Dwyane Wade Calls Kobe Bryant ‘Second Best All Time’ Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="298"] Three-time NBA champion Dwyane Wade is going through yet another transition period with the Miami Heat. Wade lost teammate Shaquille [new_royalslider id="298"] Three-time NBA champion Dwyane Wade is going through yet another transition period with the Miami Heat. Wade lost teammate Shaquille Rating: 0
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Dwyane Wade Calls Kobe Bryant ‘Second Best All Time’

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Three-time NBA champion Dwyane Wade is going through yet another transition period with the Miami Heat. Wade lost teammate Shaquille O’Neal to the Phoenix Suns back in 2008 and now has lost superstar LeBron James to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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Even though LeBron chose to take his talents back to Cleveland, Wade doesn’t seem to have hard feelings toward his former teammate. Although Wade did let it be known that he’s looking forward to facing LeBron next season.

Wade said that LeBron has replaced Kobe Bryant as the player he looks forward to playing against more than any other in the NBA. The perennial also gave Bryant quite the compliment, according to SB Nation’s Windy City Gridiron:

“Well, it used to be Kobe Bryant… the second best all time…. now, I have a new favorite player to play against… my former teammate, LeBron James.”

Nothing makes for a heated rivalry than former teammates going head-to-head during the NBA regular season and playoffs. Wade and LeBron will likely face-off numerous times over the next few years with the Heat still being a force to be reckoned with in the Eastern Conference and the Cavs having a solid young core surrounding the four-time NBA MVP.

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Kobe is no stranger to healthy and bitter rivalries with the five-time NBA champion battling Shaq as he bounced around the league in the twilight of his career. Unfortunately for Kobe, the superstar was unable to participate in the renewed rivalry with the Houston Rockets as a result of Dwight Howard signing with the team last year.

Another rivalry that might be interesting to watch next season is the Lakers and Chicago Bulls. Pau Gasol being in Chicago and Boozer in Los Angeles makes an interesting dynamic when the two teams meet during the 2014-15 NBA season.

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Lakers Introduce Carlos Boozer (PT. II): On Kobe Bryant’s Message

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  • Kobe Goat

    A small jab at Lebron? A bias towards shooting guards? No. We all know Kobe is the GOAT

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        • AMIWRONG

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          • joshhh

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          • jp3

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          • joshhh

            I don’t think its a scam but im not gonna do it

          • 001

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        • skoopty

          Dog lol, are you really that stupid?

    • NinoBr0wn


    • ra

      who would know better than someone like DWade. Trust a superstar to be able to judge a superstar. If Darko Milicic made the same comment, I’d say ‘yeah good, but how would you know more than DWade’?

      In any case, Kobe isn’t finished w/his career yet, and could easily make it to the 1st bestest ever. Let’s see how this year and the next play out.

      • cool

        no chance man. :(

        • ra

          again, how would someone (who doesn’t even play in the nba) know better than someone in the nba, let alone an ‘all-star’ in the nba … or perchance a ‘superstar’ in the nba.

          • cool

            im confused with your response, i was referring to your “1st bestest ever” comment

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  • Kobe Is The Man

    Man i wish Dwayne Wade would have signed a 2 year deal with the Lakers to end his great career playing alongside Kobe Bryant.That is a lot of respect for Kobe and i know they are friends it would have been Epic especially if Wade went to Germany and got the Kobe knee surgery.But he stayed in Miami and i commend him for that at least he didn’t leave like Lebum did.
    It would have been a guaranteed playoffs team if Kobe and Wade played 65 to 75 games.
    PG Jeremy Lin
    SG Dwayne Wade
    SF Kobe Bryant
    PF Carlos Boozer
    C Jordan Hill

    • Mike Smith

      = last place! The next time Wayne Wade is right about something will be the first time!

    • karl

      sure after he broke his nose 2 seasons ago

    • dollarbill4life

      34 wins

  • Lakers4Life

    Oh well…it’s nice of Wade, but we all know next season is going to be quite the fail for us Lakers. Nothing to really look forward to, except seeing Kobe back on the court as it’s been a while since we’ve seen him play.

    • vdogg

      good thing you’re not getting ahead of yourself at all. lol.

    • jp3

      You’re not a Laker4life

    • Rich

      Seriously? You’re not looking forward to seeing how Randle and Clarkson pan out? Or how Kobe and Jeremy play together? Or whether Ed Davis has found the right situation to finally flourish? Or what Xavier can do in a full (hopefully) injury-free season?

    • LakerJ

      Not true, we can also look forward to getting our first round pick back from Phoenix. I’m actually also interested in seeing how Randle Clarkson and Lin play. Lin, not so much because I think he may only be here for one year, but I hope our rooks show the potential to be key contributors and future stars with the Lakers.

      • Dino Madness

        How exactly do you look forward to getting the Lakers first round pick back from Phoenix? Are you expecting the Lakers to be one of the two worst teams in the NBA? Being one of the two worst teams in the NBA is the only way to guaranteed the Lakers getting that pick from Phoenix. The east is too putrid for the Lakers to ever accomplish such futility, it is almost an impossibility to be that bad. The Lakers would have a better chance at winning the Lottery than ending up one the two worst teams and the Lottery is usually a pipe dream for most NBA teams. I don’t see how exactly you see the Lakers getting that draft pick, specially since it looks like they might win more games than last season.

    • My

      By your response can tell your just a groupie not an actual basketball fan. The Lakers org is where greatness happens. We have youth (ready to be mentored) and a high basketball iq (veterans) = playoffs (minimum).

    • dollarbill4life

      32-34 wins

  • saywhat?

    So we see the only reason he said is to tease LeBron because he can’t argue it. Wade is the next frustrator, who can’t accept his teammate left, like KG and Pierce were against Allen. And we all know Kobe is most overrated player in NBA.

    • trav

      Yea even tho he was ball in better than anybody in the league wen he got his serious injury and is now comin back off a two year brake for the first time in his career and is still gonna average 28 until towards the playoffs wen he wants to get everyone involved NOBODY can score or takeover the game like Kobe even mike said Kobe can defeat him foh!!

    • rovbordz23

      Kobe Bryant most overrated? Are you kidding me? Watch the tough and impossible shots of him on YouTube, let’s see if u can still say he’s overrated.

    • saywhat mother

      Keep on Hating. Dumb idiot

    • Thomas Klein

      We all Know?……., whatever, The GREAT Lebron, still has one less championship at this stage of his career than the in your words “Overrated Kobe” which must make Lebron SUPER OVERRATED.

      • DEE

        At this stage in his career

        at age 29 Jordan had 0 championships and was still considered the greatest. Kobe had 5 more championships then Jordan had going into his 30′s. But your not going to overrate Jordan bruh?

        • cool

          kobe entered the nba with shaq already on his team. and kobe started from high school. Jordan was drafted to a scrub team chicago bulls. Dont bring age in your arguments because thats ridiculous you IDIOT

    • Al Haldie

      Who are WEEEEEE ?? Speak for your self ..

    • Rich

      Too stupid to even address.

    • Kb24

      Lebron ,not kobe, was the most overrated player in the nba…he is an allstar but DEFINITELY NOT THE BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD

      • JAFELYNE

        would we ever find someone score 62 to 61 Dallas Maverick (include DirkNowitski) in three quarter ?.,

    • Spider Monkey

      You mean the most under appreciated star in the NBA because to say he’s overrated is foolery… you don’t end up 4th on the all time scoring list and win 5 Championships in a star role from being overrated… Kobe Bryant was arguably the best player in the NBA for a decade but he only got 1 MVP.. Jordan was the best player for almost every year he played and only got 5 MVP’s .. the NBA hierarchy loved MJ more than Kobe and they still screwed MJ over. Kobe is a beast the year he got injured he was competing for the scoring title at age 34.. Not too many people can play 18 years at his age and still put out such high production and we have yet to see if Lebron will even be able to accomplish that..

    • Montae Wilson

      kobe is not the most overated. lebron on the other hand is the most overated ever

  • Thomas Klein

    In terms of stats there close, in terms of will to win, Kobe smokes him, Lebron has the physical gifts and talent, he just doesn’t have the killer instinct.

    • ra

      yes, and LBJ is actually taking a step backward, much like Dwight Howard, to take it easy and not have to worry about living up to expectations (esp. his own … maybe 4? maybe 5? maybe 10? maybe 20? — those days are over. If LBJ tanks in Cleveland, then everyone will say ‘oh, that’s because it’s Cleveland”. Great excuse.

      Dwight Howard was able to play the beginning of the downturn of his career, and lose in the playoffs without having to apologize. Houston sucks, and DH can easily say that he’s on a team that sucks, which is why he will never get a championship now.

      LBJ doesn’t have to get any more Championships anymore. Actually, he can just stick with 2, and the media weenies (ESPN, TNT) will still proclaim him the greatest in the history of sports — and they’ll add ‘oh, you can’t judge a great player by the number of championships’ — look for that this upcoming year.

      (it was great to actually see the media weenies eating crow this year, after LBJ lost – they vanished like the wind in the night, and even took a month off to hide their embarrassment).

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001015941817 Chess Boxen

    Looks like Wade’s a little salty. If LBJ was still on the Heat, Wade would say he’s better than Jordan…

    • karasoon4

      Well maybe because he would’ve felt obligated to say that while he is a teammate, all the while likely still feeling Lebron is nowhere near Kobe’s level.

      • joshhh

        lakers rumors lakers interested in earl clark and emeka okafor

    • Matt Ranson

      I didn’t know Lyndon Johnson played basketball. Hey Hey LBJ, how many free throws did you make today!

      • ra

        LBJ is trying to get everyone to listen to him …

    • Pilar Pauline-Knudsen Robles

      When Lebron was still in Miami, Wade said Kobe is the best of their generation. Wade has always felt Kobe was better. Keep dreamin’!

  • vulkanthekrusader

    Everyone stay calm & Just admit it, Lebron is more Magic Johnson on Steroids, so he can’t be the Shooting Guard…you know the ball hog guys like Jordan, Kobe…wait thats the only two greatest ball hogs that every hates cuz they beat your team, even tho those guys average pretty much the same assist as your starting point guard.

  • lakeshow

    Shots fired. D Wade been salty since Lebron left and taking a lot of shots at him. If you played with and against Lebron(and won titles with him!!) and still rank Kobe over him then hey let the haters marinade on that.

    • cool

      he is just being honest and its his opinion, why accused him of being salty?

  • LakerSpartan117

    Well why should LeBron get offended? I mean Wade is only telling the truth, Kobe and Jordan own the 1 and 2 spot on the all-time greatest list. I love Kobe , mostly because he was my generation’s Jordan, but I still respect Jordan enough to give him where credit is due. If and when Kobe does win #6, he will finally elevate to ahead of Jordan and go down as the G.O.A.T.

    Lebron isn’t even top 10 yet…. SMH.

    • Orlando Foolridge

      Agreed. I think what hurt Kobe is that he was in his “Prime” when the lakers were rebuilding after shaq, so the world didn’t see him dominate in his prime in the finals. To me, the fact that Lebron had to have 2 of the top 20 players in the NBA next to him to reach 4 finals (and lost 2) shows you that while he is maybe one of the top 5 talents of all time…he’s not in the discussion for the greatest of all time. To me Lebron is on about the same level as Hakeem, one of most dominant players at his position for the time…but probably not a transcendent player in the scheme of things. He will be remembered as such. 2 out of 5 in the finals is pretty bad, especially when he had so much help in Miami.

      • GemmolLewis

        2 of the top 10 not top 20, before bosh left for miami he had 20 pts and like 10 rebounds he was a top player, no one put him in the top 20……and wade was always in the top 5……..i think a lot of people forget how good bosh was before miami tarnish his image

    • cool

      Totally agree

  • LakerSpartan117

    Oh and one of the knocks, and I think only knock, on Kobe was that he lost 2 finals (5/7) where Jordan won all 6. Well if that is holding Kobe back from being the G.O.A.T.

    Then HOW THE FUCK… do you try to put LeBron up there with those two greats! I believe he is 2/5 in the finals!! SMH!! LOL!!

    • KOBEmomo

      robert horry is the goat then, 7 championships

      • LakerSpartan117

        Actually Bill Russell would be the GOAT with your weird sense of logic.. Had nothing to do with my comment but thanks for chiming in

  • hoperhetoric

    I truly believe kobe is better than lebron in overall skills. The problem is kobe choses not to consistently use it. Kobe is as good as nash in dribble penetration & vision. When time lebron as cavs beating kobe’s lakers, its lebrons team mates beat kobe. Kobe ballhogging, while lebron passing. If kobe is consistent as lebron/wade in passing, kobe would beat the pistons of 2004. &Better, decisive winnings of all his trophy years. He probably would surpassed Mj in rings….

  • DJSlik

    it’s kobe over lebron and i’ll tell you why: ONE thing–percentage of venous ice water. mamba is simply more evil and cold blooded. mamba is a killer and has never shrunk like a violet. relative to talent and greatness, IMO lebron shrunk in the finals against dallas and again in these past finals against san antonio. BY HIMSELF, he should’ve kept miami from being blown out and embarrassed–but they lost by one of the worst averages of all time.

    ice water. kobe. /thread

  • Kb24

    Off topic but kevin love requests a trade to cavs, disappointed with the nba bcoz competition is strating to disappear due to the fact that lbj gets surrounded by all star players,same reason why kevin love backed out of nba world in spain…hoping randle will be dominant in less than 2 yrs and clarkson to be a huge steal out of the draft and get that 6th ring for KOBE AND 17th fornthe LAKESHOW

    • joshhh

      boozer will start at the small forward postion sources say andlakers interested in earl clark and emeka okafor

    • ra

      Look at it this way – if LBJ is strong in ‘assists’, the best he can do is dish to Love, and hope that Love scores. That means he won’t be scoring as much himself.

      It might ‘sort of’ work, like Magic-Kareem, but Magic was a pure PG. LBJ is a forward who wants to score more than dish. Actually, LBJ’s best bet is to have a perimeter of 3 point shooters, and continue to charge to the basket. That’s his best scoring option. That’s why it worked in 2013, because Mike Miller ‘and’ Ray Allen were there waiting in the wings. They might be on the Cavs, but a bit more ‘weathered’, probably.

      Love’s best bet is ‘not’ on the Cavs. He really would have been better off in LA.

  • Kb24

    Kobe will win no.6 and 17 for the lakers,finish top 12-15 in all time assists,beat mj23 in playoffs total scoring,surpass jordan in all time scoring(kobe will be behind kareem if he didnt get injured last season),6-2 in NBA FINALS
    Bill russ
    Big O

  • Truth B Told

    Bringing out my reality gun………Kobe top 5 GOAT………80% of NBA oficinados know Kobe is better than Lebron…More exciting than Lebron…………..Now…….Kobe most likely will be retiring in 2yrs……….So the NBA has to ride the next big wave which they have chosen to be Lebron(personally I think Kevin Durant will be the next big Wave)…….Truthfully…if you pull up footage of Kobe and Lebron…….immediately you will see the big difference and why Kobe is better.

    • Austin Acosta

      Exactly! It’s not a stat test, or even who has more rings… its the eye test. You can tell who the better player is just by watching videos of them. Because of age, Lebron has passed Kobe as of now, but at Kobe’s peak, i dont even think it’s close. LeBrons an amazingly gifted player, who god blessed with athleticism but Kobe has to be the mosy fundamentally sound offensive player of all time. The things he could do to put that ball in the bucket was just amazing to watch. Footwork, fadeaway, ball handling, jaw dropping dunks where you’re like “how’d he do that?’… Kobe’s not the same player he was but I can’t wait to see him back on the court and enjoy what little time we have left to watch him, who I agree with Wade is the second GOAT, play ball.

  • preciousbwallace

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  • Andy J Estrada

    Kevin Ovilia

  • DEE

    Goats are nice to eat. I’m sure Michael Jeffery Jordan’s private chef started adding “goat” to the menu a long time ago, Or maybe there’s a secret menu that includes black mambas’. Since Kobe would get ate up like Beef.

    • ra

      well, for a while, MJ was the FOAT, (funnest of all time). It was just fun to watch MJ play, and see what exciting things he would do.

      Kobe is def. the FOAT now. Everyone wanted (and wants) to see what Kobe does. EVERYBODY wants to see that. People will fill the Memphis Grizzlies stadium, just to see Kobe.

      As for GOAT, it’s categorically Wilt Chamberlain. When Kobe retires, he will be tied with 1st.

  • Henry Martinez

    Dream come true for Byron coaching the Lakers. I really love to see what Byron could do for the Lakers.I’m also a fan of Byron during his stint with the Lakers.Good luck to Byron and the Lakers this coming season.

  • Henry Martinez

    Boozer is a plus for the Lakers, just like Odom before. All they need is a very good center and they will be a title contender. Good luck Carlos…

  • coachdc

    I like D Wade…..he is a true Champion!!!! LeBron is truly a great player, but he just need to get his affairs together. If LeBron is going to go down in history as one of the greatest, he needs to stay put and stop jumping around. Now that he is in Cleveland he needs to finish his career there. If he leaves again…..which I think he will, the two (2) Championships he won with Miami mean nothing as a star. Jordan lost a lot in the playoffs (Pistons/Celtics) before the Bulls took over, but Jordan did not go to another team in his prime. (Yes, he played baseball, but returned to the Bulls and won 3 more Titles. Once his career was over he experimented with the Wizards.

  • ricky

    I do not understand when talking about michael jordan compared with lebron is a crime for basketball, Jordan made his way to school with the game, there is no comparison between the style of play of Jordan and Lebron MJ is perfection, this comparison is an insult not only to MJ and all the old glory of basketball for example LARRY BIRD, MAGIC JHONSON, CHARLES BARKLEY etc. .. the only real player near MJ IS KOBE BRYANT

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