            Right on par being finishing 42-40 at the minimum!

          • Daryl Peek

            29-26 = 42-40?!? Nah, more like 44-38

            Possibly in the playoffs

          • Jim213

            45+ to get 7th or 8th seed.

          • Daryl Peek

            Could be but keep in mind swapping those ten wins means some of the playoff incumbents will have worse records also.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    LOL i have no idea to be happy or sad after a Lakers win ha ha ha ha.On one end i want Andrew Wiggins or Dante Exum on the Lakers leading the way for the next decade or longer.Then i just can’t cheer on tanking so i am SOL.

    I just go with the flow and take it all with a grain of salt.Whatever happens,happens.It is about player development right now and it seems like Jerry West hooked us up.27 games left and Lakers are in for a tough schedule and maybe we end up with a top 4 pick after all but if not then it was not meant to be.Lakers won tonight beating the hated Celtics i can dig that.Lets celebrate a win against the enemy Celtics.

    Go Lakers!

  • Jim213

    Pelinka trying to work his assets.

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