ESPN Forecast Panel Predicts Lakers Will Finish 12th In West Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="312"] ESPN has released their annual forecast for the upcoming NBA season. They have the Los Angeles Lakers finishing 12th in the Western C [new_royalslider id="312"] ESPN has released their annual forecast for the upcoming NBA season. They have the Los Angeles Lakers finishing 12th in the Western C Rating: 0
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ESPN Forecast Panel Predicts Lakers Will Finish 12th In West

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ESPN has released their annual forecast for the upcoming NBA season. They have the Los Angeles Lakers finishing 12th in the Western Conference, which is what they predicted for the franchise last season. The forecast predicts that the Lakers will win 30 games next season, which is six games less than what they predicted last year and three games more than the Lakers actually won last season:

Last season, the Lakers finished 14th in the Western Conference and actually did worse than the prediction. No one could have accounted for the multitude of injuries that plagued the Lakers last season. Injuries were the biggest reason the Lakers performed so poorly and there is no doubt that the Lakers would have won more than 27 games if everyone on the roster was healthy last season.

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With an injury-free roster and a handful of new players, the Lakers have gotten considerably better than last season. Furthermore, the return of Kobe Bryant should also play a significant role in the amount of games the Lakers win next season. The 30 games predicted by ESPN is a bit sparse, even in the competitive Western Conference. The Lakers should play better than last year and may surprise a few people this coming season.

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  • Jalen

    Nothing wrong with a long rebuild this team we all love is going through it’s biggest rebuild ever and it brings with it the growing up stage where the team will not be good for a few seasons and in the meantime the rest of the NBA keeps getting better and we still are towards the bottom rebuilding it’s a dark age for the Lakers brand a dark era led by Jim Buss that has no light at the end of the tunnel just yet since we just started this long rebuild and so far all we have to show for it is a Julius Randle and he has never played a actual NBA game yet also we have Nick Young who is in a long term deal.Everyone else are on 1 or 2 year deals and nothing is certain about the rest of the roster long term.

    This is a roster filled with 1 year deal players.So yes we will finish no better than 10th in the West and next season and the 3 season after that will very likely be the same if not worse welcome to the Jim Buss long term rebuild era it’s the worst era yet since we are used to NBA championship led by the Jerry Buss era now we get this new owner and it’s not the same quite frankly it’s the exact opposite of what we got spoiled with from his poppa.This is going to get better it’s worst case scenario playing out now.

  • Kevin

    Lakers finish 15th in the west.Too tough competition bad roster.

  • Jetty

    #1 Spurs, #2 Thunders, #3 Clippers, #4 Mavs, #5 Warriors, #6 LA Lakers, #7 Blazers, #8 Grizzlies. Hope this come true. Kobe & Lin = 25+ points, 7+ assists Each. No doubt. Believe.

  • Asleep At The Switch Mitch

    Lakers are not making the playoffs period.I feel bad for Byron Scott you guys predicting the Lakers will make the playoffs will be all over Byron Scott like a fly on shit all season long forcing him to get fired or quit how pathetic can some people be can’t you tell guys this roster is not a 50 win roster more like 25-30 wins and it takes around 50 wins to get in the playoffs in the western conference.There is no way the Lakers make the playoffs in the stacked western conference and don’t be blaming Byron either.Stupid idiots always trying to find a scapegoat for the failures of Jim Buss and Mitch.SMFH

    • Spade

      Don’t forget to blame Jeanie as well. She enables her brother to be what he is today.

    • SirHambone

      You have no clue about basketball! Last year before Kobe was hurt we were a 500 team . We had more injuries that made us put together a D league team. But this year is different. Especially if Kobe stays 100! We will be in the playoffs!

  • David

    This lineup look really good on paper with a 100% healthy KB:

    PG-J. Lin
    SG- K. Bryant
    PF-C. Boozer
    C- J. Hill
    SF- W. Johnson

    I actually think this is a decent team defensively; the weak link is Kobe but they will need him on the offensive end.Replace W. Johnson on the offensive end with Xavier Henry and it’s a much better team offensively, the key is will Xavier be healthy?

  • David

    For all you fans who think that Kobe can carry the Lakers to the playoffs two years ago, just an enlighten fact for you; Dwight Howard did when he got healthier in the second half of the year when he decided to settle on concentrating on defense instead of not getting enough touches on offense. Does this sound familiar?
    While Kobe got the glory for carrying the Lakers; real basketball minds know better.

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      To ignore Kobe’s contributions down the stretch of that season–about 29pts/6rebs/7assts per game–would not make for much of a basketball mind. A shooting guard with 7 double-doubles, including 1 triple-double is quite rare, and Kobe did it over about a 20-game stretch to help drag the Lakers into the 7th seed. Dwight played extremely well, too, and I would never take that from him. Pau and Steve Blake also had several very good games. It was a whole-team effort, led by Kobe.

  • roseducanna

    LAKERS will good when JIMMY BUSS, MITCH and KOBE out. Change by JERRY WEST and MAGIC JOHNSON and no selfish.

    • SirHambone

      You are an idiot!

  • Zach

    Things will have to actually go the Lakers’ way to finish 12th. Last place in the West is just as likely. When your best player is Nick Young, that’s a huge red flag.

    • SirHambone

      Another idiot!

      • Zach

        Welcome! But I think you need a better way to introduce yourself?

  • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

    59-23 Thunder
    57-25 Spurs
    54-28 Clippers
    52-30 Blazers
    52-30 Mavericks
    49-33 Grizzlies
    48-34 Warriors
    46-36 Lakers
    45-37 Rockets
    41-41 Suns
    39-43 Pelicans
    38-44 Nuggets
    27-55 Wolves
    26-56 Kings
    23-59 Jazz

    • Zach

      Hahahahahaahah! Is this for 2018 or something? They won’t reach .500 again until Kobrick is replaced by a real star.

      • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

        Quit being a fool. Kobe hasn’t been part of a sub-.500 team since the first season after the Shaq-for-Lamar trade.

        • Zach

          Pay attention, they were winning last year until he showed up, then it all went downhill. And barely played .500 ball with Dwight Howard on the team two years ago, and Howar is a legit star, unlike Bryant at this point. SMH.

          • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

            10-9 before Bryant returned is hardly “winning” basketball. 2-4 during his return while playing with a bunch of guys he’d never played with before…basically in training camp mode against teams at full strength.

          • Zach

            Be honest, don’t you find it odd that they went from over .500 before his return to a terrible record following his return? He’s not helping any more…it’s a shame he can’t try to fit in with the team or he might help, but he’s so set on being ‘alpha dog’ it will just destroy this team.

          • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

            Howard is a “legit star” whose only Finals appearance came on the backs of the team’s three point shooting. I’d love to know what sorry team you like, seeing as how you think 10-9 is a good team, and a guy who will play his entire career without a chance at a title is a legit star, unlike another guy who has had one of the greatest careers in professional sports history–individual success AND team success. SMH.

          • Zach

            Are you talking about Rape Boy and his one lone solitary MVP? LOL!

          • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

            I sure am talking about Dismissed Case Boy and his one lone solitary meaningless joke-of-an-award MVP. I’m still waiting for you to name 25 guards better than him during his prime years.

    • Kb24

      Rockets are better than lakers will battle for 6-8 for now, i can see a blockbuster trade waiting to happen, we got the bestsg in the nba,lbj wants to play w arguably d best pf 2day, why not the lakers try to pair kobe with DC, attitude problem? Ask artest.odom and possibly beasley

      • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

        I have both teams in that race for the 6-9 seeds. I think the Rockets are going to fall apart this season. They lost Parsons, Lin, and Asik and picked up Ariza. Harden is a one-way player who has been running his mouth way too much about how only he and Dwight are any good. I see them missing the playoffs this year. Lakers may struggle early as Randle gets his footing in the league and they figure out rotations and roles, but I think they will be strong by mid-season (as long as Kobe, Lin, Randle stay healthy). And if Nash is anything close to 100% as trainers are trying to convince us, it could be a really good year with a push into the second round.

  • Chris Shields

    Considering the fact that the Lakers finished in the 14 spot last season, I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch that they can ‘move up’ to 12th this season. If they can finally start playing some defense, there’s a chance they can possibly improve on that prediction.

    • SirHambone

      Considering the fact that they had a multitude of injuries and an addition of better players this year, last years record has no reflection on this years team! So your statement is pointless and shows limited knowledge of Basketball!

  • Zach

    I honestly think without the rampant ref support each night, this is potentially an 0-82 team. Lousy coach, no real star aside from a washed-up gunner, and a lot of D-League type guys. Definitely one of the worst NBA teams ever.

  • ResignCorona

    LA should starting rebuilding right after kobe retires. i hope they get durant in 2016.

  • Ronnie

    Ok, I’ll be realistic and say Lakers finish 10th place in the west.

  • hookedonnews

    Neither Charles Barkley or ESPN knows where the Lakers will finish next season. They’re just guessing. With a new coach and some new players it’s not going to be easy, but if Kobe & Nash can stay healthy all season I wouldn’t assume we can’t be competitive. Not expecting miracles, but not going to give up before the season starts either.

  • Qing Zhang

    I think ESPN should place Lakers at the bottom of the West and bash the hell of this team, so that way teams can play the Lakers with less effort.

  • Matt Williams

    You need your balls ripped out and shoved down your throat! You and your Clippers can shove it up your ass. How does it feel to know that the Sparks might put up a championship banner before the Clippers? LOL!

  • Realistic Laker Fan

    Lol they actually already won 2.


    XMAS day at Staples = Clippers :))). Haha. LA’s Blockbuster team

  • Matt Williams


  • Matt Williams

    Until the second round in the playoffs like always. LOL! Loser!

  • lakeshow

    Shut the fuck up and go eat a dick. The Clippers aren’t winning anything again next year. If you are going to be a bandwagon fan at least bandwagon to a team that wins. Loser troll.

  • lakeshow

    How about I go fuck your mom instead.


    Hey you bitch! Why didn’t you respond the last time I destroyed your no life troll ass? Don’t you have a bridge to go guard you lame? Let me go count the Lakers SIXTEEN championship titles while you go enjoy those Clippers selfies. Troll fail.

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