ESPN’s Chad Ford Says Lakers Have Jabari Parker Fourth On Their List

ESPN’s Chad Ford Says Lakers Have Jabari Parker Fourth On Their List


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Playoff positioning has taken a backseat to potential prospects for the Los Angeles Lakers this season.

After fighting to reach the postseason last year, the Lakers have officially been eliminated from contention this season and have turned their attention to the NBA Draft.

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According to Chad Ford of ESPN Insider, the Lakers have a current Duke forward as their fourth-best prospect:

The Lakers like Embiid and Wiggins, but are also keeping their eye on Exum, who is working out with Kobe Bryant’s trainer, Tim Grover, in L.A. Parker probably ranks fourth on their list, followed by Randle.

Parker came into the college basketball season as the co-leader of many draft boards, along with Kansas guard Andrew Wiggins. As the season progressed, Parker has fallen down some draft boards despite averaging 19.3 points and 8.8 rebounds per game. Kansas has had another player emerge as a frontrunner in center Joel Embiid, although a back injury has currently put his prospects on hold. Dante Exum has been linked to the Lakers more often because of his statements that he would like to come to Los Angeles and having the same agent as Kobe Bryant. Kentucky forward Julius Randle rounds out the team’s top five.

Before the Wiggins hype coming into the season, Parker was touted as the next LeBron James by Sports Illustrated while he was in high school. He chose to play for head coach Mike Krzyzewski at Duke and has done exactly what many thought he could do. Parker is 6’8 and would instantly fill in as a versatile forward in the Lakers lineup. Although he has yet to announce his intentions, many believe that Parker will file for NBA Draft instead of returning to Duke.

The Lakers will have to wait until after the season to find out the order in the draft and begin to workout the prospects to decide on their future.
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  • R M F C

    “…many believe that Parker will file for NBA Draft instead if returning to Duke.”

    …instead of*

  • X

    I actually had the same idea as well since the start of the season (also predicted that the Lakers are going to tank by keeping MDA).

    It makes a lot of sense: –

    1. Embiid – Let’s be honest, the Lakers need an interior defense and Pau isn’t cut it anymore. But with the latest news, I have slight doubt that the Lakers going to draft him because of the back injury. All will depend on whether he can prove he is fully recover. Plus, I think the Lakers are better off targetting Greg Monroe if he is available.

    2. Wiggins – He has a lot of upsides, enough said.

    3. Exum – 6’6″ PG? The Lakers simply couldn’t ignore that. Just watch scout video, he resembled a young version of Kobe A LOT. Being a PG, he is a willing passer as compare to Kobe (SG). A matchup nightmare for any NBA’s PG. Need to work on his defense and jumpshot though but with the help of Kobe, he could be the one carrying the franchise.

    4 Parker – Great scorer but the Lakers doesn’t need him as much as the other 3 above. He resembled Paul Pierce + Melo a lot which is not a bad thing.

    • vdogg

      agreed. embiid or exum. as good as wiggins and parker look, the lakers can get a sf in FA… ariza, deng or even melo. and besides, i think melo and kobe would work well with a great PG.

      • hookedonnews

        Neither Kobe nor Melo works well with a great PG. They both want the ball in their hands.

        • SD

          Kobe has played with a great pg?! lol Melo? I disagree. i think when you look at how both Melo-Kobe have been utilized with teamusa, you’ll see they can play well as spot up guys or in the post…Also, the system you run is pretty important in where guys get the ball, who handles it, etc.

          • hookedonnews

            Yes, Kobe has played with Steve Nash. And it didn’t work because Kobe was either holding the ball and shooting 25/30 times a game or taking over facilitating and relegating Nash to a spot-up shooter. No, Melo has never played with a PG like Nash, but everyone knows that he’s a ball-stopper who wants the ball in his hands. Jeremy Lin had most of his success in NY when Melo was out. A great PG like Nash or Paul need the ball or you might as well have Derek Fisher out there.

            Players don’t play the same for Team USA as they do for their teams in the NBA. The system is really irrelevant when it comes to players like Kobe and Melo. Last year proved that with Kobe, and Melo is no different in NY than he was in Denver. They are going to play their games. Kobe is good enough to win doing that most of the time. Melo isn’t. Putting Anthony & Kobe on the same team would not work IMO. Kobe’s not going to defer to anyone, and Melo wants to be the man on his team.

          • SD

            Nash, last season, was not a great PG. Kobe shot 20 times a game. Nash, to me, is best at this stage of his career being a mostly spot up guy if he’s not in p-n-r and recall that Dwight had a problem playing pnr offense, Nash in interviews often called him out for not setting hard screens or rolling hard and so they went away from that. I think if Kobe played with CP3 or Deron Williams or Westbrook or Kyrie…he would defer…as he did when Andrew Bynum was an All-Star.

            You’re also failing to forget that Nash wasn’t physically able to do everything he could do and it didn’t work?…After the huge amount of injuries to so many key players last year…I wonder what your reasoning is as to why you feel it didn’t work. What does “didn’t work” mean? A bad record? Because that had nothing to do with Kobe-Nash in my opinion. Nash had the same numbers he had in phoenix scoring wise…only averaged 6.7 assists….but Kobe had 6 tied his career high, pau had 4.1 which is 2nd highest of his career.

            Jeremy Lin is not a great PG. He’s not top 10 in PGs in this league. He’s more of a combo guard. Not a great passer or defender, but verrrrrrrry good at creating his own shot and getting to the basket.

            You have your opinion. I disagree. I don’t see any facts or examples you could use that support your feelings though.

            Also, look at the game logs of Kobe-Nash-Dwight-Pau for feb-march-april of 2012-2013 season when they played their best bball and were healthy… They were 28-17 in the second part of last season.

          • hookedonnews

            There was a time last season when Kobe had taken 100 more shots than anyone in the NBA. He shot 41 times in one game, and for a long stretch of games was shooting more than 20 times. They were losing and Kobe decided he would take over facilitating. That’s when Nash was relegated to a spot up shooter.

            He was never 100% after the broken leg, but if you saw the first few games after he came back from that injury you know that he was still a great PG. However, when you pass the ball to one player and rarely get it back your hands are tied as a PG. If you saw Nash play in Phoenix you know that’s not how things were done there. The fact that Nash averaged almost 7 assists when Kobe had the ball so much is not a bad number. Before the season was over Kobe stopped shooting so much and the offense was better, but it was never as good as it could have been for many reasons.

            The offense was never really functional until the last part of the season because of the injuries and because players wanted to play their way (Howard for example) and didn’t want to do what the system required. Kobe had those high assist numbers because he took the ball out of the hands of Nash and not because Nash was hurt. If you think he would defer to CP3 or Deron Williams you don’t know Kobe. His inability to defer to Shaq was part of the reason for his departure from LA. He will defer to a player like Pau or Bynum, but he’s not going to defer to a star PG. This is his team, and that’s just who he is. Nash never expected him to defer to him because he was aware of those realities, but I don’t think he expected to become a spot-up shooter. If you’ve ever watched him play you know he has hardly ever done that in his career. He always shot off the dribble. There is also a history between Kobe & Nash that is no doubt a part of this dynamic.

            Nash wasn’t healthy at times, but most of the time he was on the court he could still get the job done except there at the end of the season when he just couldn’t go because of the nerve thing. He just wasn’t allowed to run the kind of offense that he’s capable of running. That wasn’t all Kobe. That was Howard, and Gasol, and a boatload of injuries, and a horrible bench.

            I can tell you because I’ve watched Kobe for a long time that he will never let Steve Nash run the Lakers like he ran the Suns. It will never happen. And that’s a shame because they could be a devastating one-two punch (assuming they both were healthy). The same could have been true of Nash & Howard, but he wouldn’t cooperate most of the time.

            I wasn’t really addressing how successful the team was. I was addressing the Nash/Kobe dynamic and whether Nash could ever be Nash playing with Kobe. I think the answer to that is no.

            I never said that Lin was a great PG. I just said that he played better when Carmelo wasn’t playing. He was the best PG they had.

          • SD

            Like I said, that’s your opinion. I disagree. The team wasn’t losing because of Kobe. The starting point guard for MANY games was Chris Duhon. Yikes. I disagree that Nash is great PG…or has been for the past 4 or so seasons. Good? yes. Not great. Also, Kobe wanted to play with a Kidd….a great passer, great leader and CP3. Those are facts. If you’ve never seen a team with stars go through troubles…you can look at the Heat – Bron, Bosh, Wade, when they were together and how terrible they were for a lonngggggg part. Nash only had lower assists numbers. When 4 stars play together, numbers WILL go down. Kobe took 3 less shots per game, last season in comparison to the season before. He average more assists, shot a better percentage. Nash was still effective when healthy. I still don’t understand how it didn’t work or won’t work. They’ve played about only 50 games together…2/3rds of a season…which is not enough time to build chemistry. Even teams that play together for a while take at least a full season or 2 to get on the same page.

            We just disagree, and that is totally fine.

            Shaq was just as much a part of Shaq leaving as Kobe. Shaq was at the end of his career. After winning with Miami, Dwade was the mvp and the best player on that team. The Lakers FO made a decision. They weren’t bffs. Kobe was a different guy, in a bad place after being accused of rape. He wanted the team for himself. That selfishness hurt him because he played his best years of mediocre teams. He didn’t have to.

          • hookedonnews

            Nash was the league leader in total assists in 2012 and an All-Star. He also led all guards in shooting % that year. He led the league in assists the season before that and took the Suns to the WCF’s in 2010. He came within 0.3% of another 50/40/90 shooting record last season. Of course, he’s not the Nash of 2004, but he’s still a great PG.

            I didn’t say that Kobe shooting so much was the only reason they were losing. During that period it was a factor, but my point about that was that his shooting affected the ability of Nash to do his job as well as affecting the rest of the team.

            They would have never gotten to the playoffs last season without Kobe. They didn’t have a very good team. They had 3 superstars, but Howard was just coming off back surgery & Nash broke his leg and missed 32 games. Then there was Blake (37 games missed), Gasol 33, Hill (56 I think), and a bench that was about as bad as it gets. Kobe willed them to the playoffs. I’m not taking anything away from him on that score.

            I think we’ve lost sight of my original point which was that players like Kobe & Melo blunt the effectiveness of someone like Nash because of their desire to hold the ball, post-up and do iso, etc. My problem with it all was that I knew what they could have done together if Kobe had been willing to play within D’Antoni’s system. He’s still not willing to do that if you’ve read any of his comments this season. MDA will let him do what he wants. If you’ll recall the team was on a winning streak when Kobe came back from the Achilles, and they immediately lost 3 games or something. That’s because he disrupted the chemistry. Of course, you can live with that because eventually he would have been putting up numbers and you always want him out there because he’s (or was) the best player in the league IMO.

            He’s just not going to share the stage with Steve Nash anymore than he was going to share it with Shaq at the end of his stay in LA. Yes there were other factors involved there, but that was part of it. Nash is fine with playing second fiddle because he knows this is Kobe’s team. I just don’t want to see him spend his final season standing on the perimeter waiting to take a shot. That’s a waste of his talents and not really what’s best for the team.

            I’m just hoping they will both be healthy next season, and we’ll see how it goes, None of this will matter if they’re both watching the games from the training room or in suits on the sidelines.

          • SD

            And I still don’t see any facts or numbers that prove that Kobe or Melo can’t play with a great PG. I never diminished Nash. We have different perspectives on what a great pg is. To me, it’s a guy who can get his own shot when he wants, gets to the basket, penetrates, pushes the ball in the open court, makes his teammates better (gets them shots where they like them), handles the ball well esp. in pressure situations, is a leader on/off court, and plays good on-ball defense.. Those are my personal requirements for a GREAT pg…and why CP3 is one of the few guys who fits that mold. Nash was good last year…and considering his injuries, played Great. His willingness to pass was contagious.

            You feel that Nash was underutilized. I don’t. We disagree. I respect your perspective. I simply feel differently. It’s all good.

          • hookedonnews

            My guess is that you haven’t watched Nash play very much. Your description of a great PG is a perfect description of Steve Nash. You can’t judge him by the majority of his time in LA for a lot of reasons–the chaos on the team, his injury, the Kobe and Howard factors, etc. If you saw the early games after he came back from the broken leg you saw a glimpse of the real Steve Nash. He is one of the best shooters who has ever played in this league, but he prefers to pass and give his teammates opportunities. I agree that Chris Paul is one of the few PGs who fits that mold, but Steve Nash in his prime was better than Paul IMO. Of course, he’s not in his prime now, but he can still do all those things you mentioned when he’s healthy. If you saw the Philly game when he turned 40 you got a little taste of what he can do. You don’t see very many 38 year olds on the All Star team, but he played well enough to make that team in 2012. Whatever went down last season, in the end it was the injuries that ruined it all. If you ever get bored, get on YouTube and look at some of the Nash highlights from last season and the season before that one.

            You don’t need numbers and stats to know who Kobe and Melo are. This is not a secret. Kobe has rarely played with a great PG in his career. The Triangle made the PG position irrelevant. He likes to dominate the ball. Same with Melo. That is the reason that a PG like Nash is not going to be as effective as he could be playing with a player like that. I’m not saying he can’t play well. I’m just saying he’s going to be limited. When Kobe is almost always the first option and he wants to control the ball you’re not going to get the number of assists you would otherwise. When Blake was playing PG this season and putting up good assist numbers, those numbers dropped when Kobe returned from the Achilles injury. No one was surprised when that happened. It was totally predictable.

            When the Knicks were playing so poorly this season everyone was saying it was because of the lack of ball movement. The ball was going to Melo and everyone else was standing around watching. He has put up great stats this year, but the team has had a bad season. When he plays more unselfishly, they’re more likely to win. He’s not as good as Kobe. He can’t carry a team by himself. And when crunch time comes more times than not he can’t close the deal. He’s one of the best scorers in the NBA, but George Karl says that many in the league believe you can’t win a championship with him.

            We all have our opinions on these things, and you are not alone in yours. I’ve watched Nash for years and was watching pretty closely what went on last season plus listening to what MDA and Nash and others were saying. What’s done is done, and the health of both Nash & Kobe is the real issue now. I hope they can both be healthy next season (if Nash isn’t waived) & help the team win a boatload of games. I think we can both agree on that.

          • SD

            Please don’t make assumptions. I’ve watched probably too much NBA and college basketball for most of my life. I can’t recall the amount of times my mom has fussed at me about my obsession as she says I have. You said just as I’m saying…Nash in his prime was a great pg…lacked the ability to defend but certainly a hall of famer. The past 3-4 seasons he has not been. It isn’t about numbers. That’s not how I’m judging him. He had great numbers from my perspective last season. I’ve watched Nash so much…I could get on the court and mimic exactly how he shoots jumpers, floaters, and free throws…and I’d tell any young players to mimic his warm ups. They are insane. I think with Nash you’re living in the past too much because that’s all you’re talking about. I don’t care about what Kobe or Nash did before playing together because the reality is that whenever two great players play together…both must change/adapt and BOTH players did that in limited time. Fact. Steve Blake played 1 game with Kobe…this season so that’s irrelevant to say Kobe impacted his numbers. If you recall earlier this season, Nash even said…after his leg injury he was NEVER 100% last season. He pushed through it and felt that he made a mistake by doing so because he never healed the way he wanted to. Steve Nash can not beat any starting pg’s that I can think off of the dribble to get his own shot or penetrate…that has NEVER been his strength. He definitely is not a good defender but I love his effort. He does the little things. I hope that he can get back to 100% for next season if he doesn’t retire so he can go out on his own terms. I’d take Chris Paul in his prime over Nash any day, but what Nash has done can never be diminished. He has always had elite work ethic

            I’m personally not even that big of a fan of Melo, but he’s never played with a great pg in his prime so I can’t say how good or bad that would go. He’s played very well this season, but I think the biggest thing holding him back is his basketball iq and leadership. I don’t care about stats primarily. I think stats depend on who you’re playing with and style of play…I think Kobe-Nash-Gasol would have great chemistry if we could see them play together and the end of last season was an indication that they could. I love the screens that Nash sets. D’antoni ran some great sets that allowed Kobe-Nash to play off one another. But once again, I haven’t seen you give me any reasons why you feel it didn’t or won’t or hassn’t worked between Kobe and Nash. To me, their numbers are good together and they’ve played well together as duo…from the few games I’ve seen them play together…especially late game situations.

            I don’t care about who kobe was in 2005. That doesn’t matter anymore. Great players need to adapt if they want to continue to play at a high level and win. I think Kobe did that last season. I think Nash did too.

          • hookedonnews

            I stand corrected about your knowledge of Nash, but 2012 is not that far in the past. He would never have been put on the All-Star team if he hadn’t been playing at a high level.

            As you rightly pointed out he was never 100% after the broken leg and still had some great games. I still remember that game against the Knicks on Christmas Day and Nash hitting the winning shot against GS (being guarded by Curry if you’ll recall). I don’t agree with your statement about Nash not being able to beat any starting PG off the dribble or create his own shot or penetrate. I saw him do that plenty of times last season. When you make statements like that I question whether you’re actually watching all the games.

            Everyone was talking about how he was schooling the two young guards in Philly on his 40th birthday this year. They were showing that play where he totally faked the guy out and scored the lay-up over and over and the half-court lob to Wesley Johnson after that game. I can recall a game last season when Jeff Van Gundy was talking about Nash being the only player on the team other than Kobe who could create his own shot. A PG that can’t create his own shot or penetrate doesn’t score 48 points in a game.

            Nash has said that he came into last season in the best shape of his life and that his skills had not diminished. Of course the broken leg happened and the nerve issues popped up later in the season from that and the rest is history.

            If you’re talking about those games he played at the beginning of this season, he was not healthy & it showed. When he came back in the Minnesota game after all those months he looked more like himself and then played great in the Philly game. Unfortunately he got hit on that leg where the break occurred in the Chicago game and was out again. I think you underestimate what he can do when he’s healthy. The problem now is that we don’t know how long he can stay healthy.

            I agree that there were times last season when Kobe & Nash played well together. It wasn’t all bad. My biggest problem last season was Kobe taking over the facilitating and leaving Nash on the perimeter as a spot-up shooter. If you want to know how Nash felt about that, watch the pod-cast interview with Bill Simmons & Nash. He never complained and tried to do whatever he was asked to do, but I’m pretty sure there’s not a PG in the league who would have appreciated that. I don’t think putting a player like Nash into a Derek Fisher type role is making things work. That was totally Kobe’s doing. It was not MDA’s decision to do that.

            If you saw those 6 games that Kobe played in this season, you know that his being in the lineup completely changed the team dynamic. It wasn’t just Blake who was affected. What I saw was the team adapting to him, not the other way around.

            What matters now is what’s going to happen next season. Kobe is the key to the success of the team. No one doubts that. The team will be better if he plays unselfishly and doesn’t try to do it all himself (at least for the first 3 quarters). I hope he’s the same Kobe we saw before he injured the Achilles. If he is we’ll have a shot at a good season. I hope Nash can also be healthy and go out on a high note. What remains to be seen is whether Kobe will try to play within the D’Antoni system (if he’s still there). They never actually played MDA’s system last season according to Nash. I hope he will, but I’ve got to tell you that I’m not optimistic considering all his comments this season about small ball. I guess we’ll find out.

          • Cali Jeff

            Yeh your right, last year Nash just couldn’t penetrate so Kobe took over.

          • hookedonnews

            Don’t agree. If Nash couldn’t penetrate it wasn’t because he had lost his ability to dribble. It was because they weren’t spreading the floor and giving him room to operate. Kobe took over because he wanted the ball in his hands, and something had to be done because they were losing. That’s a common belief that’s often repeated, but it’s not the whole story.

          • SD

            Yeah, Nash’s strength has never been in penetration, mostly fast break-pushing the ball, and pnr. He pushed through that injury last season and wasn’t 100% when he came back. It’s why he has barely played this year. I hope the best for Nash.

          • cj

            when nash was nash last season kobe was shooting 60% on like 15-16 shots. kobe was playing well with nash before he got hurt.

          • hookedonnews

            They played well together briefly before Kobe started shooting so much and holding the ball. The first few games when Nash came back from the broken leg were great. But that didn’t last long. If you’ll recall the team was complaining about Kobe holding the ball. He was shooting way too much, and everyone was standing around watching which resulted in disengagement on the defensive end. They were losing, and that’s when Kobe decided to take over the point. It was a long time between that time and the nerve issues in the last part of the season that took Nash out of the lineup. They played better when Kobe stopped shooting so much and started passing the ball more. He had taken 100 more shots than any other player near the end of the season. Part of that was the poor shooting of his teammates, but that’s still way too much shooting in an offense that calls for ball movement.

            There was a lot of dysfunction last year for a lot of reasons. Kobe is used to having the ball in his hands and playing with a PG who will pass him the ball and go stand on the perimeter and wait to shoot if needed. That is a waste of the talents of a PG like Nash. It remains to be seen whether they can recapture what they had on Christmas Day last season against the Knicks or in Nash’s first game back from the broken leg against GS. That was Nash being Nash. I hope they can do that again because the team will be better, and no one will have to do it all by himself. First they both have to be healthy. No guarantee that’s going to happen.

          • Josh

            It’s awfully hard to have good ball movement when everyone just stands around and watches Kobe. Kobe loves to play one-on-one because he knows he can beat his man, but he hates when his teammates just stand there and force him to do everything for them. If someone would just cut to the basket every once in a while, Kobe would find him, as evidenced by his stretch of double-digit assist games last year.

          • hookedonnews

            D’Antoni’s system is not designed for a player who wants to go iso all the time–no system is really designed for that. Kobe himself has said that when he gets the ball he’s looking to shoot. He’s said that if you want the ball you’re going to have to yell at me because otherwise I’m looking to shoot. Nothing wrong with that if you’ve got an open shot, but his proclivity to do his iso dance leads to the rest of the team just standing around watching. I agree that there should be more cutting to the basket, but if you’ll look at the best teams in the league you’ll see that they don’t have a lot of posting-up and iso plays. Kobe has made it pretty clear that he’s not willing to change his style of play. He did it for a few games last season when he was putting up those big assist numbers, but it didn’t last very long. Fortunately he’s a great player so you learn to deal with those things.

          • cj

            he had to take over because nash was never the same. when both were healthy it worked.

          • hookedonnews

            I don’t agree, but everyone has an opinion about these things. I know what Steve Nash has said about it. He didn’t make a big deal about it because that’s the kind of player he is. If they’re both healthy next season we’ll see how it works.

          • L.A. fan

            Melo played with j.kidd last season and the knicks finally won a playoff series.

          • hookedonnews

            A player with the talent of Carmelo Anthony should have a better playoff record than managing to get out of the first round at this stage of his career. Jason Kidd was not even playing PG a lot of the time last season. Thanks for bringing him up though. Carmelo has played with a great PG although Kidd was at the end of his career and not as effective as he had been with the Mavericks or Nets.

    • Kareem S Butler

      I like Exum, small ball is here to stay in the NBA. Once Duncan retires there really are no back to the back big men anymore.

      • Josh

        Even Duncan is more of a mid-range shooter than an old-school back to the basket guy.

      • xxgB


    • Robert Kaufman

      I agree with you down the line. One thought is that many reports are that Exum could be the next Kobe-like shooting guard. That potential makes him even more interesting.

    • comrade24

      idk i definitely see Parker as being the most NBA ready. I think given a few years this guy will be in the same arena as Durant and Lebron. I wouldn’t want to pass on this guys potential if possible. I have a strong feeling he’s going to be a household name in a few years. That said, Exum would be a great choice too. Especially with Steve Nash and Kobe around to mentor him. It’s hard to say what Melo and Kobe would look like on the same team for a full season. I worry about the defense first of all. Who are they going to bring in for the 4 and 5. If they plan on retaining Pau and starting Kobe, Melo, and Pau together the defense will be a joke. Offensively, it could be very interesting. Kobe is going to have to change his game regardless due to his age and declining athleticism. Melo is going to have to change his game regardless of if he comes to LA or not if he wants to win a championship. Either way, can’t raise. The Lake will rise with the summer rain.

      • comrade24

        *can’t wait, not raise. wtf was i thinking? lol

  • LakersHeatBeef

    So if the Lakers are picking 4th in the NBA Draft and Wiggins,Embiid,Exum are off the board the Lakers will draft Jabari Parker with a big smile on their face lol.Marcus Smart is the dude to look for in this draft a very competitive player that is a big bulky Point Guard he plays defense like a prime Gary Payton and he can score but he has the same problem Magic Johnson and Derrick Rose had entering the NBA his jump shot needs work.

    Other than that i would love Wiggins on the Lakers.Jabari is a good choice if you have a offensive orientated team,his defense is awful.Defense comes first and i have Wiggins ahead of Jabari.I would consider Marcus Smart at #2 if i was GM,Marcus Smart is a steal at #5 or #6 in this draft.Defense wins rings.

    • comrade24

      Man, what Duke games have you watched? Cause the ones i’ve watched Parker has been an absolute beast on the offensive boards as well as very disruptive on ball defender. He blocks shots and attacks the glass. I think he’s by far the most NBA ready in the draft.
      Starting the year, Marcus Smart was easily a top 5 pick but his personal antics turn a lot of organizations off so i think his draft stock has dropped dramatically. He’ll probably end up on the Kings so him and Demarcus Cousins can act like jackasses together.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    How does this Chad Ford guy know the Lakers list???

  • Kïd Špłãšh

    Draft Aaron Gordon with your pick,& Draft Dante. Resign Bazemore, Farmar, Young, Henry, Johnson. Sign Isiaiah Thomas(2yr 4mil) Rudy Gay(3yr12mil) Greg Monroe(3yr12mil) & Kevin Love(4yr32mil). Sign Thaddeous Young(3yr9mil). Lance(3yr7mil). Resign Nash(PayCut)

    Starters: Dante,Kobe,Rudy,Love,Monroe

    Bench:Farmar,Isaiah, Nick,Lance,Thad, Bazemore,Johnson,Nash,Xavier,Aaron

    • louis

      You’re the most unrealistic guy around here.

      Monroe is gonna be paid 10m a year minimum, Gay is being paid 19m now, he’ll most probably opt in and we wouldnt want him anyway. The lakers would be more than willing to pay Love a max contract if he is willing to leave, which is double of what you’ve mentioned. Lance and IT would also be paid with the former in excess of 10m and the latter close.

      This is also the first year we have had a draft pick in a long time – whatmore two. You’re a big bummer and embarrass us laker fans.

    • Josh

      This is the funniest thing I’ve read in awhile. Thank you for making me literally laugh out loud.

    • comrade24

      Kevin Love for 4yr, 32 mil? Wow… you might be able to get Kevin Hart for that, but KLove is a max player and will command a contract more like 4 yr, 90 mil.

  • hookedonnews

    Embiid would be perfect if he can prove the back injury is not going to be a continuing issue. They need a rim defender. The fact that he’s injured may give the Lakers a shot at him.

    • cj

      the rim d is not an issue the lakers are one of the best shot blocking teams in the nba. its the pg, sg, and sf that get beat all the time that allows a ton of points in the paint. along with poor trans d.

      • hookedonnews

        The poor perimeter defense is the reason they need a rim protector. Pau is useless back there. Not saying that’s all they need, but that would be a big help. Obviously we need better defensive players at all positions.

        • Josh

          To reiterate, the Lakers are one of the best shot-blocking teams in the NBA. Rim protection is not the problem. Pau, RKelly, and Wes all block plenty of shots.

          • hookedonnews

            Yes, Kelly, Wes & Pau block some shots, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need a strong presence in the paint. There is no one there to stop someone driving to the basket or make them alter their shot.most of the time. Stats are nice, but if you’re watching the games you know what kind of difference a dominant defensive player can make. It doesn’t have to be a center. Ibaka is a key player for OKC. But you’ve got to have that guy at the rim who’s going to stop those layups, etc. Pau is not that guy.

          • cj

            wile i agree we dont have the strong presence in the paint right now we are still blocking shots. if we had 1 good perimeter defender so it was not a constant open lane or defence would be better. it is also a product of the system we run. the added pace with poor trans d adds to the points in the paint.

          • hookedonnews

            The system does not have to result in poor transition defense. A lot of those transition points come from turnovers on the offensive end. If you watch a lot of NBA games you’ll see that many teams are running the same basic system without sacrificing transition defense. I agree that we need better perimeter defenders. But, you still need that guy in the middle who is going to stop the easy baskets. I think Pau is a weak link. Players like Russell Westbrook are going to get by most perimeter defenders with no problem. That’s when you need that rim protector.

          • cj

            the lakers are actually an average half court defensive team. it is our trans d that kills us.

  • Kay Carter

    I got Embiid, Exum, Smart and Wiggins for my favorites…. Embiid is that Center we need for defense nd he have alot of potential, i pray he can heal quickly with his back problem

    Exum, i like his defense same with Smart and Wiggins…at 6’6 he is a great match-up against elite point guards, and also have the speed to match. we can also use him in SG if needed

    Smart, i like his defense and attitude for winning and with Wiggins i like his all-around play….kid can rebound, score and his defensive skills is much better than Parker

  • SmoothOperator

    Anyone of those guys would be great for the Lakers. My question to you guys is that if the Lakers win the lottery with the rights to the #1 pick, who are you taking? It is easy to have that guy fall to you, but at #1 the Lakers have to select the best prospect going forward. Personally, I like Embiid.We have seen Kobe work with a strong presence down low (Dwight excluded). I am hoping that all of these guys come out because if Wiggins, Parker, and Embiid (all are unlikely) decide to stay then the 2014 Draft class would become the 2013 draft class.

    • lpbe24

      Well depends…if like Kobe says Lakers and want the best chance to win in the next 1~2 years? I’m taking Jabari Parker.

      However are we building a franchise through this draft pick? Then I’m definitely taking Embiid and then Wiggins.

      • cj

        agreed compleatly parker will be the better player next but he has the lowest ceiling. embiid has the highest ceiling but will tak the longest.

    • Josh

      If they win the #1 pick, I think they should at least consider shopping it for two picks. The Sixers, Magic, and Suns each have at least two first-round picks this year, and the Sixers are desperate for the #1 pick.

  • Shannon

    I believe it. I told some silly fans on here that they will be looking at Embiid first. I still like Exum as well. Something about him is very Kobe-like.

  • independentbynature

    When I posted that Embiid is the player the Lakers need a few days ago,I got barraged with negative comments.One moron asked what planet I’m from.I guess the same planet as Kupchak.And where are all those back specialists today?

    • kobe24

      LOL agreed however I guess its never bad to be overly cautious since this draft (given the fact that Lakers have no.1 pick) can pretty much seal the fate of the Lakers for the next decade or two

      • independentbynature

        I agree.This pick will make or break the Lakers.I just wouldn’t let this back injury scare me off of picking what will turnout to be the best player in this draft.Back injuries can be overcome.I’ve done it myself,without surgery,too.Especially if you’re 18 yrs. old.He has only been playing for a couple of yrs.His upside is huge.HUGE….Super talent with a nasty attitude on the court.At exactly the position the Lakers need help.It would almost be too good to be true.

        • Kay Carter

          Agreed, Embiid is gonna be a great player once healthy nd with the right ppl to help train him

  • Ashton

    I think the lakers should draft the Harrison twins from Kentucky. I believe they should trade someone for one more first round draft pick.

    • William

      And I believe you should stop watching basketball. This is the most idiotic comment along with Destiny Brown’s. The Harrison twins are lucky to get chosen in the 2nd round. What the hell are you thinking that they should choose a 1ppg set of twins or a future NBA Star… There are probably 8 PGs in the draft better than those fools.

      • Ashton

        The Harrison twins are better than every PG on the Lakers roster right now. The only knock against them is their defense and they tend to focus offense. I think their game is built for the NBA, they just have to get better on defense. They will flourish together just like the Morris twins.

    • William

      And who would trade their first rounder for one of our players other than maybe Kobe. Oh yeah first rounder for Ryan Kelly that makes sense! Or a 9 million dollar Steve Nash!

      • kookiebuger

        I believe that Brooks and Marshall have team options on their contracts a team might be interested in their cheap contracts plus a future 2016 1st round draft pick.

  • CD

    Parker is the best college player in the nation period…inside and he shoot threes when he played virginia i saw he was NBA READY they played him physical and he kept coming

    • Josh

      According to people who vote on these things, he is only the second best player in the ACC.

  • cj

    if the idea is to win now it would be

    parker, exam, wiggens, embiid.

    if its for the future

    embiid, wiggens, exam, parker.

  • David T

    This Continues To Be The Problem Of The Lakers Since Jim Buss Took Over…Stupid Move After Stupid Move…Jabari Parker Is The #1 Guy The Lakers Need To Draft…

    • cj

      depends on what the lakers are looking to do. if they want to build a contender for next year i agree 100% but if they are looking 4-5 years down the line wiggens and emibiid will be better in the long run.

    • independentbynature

      You must not have seen Embiid play.If you have,you shouldn’t admit it.

  • PJ

    Wiggins would be my first choice I’ve watched almost every one of his games, he’s going to be a great one! I like Exum a lot too, he’s 6 6 and can play 3 positions so that’s clearly a huge selling point he;s got a tremendous upside and wants to be a Laker and play with Kobe!

  • kookiebuger

    That is good to hear I just hope the Lakers go all out in this draft they need some young talented players and defense. I personally would like (if in position) to draft Wiggins, trade for Exum (2016 1s round pick and Marshall or Brooks (I believe they have team options)), and trade for Willie Cauley-Stein (if he is a late 1st round pick borderline 2nd round pick they have a chance, if he is a lottery-mid they have no chance). A team of Exum, Kobe,Wiggins, Gasol (1 year, 10 million), Stein would be a solid mix of youth, athleticism,defense, and veterinarian experience. A team like this should help take off a lot of the scoring pressure off Kobe and he can get more rest while Exum,Wiggins, and Stein can benefit from Kobe,Nash,and Gasol mentoring them.

  • Laker Illuminati

    Embiid may not come out . Two this dude has health problems. Three Emibiid could make it pass 8 games this year or something like that. He will never make a 82 game schedule . If we can,t get Jabri I like the kid from Arazona . He’s like blake Griffen , he can jump out the gym.

  • APrince66

    If the Lakers get a top 5 pick, yeah. What happens when they get 9 or 10? Thats still a possibility isnt it? Lets hope they tank every last game they have.

  • xxgB


  • YungMussuBLACK

    You sports analysts won’t learn until reality hits you smack in the face. EXUM IS NOT NBA READY. He may be given a pass into the NBA through politics, or whatever, but that won’t guarantee him 1 basket when he steps foot on the court. This kid is going to fold like rice paper in his first 5 minutes of NBA play. You’re all setting him up for failure. You’re going to destroy this kid’s life. I wouldn’t choose him for a game of pick-up basketball at the neighborhood park.

    • Evan

      Out of curiosity, what is your judgment based on?