Former Coach George Karl Compares Carmelo Anthony To Kobe Bryant Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="160"] With Phil Jackson potentially taking a front office position with the New York Knicks, a lot of talk has started to circulate about t [new_royalslider id="160"] With Phil Jackson potentially taking a front office position with the New York Knicks, a lot of talk has started to circulate about t Rating: 0
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Former Coach George Karl Compares Carmelo Anthony To Kobe Bryant

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With Phil Jackson potentially taking a front office position with the New York Knicks, a lot of talk has started to circulate about the immediate future of superstar Carmelo Anthony.

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There’s been rumors floating around that Anthony may opt-out of his deal with the Knicks and possibly sign with the Los Angeles Lakers or Chicago Bulls. Although it’s all speculation at this point, Anthony heading elsewhere this summer is still a possibility.

As a result of the media frenzy surrounding Jackson, former Denver Nuggets head coach George Karl was asked by Colin Cowherd about Anthony and how Jackson might deal with him. Karl coached Anthony for eight years in Denver and immediately mentioned the difference between Anthony and Kobe Bryant according to Ohm Youngmisuk of ESPNNewYork.com:

“Yeah, but Kobe has an ability to lift a team on his shoulders on a yearly basis, [on] the playoff basis,” Karl said. “Melo has done it over three months or four months. He will be the best player in basketball for six weeks. Kobe has been the best player in basketball for all year and been the best player in basketball in a playoff series, in a championship, winning a championship ring.”

Karl went on to talk about Kobe being able to handle maintaining his style of play via Youngmisuk:

“There’s a little difference there,” Karl continued. “There is a different stage of regular season and playoffs. [But] Kobe at times has selfish basketball play and has a tough ego and attitude to handle.”

Fortunately for Anthony, Jackson potentially coming in to right the ship in New York might be exactly what is needed to lift Anthony to the next level. Although Jackson might be the next piece of the puzzle, Karl wasn’t sure Anthony was the kind of player that could excel under Jackson.

With Jackson yet to sign on with the Knicks, there’s still uncertainty the Hall of Famer will be headed to New York. If Jackson does end up with the Knicks, Anthony will have to adjust or at least being willing to take constructive criticism.

Anthony’s future remains up in the air moving forward, but Jackson taking over basketball operations will likely alter the future for the superstar forward. Anthony may end up opting out if he’s unable to see eye-to-eye with Jackson.
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  • Jim213

    Some not taking defense into account? Being one of the main differences but he hasn’t won a ring too (Karl). Wonder why? (Kobe, 9x Defensive All First Team).

    • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

      If Melo is willing to improve on that area of the game, he is more than welcome in LA… seems like George Karl is interviewing for the coaching job. lol… I think Hollins will be better suited to coach next year with the lineup of Kobe, possibly Gasol, and Melo….Hollins runs a deliberate-slow-half-court offense.

      • Jim213

        Don’t know but if Melo would take less (yeah, yeah, many don’t want him here, scenario) salary which he would likely end up making up (business dealings in LA = promotions $$) then if may be possible IMO.

        But don’t believe Melo has been motivated enough to give it his all (effort). He’d have to improve his defensive especially with Kobe around. With that said it’s unlikely as the Bulls look like the best fit for Melo. Solid starting rotation who represents their brand (even thru the bad times, smh).

        Bulls lack offense which Melo would provide and vise versa can be said for the defense. Phil has mentioned that the right players need to be placed on the floor to play as a team for the Knicks to succeed down the line. If he goes to NY good luck but it won’t change things in the near future (180) or guarantee them a title shot.

        • Zimmeredge

          oh come on. it’s not that i don’t like Melo but I think that he is not the best fit for our team imo.
          our summer depends highly on who will be la’s coach next season and how high we will be in the lottery. then depending on that you can try to build something new or better. i’ll rather build from the draft with a lottery pick draft and sign and trade of gasol for another high draft pick.

          • Jim213

            I’m no saying to sign the guy to a max deal but if he’s willing to sacrifice financially then it’s possible. However, I’d go after role players in FA aside of the draft pick to build a more competitive team for next season.

            Otherwise, they’ll turn out like this year’s Knicks with their star player, no D. But best to have a, b, and c rather than believing that Love is a lock for 2015. Same was said for DH.

          • Kay Carter

            Trade Melo for Love

          • Zimmeredge

            Melo won’t cut his wage. if he moves he’ll go to the bulls. They dropped Deng and will drop Boozer for a reason: make cap space to get him imo. i believe in love coming to la. i also think that durant-westbrook will part ways in the future and we will have a chance to get after Westbrook once kobe’s gone.
            i have enough of role players. we have spend a year auditionning role players. can we get better than what we have right now? i don’t think so. Farmar, Marshall, Meeks, Bazemore, Brooks or Henry, Young, Johnson, Kelly, Hill… we have a great bench and great team players with those guys.
            i think we will loose a lot of time in rebuilding a competitive team via Fa instead of draft because 2014 FA won’t be as huge as predicted. I won’t try to get Lebron, Wade, Melo… they only guy that could help us balance the team right now is Chris Bosh imo. He can do it all just like Love. Inside, ouside, mid distance, pass the ball, rebound.
            Now, we have the garanty to be in the lottery (at least #5). They are multiple young players out there who are willing to play in LA (or with kobe)… Exum and/or Embiid to name a few and Wiggins too have expressed a desire to play with kobe. imo Parker is the most versatile right now. Smart is great too. There’s a lot of quality in this draft and we should really use it.
            many plans as you said it but there are few chances for Kobe to get a 6th ring now. If we rearm with more experienced players to help kobe. Can we go grab another ring? I’m not sure. And remember that Kobe will be there for 2 seasons only. After that he is gone. And you have absolutely no certainty to grab a top 10 players in 2016.
            if i was the gm i’ll try something crazy. Father’s time is here for Kobe and we have to accept it. How can he help the organisation to build a brighter future? by guiding young guys. this way he will instill a winning mentaly to the players and this idea works the other way around… the youngs guys will come in with thir young legs, their hunger and will boost kobe because kobe likes to be challenged by younger lads. if we are lucky we are going to post season in 15 and have a title shot by 16.
            of course not to mention that lottery players earns less money than experienced players.
            that was a long post sorry.

          • Jim213

            IF Melo sacrificed salary but anything is possible just putting out there. But you believe that the team has a great bench?! Strongly disagree. Don’t know what games you’ve been watching (no diss). Very inconsistent bench. Can’t beat the team’s who have lesser talent while trying to tank while showing less than consistent play night in an out.

            Best to re-acquire 6-7 of them while going after a starting PG, 2 PF’s, and another center in FA. Guarantee things won’t getter better (next yr, competitiveness) if this whole bench returns next season. Getting the worst beat in Laker history and beaten by 20+ pts is a clear indication of this… no excuses. Don’t have Young, Johnson, and Kelly in my preferred list for a reason.

  • Kay Carter

    So does this mean we fire MDA and can get Karl? lol

    • クリス ♒ WΔV¥ ♒

      Would be a giant upgrade . I personnaly want sloan though

      • Kay Carter

        i’ll take either 1 at this point, but who is more fit to coach a player like Love? nd will use his talents? especially if we get a point who can set him up (hopefully Marshall develops like a rubio/rondo type player)

  • Alex K Tatiracanal

    Kobe for all his talent (and ego), had enough sense to buy into the “triangle offense”.

    Like Jordan, that’s where he had his most success.

    Even when Jordan retired the first time, the Bulls still went to the Eastern Conference finals.

    Seeing that it helped Phil Jackson coached teams win 11 titles, if I was Carmelo, I would personally greet Phil when got off the plane.

    If Phil is running things, he’s most likely going to want a coach who runs the triangle offense. If Carmelo REALLY wants to win, it’s time to do something different.

    If he goes to Chicago, he’s going to HAVE to play defense and do some of the dirty work. I doubt Joakim Noah would look the other way if he didn’t.

    If he stays in New York, he needs to be a better all around player and leader. Stop dealing with knuckleheads like J.R. Smith. Even if they are friends, this is about winning. No one has time for that stuff. (Carmelo wouldn’t be the first superstar to have one of his friends traded to make the team better)

    The bottom line is that Carmelo needs to adjust his game so it’s more of a team, instead of being a scorer and trying to build around him. He’s been doing it his way for a decade and it hasn’t worked.

    If he wants to win, wherever he goes, he can’t do it like he’s done it before.

  • badfuthamucka

    Why do people expect Phil Jackson to be a front office savior? He has never picked his players before, ever. The part time coach we saw in his last two years will never work as a GM or team President.

    • Josh

      I agree. He worked as an advisor to the Pistons this past summer, and look what he did to them.

      • badfuthamucka

        I thought Phil just helped pick that coach that they fired already. If he played any part in putting together a starting lineup with 4 dudes that literally cant shoot the ball (Jennings/Smith/Drummond/Monroe), then he is the worst personnel guy in history.

  • Bruce Wayne

    Steve Kerr for next coach!

  • magic mamba

    no Melo please!! go afters FAs in 2015

  • Batman

    Just wait and see. Lakers will end up getting jerry west back as a special consultant and possible have some kind of role back within the organization. That is exactly what magic Johnson is taking about. Lakers needs a face for the franchise. Dantoni will be fired and lakers already have a solid bench players that some will be offered longer deals for a little bit more money. The bench will be solid. Lakers will draft if available Dante exum and will probably be that magic Johnson for the future for the franchise or trade whoever they draft for a solid free agent. I’m a laker fan no matter what…winning season or not. Lakers will be back next year and make the playoffs guaranteed.!!!!!!!

    • Lakeshow

      Jerry West was crucial to LA. Buss drove him out. Lakers definitely need West back

      • Kay Carter

        NO actually phil is the reason why West left, them two don’t get along

    • Kay Carter

      Agree but i doubt Exum will be Magic Johnson type player

  • fakerstolakers

    Why would any one sign Melo go a Max Contract NOW in his career? He will be 30 years old soon, going on to his 12th year. Most players are post prime, after their 10th season. He is on his way down……he might be at the top level for another 2 seasons, then, the typical story, stuck with an older player with a max deal.

    He will ride it out in NY for the money, or the Bulls for the ring. But, for him to come the Lakers, there no ring or money. Why? The Lakers will take 4 or 5 seasons to re-tool to the top level.

    There has only been one player who excelled until his last day in the NBA at the age of 36 years old performing at the championship level, Jordan. The shot followed by the retirement as the best player.

    • Kay Carter

      i actually agree with you this time bout Melo

    • Bira Deodato

      Are you a Laker hater? 5 seasons to re-tool? are you out of your mind? the lakers getting exum, having kobe, having a functional sf, love in 2015, put in a couple of players for bogut or a basic rebounder center is all it needs to be back as a contender. farmar/marshall, meeks, young, hill off the bench, it seems a contender to me

      • Josh

        I don’t think the Lakers are going to wait for Love. They are going to look at their roster this summer and see Sacre as their only center after Gasol, Kaman, and Hill leave, and I think they are going to sign Chris Bosh. Probably draft Exum, and the starting lineup could look something like: Bosh, Johnson, Kobe, Meeks, Exum, with Sacre, Kelly, Bazemore, and Marshall off the bench.

        That would be an ideal lineup for D’Antoni, too, so I think Buss will give him a chance to coach next season (but no guarantee to stay all year if the team doesn’t contend).

        They will be out of the running for Love, but they could still go after Durant when Kobe retires.

        • badfuthamucka

          That retooled roster you just named is terrible. Sorry, but Johnson and Meeks are trash as starters. One plays absolutely no D with limited offensive upside, and the other is the definition of inconsistency.

          No playoff team in the west starts either one of those dudes. Start both of them? LOL!

          • Josh

            I didn’t say they would contend for a title with that lineup. It’s a prediction based on what I think is realistic and based on a desperate need for a center this summer. This was before some of Kobe’s statements came out yesterday, but his frustration and desire to be competitive immediately will contribute to getting somebody this summer as well. Meeks has proven to be a decent payer. Johnson could be replaced in the lineup by Kelly or a mid level pickup.

            Just my prediction, not my dream team. I don’t even like Bosh.

        • Bira Deodato

          If the Lakers don’t land Love in 2015 there won’t be as good a chance. Love is known for being a Laker during his childhood, he would accept a minimal cut to play for the franchise. I honestelly believe there are better options than the ones presented; for instance, Lowry is very underrated he would be a better suit, instead of exum, we could save the pick for parker in the sf. Lowry, Kobe, Parker, Love (Gasol), Bogut or Hill and maybe in the future Antony Davis.

  • fakerstolakers

    Phil is a pure coach!! Since when is he a talent scout.

    If he was he would not have let Robert Horry leave in 2003, who went on to win two more with the Spurs.

  • 5xob

    Nash never played d but we was anxious to take his old ass and he won two mvp’s, same with dirk who he shut down? I’m a say it keeping it way networth, the white guys get a pass but the brothers have to do it all or they get criticized to no end. I love Kevin love but a lot of folks blame the team and not him for being a stat guy, yet melo busting his ass all year gets all the blame, that’s some straight up bullshit, and Karl had top teams and always choke in the playoffs by not matching up. Why he ain’t have payton guard jordan the whole time in the series? Why was he double teaming elden small hands cambell in the lakers series? Why if his bench was that deep and he had shremf who could play the 4 why he didn’t put kemp at the 5 sometimes and sit herman munster looking I’m not magic erving johnson? Foh georgie boy yell

    • Josh

      Carmelo gets a lot of heat because he has been in the league a long time on a lot of good teams and never won in the postseason. Love gets a bit of a pass because he’s still young and nothing’s ever been expected of his team. If he goes to the Knicks or Lakers on his next contract and is in MVP discussions and doesn’t win, he’ll get the same criticism (I think).

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