ESPN Sparks Rumors of Lakers Being Interested in Michael Beasley

ESPN Sparks Rumors of Lakers Being Interested in Michael Beasley


According to ESPN’s resident rumor machine, Chris Broussard, the Lakers have been actively talking with the Minnesota Timberwolves about acquiring small forward, Michael Beasley.

The Lakers’ front office knows Kobe Bryant is looking for it to improve the roster, and GM Mitch Kupchak has been working the phones. He’s spoken to Minnesota about Michael Beasley, and sources say the Lakers are intrigued by the Timberwolves’ small forward.

Broussard doesn’t know if the talks involve Pau Gasol or not as Gasol has been involved in a number of rumors this week. Apparently, Beasley can be had for as little as the $8.9M trade exception from the Lamar Odom trade earlier this season or Beasley may be included in a package deal for a combination of the exception, Pau Gasol and one of the Wolve’s draft picks.

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Broussard also mentions in his article that the Lakers are waiting to see if they can make a move for the Cleveland Cavalier’s, Ramon Sessions and until that happens, Gilbert Arenas will most likely not be signed.

No matter what the rumor is, don’t expect anything to really happen until the week of the March 15th trade deadline.

  • JohnSmith00

    Seriously if it’s true that the Lakers can acquire this guy for only the TPE and don’t, i’m going to hunt down mitch.

    • dadz litonjua

      Mitch has a much more pressing issue to resolve first, before he can even put his attention to Beasley. At most, he’ll be an off the bench scorer that would be able to spell for Gasol and Artest. Beasley isn’t a good decision maker though, so I’d be hard pressed to even pursue him. Unless Minnesota would take in a bad contract for him, that’d sweeten the deal for LAL IMO. 

  • Mikete

    Hell na! We better get k love or d willams or rubio

  • Mario Alberto Martinez

    If Mitch pulls this off for just the Lamar Odom money he gets my vote for president

  • Patrickpuno

    POINT GUARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!