Free Broadband – Watch Games Online!

Free Broadband – Watch Games Online!


We all know that the Lakers have fans from all over the world, but the unfortunate thing is that a lot of those fans are not able to catch a Lakers Game because of where they’re located.

I just wanted to remind everyone that is offering a free preview of their NBA TV Broadband so all you fans can watch the World Champs online until the offer is on November 2, 2010.

Click on the Image Below to Sign Up before Tonight’s game against the Warriors!

  • Ken Glover

    Already paid for the broadband package ….wasn’t gonna let something like moving to Georgia stop me from seeing all the games

  • Shaqool2

    stop whining, if you are real lakers fan it doesnt matter what channel or different cable company it is.. just fuckin buy it,, dont be cheap ass..there is no such thing as free..

    • Bigdaddypappa4

      Dumb shit if you aren’t in the Time Warner area you can’t but it!

    • LakerFan03

      Time Warner Cable isn’t available to everyone even if you want to buy it.  I live in OC and only have two options:  Cox or Satellite.  My brother lives in a part of LA that only has Charter or Satellite.  Neither of these other providers have rights to the lakers games because Time Warner Cable owns it all.  Even if I wanted to pay more to Cox to see the games, I can’t.  I can’t even go to a sports bar because they have the same predicament as me.  Even Jeanie Buss said that she has to drive to Phil’s place to see games because she doesn’t have access in her home.  

      The Lakers already got paid by TWC so they could care less if fans can seem them on TV or not.  TWC is the one who needs to make up the return on investment and they are hoping to transfer their investment cost to the other cable companies.  

      TWC wants the other cable companies to pay them but the other cable companies are playing chicken.  If one of the satellite companies bite, say DirecTV, then they all have to bite because all the cable customers like me will switch to satellite.  If none of the companies bite, then TWC will lose money because they need all of the other millions of customers that the other cable companies have to pay for their contract with the lakers.

      It really sucks that we can’t watch any games.

  • Perron

    Check channel 684 on directv I’m watching the pre game show..ch684 rtrm+