Dwight Howard “will definitely become a free agent” in 2012

Dwight Howard “will definitely become a free agent” in 2012


According to Scott Howard-Cooper of NBA.com, Dwight Howard has echoed his desire to stay with the Orlando Magic IF they decide to revamp their roster into a true championship level roster. No matter what though, Howard will not be signing an extension and will be testing free agent waters for the first time in his career this coming summer of 2012.

Based mainly on his concern that the current roster has a focus problem:

“. . . sometimes I’ve had teammates allow people getting in their ears and things . . . “

So from what I can understand, Dwight is pretty much saying that if the Orlando Magic do not win the championship next year, he’s leaving Orlando for a better opportunity. As Lakers fans, I’m sure you know where you think that better opportunity should be.

Howard is currently in Treviso, Italy as part of Adidas’ Eurocamp that takes him around Europe promoting shoes, gear and all that good striped stuff.

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