Ever Dream Of Being A Sportscaster? Here’s Your Chance


    Late last year, Mark Willard, a local radio and TV host in Los Angeles, put together an event called SportsCastersLA where 25 students were able to listen to some of LA’s top media pros, who shared their stories, knowledge, insight and motivations. Most importantly, they shared their email addresses, cell phone numbers and became actual contacts for the students.¬†Former pro athletes also joined the event and with a small camera crew, the students were able to go around LA Live to film interviews to give them the portfolio necessary to give them that edge in the market.

    In two weeks on June 13-14, the second installment of the SportsCasters LA camp will again be taking place at LA Live in downtown Los Angeles. Here’s a small list of the confirmed speakers at the event:

    • ESPN – Neil Everett
    • ABC 7 – Curt Sandoval
    • NFL Network – Paul Burmeister
    • CBS – Kristine Leahy
    • ESPN Radio & Yahoo Sports – Ben Lyons
    • LakersNation.com & DodgersNation.com – Serena Winters
    • Learn More

    Yes, our very own Lakers Nation Reporter, Serena Winters and Lakers Nation founder, Gary Lee, will be speaking at the event to share their experience and knowledge of what it took to build this very site. Serena will be mainly talking about her experience with YouTube and current career while Gary will be talking more about building your brand online through blogging and social media.

    As a way to help, SportsCastersLA.com is giving away a free pass to the event, but the applications are due very soon as they are planning to pick a winner this week. So click on the link below to give yourself a shot at a sportscasting career:

    Apply for a SportsCastersLA Camp Pass

    Last year, Lakers Nation and Dodgers Nation were fortunate enough to work with SportsCasters LA and provide an opportunity to some of the outstanding camp members РGreg, Mescall, Christina Kaplan and Ailis Garcia. Ailis has now become a host for DodgersNation.com and Greg Mescall has hosted shows for both Lakers Nation and MyNBADraft.com.

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