Dwight Howard “will definitely become a free agent” in 2012

Dwight Howard “will definitely become a free agent” in 2012


According to Scott Howard-Cooper of NBA.com, Dwight Howard has echoed his desire to stay with the Orlando Magic IF they decide to revamp their roster into a true championship level roster. No matter what though, Howard will not be signing an extension and will be testing free agent waters for the first time in his career this coming summer of 2012.

Based mainly on his concern that the current roster has a focus problem:

“. . . sometimes I’ve had teammates allow people getting in their ears and things . . . “

So from what I can understand, Dwight is pretty much saying that if the Orlando Magic do not win the championship next year, he’s leaving Orlando for a better opportunity. As Lakers fans, I’m sure you know where you think that better opportunity should be.

Howard is currently in Treviso, Italy as part of Adidas’ Eurocamp that takes him around Europe promoting shoes, gear and all that good striped stuff.

Questions for you:

Is Dwight Howard the Missing Piece?We take a look here.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Santiago-Murcia/100000455515822 Santiago Murcia

    definately, one of the missing peices! but i think we need a young talented Point Guard first and foremost!!

  • Sudheyward

    I think the Lakers can win a chip without him but it would b really nice to have him to make sure tht they win 1. The Lakers not a bad team without him, they just to have a Better defense n the post season?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_72NNN55YTOWNDOJU5G6V6XSAZA Mario Lopez

       bynum and dwight howard in the lakers they will win allot of rings and gasol off the bench

  • Sudheyward

    I think the Lakers can win a chip without him but it would b really nice to have him to make sure tht they win 1. The Lakers not a bad team without him, they just to have a Better defense n the post season?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6U2ZHU7AJD6E7HFK4SRW3ETZNI rigged4fun@yahoo.com

    Given the present front office posture, I don’t think there’s a place for Dwight on this team. Unless Mr. Buss relents and decides that Bynum is not the Laker focus, I don’t see him coming here. I sure hope that Mr. Buss hasn’t bit off more than he can chew.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_T25GSDTFRBNX6WZGKYBNGHDMRQ Margarite

      Bynum will be the Lakers Center.

  • Acreole1nsh

    We Keep: Kobe, Derek, Pau, Andrew, Ron, Lamar, Matt, Shannon, Trey Johnson and Blake.
    I’m sorry everyone else “Gotta GO” There will be some good ones out there than can occupy the bench and contribute. I thought Trey Johnson should’ve been used more in the finals.

    • Pnaffas81@yahoo.com

      You just mentioned pretty much the whole team lol…so who’s gotta go? Theo Ratliff? lol

      • Nebo

        we keep kobe send pau for chris paul send bynum for howard try your best to keep lamar and barnes adn let everyone else go and surround kobe howard and paul with pure shooters and, Mike brown will take care of the defense.

        • rondo

          Yea right! Make a new Miami with Howard playing the role of Lebron! (loser with superstar label)

        • Fammargreen420

          Never Howard… iguadala for artest n cp3 for Shannon n Blake… put fish on the bench for that clutch shot n kobe better then ever… o yeah gasol for josh smith… all day…

        • Lakers

          Call me crazy. I’d like to trade KOBE for CP3.

          • NevertradeK24

            yea you’re stupid

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_T25GSDTFRBNX6WZGKYBNGHDMRQ Margarite

          Get rid of Kobe for Carmelo Anthony. We need to send ol Kobe to the Knicks before father time take all his talent. The Knicks love old Superstars who are at the twilight of their career.

          • Nevertradek24

            you’re stupid too

    • Lkrprime24

      You mentioned the whole laker roster haha

  • Justin Henretta


  • DaBulls

    Go get ’em Bulls!

    I don’t know if you care, but I was hoping the Bulls would try and trade Noah, Boozer, and draft picks for Howard sometime before free agency next summer. You think that would go through if the Magic felt they couldn’t resign him?

  • rondo

    Lebron to south beach Howard to LA. You guys need to ask miami if its a good idea to bring so called superstars who never won a thing into LA.  Every so called superstar is not a winner ask Lebron!

    • Westtexasbetty

      the difference is everyone on or coming to lakers KNOW who their leader is

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_T25GSDTFRBNX6WZGKYBNGHDMRQ Margarite

        Kobe is about finished pal. You guys need to find someone else to worship!

        • Pastorjackson7

          if you believe that you are not playing with a full deck . He still the best in the world and will show the world this season. And you can take that to the bank

    • Lakers4Lyfe

      So? Shaq was a loser before he came to L.A. 

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_T25GSDTFRBNX6WZGKYBNGHDMRQ Margarite

        How do you dudes keep comparing Howard with Shaq? Howard can’t carry a team past Atlanta and don’t blame the team! ( favorite saying of so called superstars) My team is weak.

        • rob

          the year they made the finals it was because of him this is a team sport name me 5 times were 1 player dominated everything and won a championship

    • Stats

      The whole Miami deal is total different from Dwight to LA for one Dwights roll would be simple Defend da paint and Dominate the paint Kobe will handle the rest…

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_T25GSDTFRBNX6WZGKYBNGHDMRQ Margarite

        You don’t really believe Dwight will go for that do you. And Kobe is about ready to take out of the stove he’s almost done.

  • WildWilli

    One way to upgrade the roster is to trade Dwight Howard. This is nothing but another LeBron James in the making. The Magic would be foolish to wait until next Summer to see if they can resign Howard. Who can you attract to the Magic if its best player won’t sign up. The Magic with its financial situation can only improve at the margin. That should be obvious to Dwight and the Magic management. For Dwight to talk about waiting to see what improvements the Magic will make is the height of hypocrisy. If Dwight want to improve the Magic, he’ll sign an extension and do the PR to help bring in some more talent. Otherwise, he should shut up and wait for whatever trade the Magic can make for him. Let’s be frank, Dwight has no interest in staying here with the Magic. He wants the bright lights. Let’s get something for him. And if we don’t, I’ld say shame on you Magic. Maybe, in a few years, you’ll get lucky, like Cleveland, and get the first pick in the draft.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_T25GSDTFRBNX6WZGKYBNGHDMRQ Margarite

      Howard will go to New York or New Jersey! The Lakers don’t need him the fans want him. I will bet my money on the front office not the fans.

  • Brent Vadla

    Lakers will be hard-pressed to compete against Mavs again next year 

  • http://www.facebook.com/SICKTIGHT311 Greg Benoit

    Trade Gasol for Kevin Love + #2 pick in this years draft.
    Trade #2 pick + Bynum for Dwight Howard.
    Trade Odom for Monta Ellis.


    Starting 5

    Monta Ellis
    Kobe Bryant
    Ron Artest
    Kevin Love
    Dwight Howard

    Ship the trophy

    • Sirwalker2007




  • sammie

    This trade will be a great one and it will succeed 

    Pau Gasol and Ron Artest for Dwight Howard and Jameer Nelson 

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_T25GSDTFRBNX6WZGKYBNGHDMRQ Margarite

      Kobe and Ron Artest for Howard and 2nd round pick

      • Tmoney2321

        U think they gonna trade kobe

        • Fbi33

          kobe staying in lakers fuck new york and new jersey

  • Alldaylakergang

    Lol artest needs to go, that dude failed a wide open layup Keep Kobe, Odom and Bynum unless we cant get a better center, pau can stay if theres nothing better.

  • D12forever

    cp3+d12=multiple championships

  • Jmonsy

    Steve Blake
    Kobe Bryant
    Lamar odom
    Pau gasol
    Dwight Howard