Dwyane Wade Wants to Reach Kobe Bryant’s Level & Why He Won’t

Dwyane Wade Wants to Reach Kobe Bryant’s Level & Why He Won’t

Keep Reaching Dwyane

Bran Enton caught up with Dwyane Wade this weekend and learned that the two players he would want to be like the most are Michael Jordan, his current employer with the Jordan Brand and Kobe Bryant.

Clearly, the Miami Heat shooting guard is reaching a moment in his career of self-reflection. Wade knows that this is the point of his career in which his legacy will be defined and most importantly, what can separate him from being a billionaire and a millionaire.

“In my mind, I have what I feel is a next level. And I have a blueprint in front of me. I have the Michael Jordans of the world. I have the Kobe Bryants of the world. I have these guys that are showing what’s the next level. – Dwyane Wade [AP]

Comparing himself to Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant is the perfect marketing tactic in order to create the perception that he IS one of them to the public. The true NBA Fan will note that Wade is currently 29 years old and has one championship ring that a Shaq in the last year of his prime helped him get, along with a nice choke job by the Mavs in 2005.

At 29 years old, Kobe began his quest for championship no. 4 after appearing in his fifth NBA finals against the Boston Celtics. Michael Jordan just finished his first set of three rings as well at the age of 29.

If Wade thinks he can catch Jordan, then he definitely is delusional, but something tells me that he has his sights set on Kobe’s legacy.

Which still makes him delusional.

Wade will need to win 4 more championships to even be considered next to Kobe.

Wade has already put himself in a poor spot for his fans to argue, as the debate to whether the Heat are his team or Lebron’s have already sprung up in their first year together. For the last 7 years, the Lakers have clearly been Kobe’s team.

With the current lockout and pending new deal that will come out of these negotiations, there have already been talks about decreasing the salary cap, which means less money for the Heat to surround their “Big 3” with quality role players. Worst case scenario is Miami will have to trade one of it’s three stars to get under the cap.

Lastly, Wade has a horrible history of injuries and his style of play is conducive to continuing that trend.

So Dwyane, You can try to catch Kobe, but it looks like your chances are as good as guarding him on this game winning shot: