Dwight Howard’s Girlfriend Wears “Laker Hater” Shirt To Game

Dwight Howard’s Girlfriend Wears “Laker Hater” Shirt To Game


Tonight, the Los Angeles Lakers took on the Houston Rockets in Houston for the second time this season. Though the Lakers have struggled this season, this game still holds importance to the team as they matchup against former Laker Dwight Howard.

While Howard has shown his disinterest in speaking on anything having to do with the Lakers, that didn’t stop his girlfriend from rocking a specially made Howard jersey taking a shot at his former team on Instagram:

Dwight Girlfriend

The Lakers defeated the Rockets in their first meeting as Howard missed a couple of key free throws before Steve Blake hit a three pointer in the final seconds over Howard himself. Howard says he would like to move past the Lakers portion of his career, but things like this surely won’t endear him to the Lakers faithful.

While it is unknown whether Howard knew of or approved this shirt, the damage is still done as Howard takes another shot at his former team.


ICYMI: The Lakers waived forward Shawne Williams

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          • pejon

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    So, a Laker-Hater is certainly jealous of the Lakers. Maybe DH was and is jealous of the Lakers. The Rockets ‘ain’t goin’ nowhere’. The Magic got whupped by the Lakers a few years back.

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    Taunt a team who got you out of a bad situation & actually wanted you around? That’s cool. Could make shirts with his face saying “Judas over Jesus”, “What R Condoms?” & “No Baby Mama Taxes in Texas” but I’d never stoop that low for attention.

  • Ronald Mitchell

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  • Dragon7s

    Stay classy Dwight. (And yes, he knew full well that she would wear that *rolls eyes*)

    • Noel Johnson

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      • Dragon7s

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  • J Lee

    …Taking to Twitter, Vest apologised for any offence the hoodie – which had Howard’s name featured on the back – had caused, but clearly felt her actions were in jest.

    “Y am i the only person not allowed to wear a “#hater” hoodie lol u people are taking it waaaaay too seriously lol” she said.

    “I sincerely apologize to all if the Laker fabs that i’ve clearly hurt in some way by wearing a fun “laker hater” hoodie to the game.”

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  • quickster007

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  • Dr. Johnny Raider

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  • John

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  • Derrick Lee

    Umm asik and Lin if not traded are off the books next yr. that 16 mil off. Rockets also own parsons bird rights. Plus as a laker fan you shouldn’t be talking about rox cap hill when lakers have been stuck on cap hill for awhile. They will have flexibility soon but enjoy the roster of dleaguers with that flexibility.

  • cr_chris

    That’s what happens when you’re 3 years removed from back to back titles. The salary cap tends to catch up with you… Let’s see how easy the salary cap is on the Heat in 3 years, or maybe even sooner.

    The Rockets are trying to build around two max contracts, that’s going to be difficult. Not saying the Lakers will have an easier time, but they’re not going to be in bad shape considering they just won 2 titles a few years ago and are looking to rebuild with quality talent next season and the season after.