Dwight Said To Be Unimpressive; Compared To Nuggets’ Kosta Koufos Reviewed by Momizat on . If you missed the game on Wednesday night against the Nuggets, Dwight Howard was ejected after he basically clobbered Kenneth Faried out of the air that was sig If you missed the game on Wednesday night against the Nuggets, Dwight Howard was ejected after he basically clobbered Kenneth Faried out of the air that was sig Rating:
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Dwight Said To Be Unimpressive; Compared To Nuggets’ Kosta Koufos

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DwightHowardRoadIf you missed the game on Wednesday night against the Nuggets, Dwight Howard was ejected after he basically clobbered Kenneth Faried out of the air that was signaled a Flagrant-2 foul. With the Lakers defense turning bad to worse, the Lakers lost to Denver. The Nuggets scored 126 points and snapped the Lakers’ five-game winning streak.

The Orange County Register’s Kevin Ding had some words (not just from him) that weren’t exactly kind about Howard.

DENVER – People are starting to notice.

“Dwight Howard is basically Kosta Koufos” was the message I got from one NBA insider midway through the Lakers’ loss Wednesday night in Denver, referring to the Nuggets’ largely anonymous center.

Not long after, someone else who works in league personnel offered: “If you dropped in from another planet and had no idea who the players were, you would never know that Dwight Howard was one of the best players.”

And you know what? They’re right. Howard has had some brilliant flashes at times, and I get that he’s still not 100 percent. But there are times where he just cruises through a game (much like a Laker center last season that we’re all familiar with).

Mike D’Antoni, who doesn’t really mince words with the media, had this assessment as well.

Ejected for fouling Denver’s Kenneth Faried in the face, Howard whined afterward about being penalized by referees for being big and strong – one of O’Neal’s favorite statements. Looking so slow on the second night of a back-to-back set before the ejection – to the point that Mike D’Antoni said the Lakers didn’t lose “a whole lot” in Howard’s ejection – certainly was Shaq-like, too.

“Didn’t lose a whole lot.” Ouch.

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And Steve Nash made this point.

Steve Nash didn’t name names the way D’Antoni did, but Nash had a point to make after the loss to Denver about that kind of mindset.

Everyone has days when they don’t have their legs, Nash said, and those are the days when you’d really better “fight.”

“And find other ways to get it done,” Nash said.

It’s more about the mental aspect about Howard more than the physical. And we’ve all been there where we don’t want to do anything, just like how NBA players don’t have the legs or are just not feeling it. So we all try to find a second or third wind to try to get through it. That’s what Dwight Howard needs. We all have our excuses here and there but, in the end, if he’s on the court, he’d better perform.

Howard just turned 27 years old. He was supposed to be the one that helps out the other four guys (Metta, Kobe, Nash, Gasol) who are in their 30s. Those guys were supposed to lean on him. Instead, we’re getting Howard to lean on these old (by NBA standards) players. That’s not the way it’s supposed to be.

I’m all for Dwight being goofy and smiley and all that. But there’s a time and place for everything. He’d better take it more seriously or else he’ll never be able to take it to the next level.

And if you’re being compared to Kosta Koufos, man, you’d really better step it up.

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  • lakers77

    Lakers have some major defensive issues on their hands and will not win a title without correcting them. We are certainly doomed with Gasol playing zero defense and jacking up 3 point shots. Lakers need to trade Gasol for a couple of athletic defensive players that don’t need feild goal attempts to keep their head in the game. We already have to many offensive scorers as is and need to get Dwight more feild goal attempts to succeed. We can get a way with having a couple of weak defenders on the floor, but there’s simply no room for Pau.

    • Lakerfreak

      It tells you how good this laker team is on paper and how good they will be with time, when people put the blame on Pau Gasol, the all world player laker fans once adored as he teamed up with KB to lead us to back to back rings.
      Defense is team based. You can’t play one on one defense in the nba. Help defense is a part of the game. Point guards are too quick with the ball and even the quickest point guard can’t stick with the second quickest point guard. Especially when you through in pick and rolls. Blaming Gasol is ignorant to that fact. When the lakers defense is bad, it’s the responsibility of all 5 on the court. Since defense is so team based it requires knowing one another. It will come with time.
      Gasol btw wouldn’t mind never taking another three again, but he is doing whatever is asked of him. The epitome of a team player.


      dude that needs to disappear is Chris Duhon… his opponent’s eyes light up
      like a torch when he’s about to make an appearance… non-coincidently, the
      scoreboard also gets torched to the supreme detriment of the Lakers.

  • Matt

    When Koufus is averaging 18, 12 and 2 blocks a game then you can make that comparison. Until then, get off his surgically repaired back!!

  • ckeynote

    If Howard had a “game,” he’d get the Blk more! Sure Kobe takes some ill advised shots at times, but if he didn’t imagine what their record would be…Howard plays center because he can’t dribble, has no moves, and his overall game is sub par. If he’s not dunking, he’s no threat at all…

  • JohnC

    Howard was childish; he is not helping building up chemistry and momentum. At times he’s too far from the rim with D’Anotni’s system, or far from the action. Gasol too, but he is more resourceful and also the most effective big guy of the game; not as spectacular, he will never sell as many t-shirts as Dwight..Trade Gasol to bring great athletes without passing and scoring skills, who can’t make the right choices and play as a team and LA will be far from winning anything. .

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