Dwight Howard Wanted Kobe Bryant Era Over Quicker in Los Angeles Reviewed by Momizat on . The fallout from Dwight Howard's decision to leave the Lakers for the Houston Rockets continues. After Howard stated it was merely due to his desire to win a ch The fallout from Dwight Howard's decision to leave the Lakers for the Houston Rockets continues. After Howard stated it was merely due to his desire to win a ch Rating:
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Dwight Howard Wanted Kobe Bryant Era Over Quicker in Los Angeles

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Dwight Howard, Kobe BryantThe fallout from Dwight Howard’s decision to leave the Lakers for the Houston Rockets continues. After Howard stated it was merely due to his desire to win a championship, and that he felt Houston offered him the best opportunity to do so, it’s now been discovered that one of the main reasons for Howard’s exodus was the uncertainty of when Kobe Bryant would retire, and when Dwight would be considered “the man” in Los Angeles.

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According to Ramona Shelburne of ESPN Los Angeles, this uncertainty of when Bryant would finally pass the torch to Howard is one of the main reasons Dwight left for Houston.

Sources told ESPN.com that Howard and his representatives — in a handful of meetings with Lakers officials before he became a free agent July 1 — strongly suggested the center would have a difficult time re-signing with the team if Bryant stayed with the franchise beyond the 2013-14 season, the final year of his contract.

Rumors of the rift between Dwight and Kobe had been whispered long before Howard was even traded to the Lakers, so this isn’t remarkably surprising news.

Still, with Kobe planning on playing a few more seasons (and suddenly not interested in taking a pay cut), the Lakers might have trouble getting more, big-name free agents to head west to L.A. and join Bryant on the squad.

Still, one name that Kobe isn’t completely writing off as impossible is one that many teams will be trying to lure in 2014, LeBron James. Even Kobe, who is one of the league’s best competitors, said James to L.A. isn’t completely ridiculous.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


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  • sam

    as long as kobe is in the team, LBJ is not gonna come to LA and even thats a stretch. kobe needs to realize he is no longer able to take over and dominate games to victory as well as before and should do everyone a favor and retire

    • ck626

      LBJ is never going to come to the Lakers. I really wish people would stop saying that shit!!! never going to happen!!!

      • Islesteelr

        Exactly! Tired of hearing it too…. And I don’t want him. We gotta stop searching for some Savior, and just concentrate on putting together a championship team! Top to bottom…

      • calilife4me

        Other than, because you say so, why not? LBJ hasn’t completely embraced Miami; he still lives in Cleveland. In addition, he’s already proved that he’d move, if it’s in his best interest. No one thought LBJ would leave Cleveland either!

  • Islesteelr

    Dwight, u gotta win something before you can demand something like that…. It’s the Laker way. The Torch is passed when u can prove that you don’t have the Dropsies!

    • Paytc

      Good point.Not just winning, but being mature enough to handle the leadership of a storied franchise,such as the Lakers.

  • Paytc

    That’s part of Howard’s immaturity.Howard was too immature to see the value playing with one of the all time greats could mean to his game.But instead many young bucks are too full of themselves and/or disrespectful towards anyone better than them.The Lakers were a great fit for D12 in the long term,but he would need to accept Kobe’s leadership.Wherever he goes he will never be able to run away from personal accountability.By that, I mean taking a real good look at his game,and dedicating whatever it takes to improve it.Especially foul shots and offensive moves.Kobe also tried to encourage Howard on developing a killer instinct,less joking around.Shaq was trying to ignite that in Howard as well.Some are ok with false labels of great,or just being good.The great ones demand the most from themselves and others.Some never grow up…Lets hope Howard does in Houston.

    He is Houston’s guy now, so they have to account for him.
    I’m rolling with Kobe and the Lakers, so that’s where my focus is.

    • Lakers

      Howard expectations is not as high in Houston so he may flourish. There will be less pressure to win there and he knows it. When he lose in Houston, he can blame others for the failure via Orlando. In LA everyone expect him to dominate and that he was the missing piece to another championship but he disappointed everyone included himself. So! To avoid that again he tuck his tail and ran. He’s not about winning really! He wanted glamour of Hollywood without being in the shadow of Kobe.

  • idanoclo

    Watch out james harden and kevin mchale dwightmares going to be gunning for you. Superbaby wants everything his way so he can ruin the franchise just to leave when there is too much pressure. You have to work for the tourch not cry for it.

  • John

    Lebron James to Lakers may prove to be very huge challenge. You know Miami will try and match any offer that any team will throw.

    But it would be good to have them work together though. I know most of you would try to reject the though of Lebron coming to Lakerland, but if you want a guy to bring championships to the Lakers, Lebron could be the one who can contribute to that cause.

    But as what I said, it is always a long shot especially with Miami who seems adamant from day one to re-sign Lebron once his contract expires. We will see.

  • ra

    DH was the ‘it’ guy in Orlando. He wasn’t in LA. He wants to be Superman and have Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane as his sidekicks. Instead, he had Green Lantern or Iron Man (I know, Marvel etc.) as a sidekick, or he was actually the sidekick, so that didn’t bode well for him.

    In Houston he will have ‘Beard Man’ as his sidekick. He’s gonna try to convince Beard Man to shave off his beard (but that’s his superpower). Superman just joined a team with Kryptonite.

    (ok, no more Superman metaphors).

  • Lakersgirl8

    Dwight Howard needs to have several seats. You don’t just come to LA or any team for that matter and expect to run the show–especially with Kobe still around. Dwight Howard also has to realize the world does not revolve around him. Until he drops that ego or tone it down a notch–he isn’t gonna see any titles with that attitude!

  • richard

    Can we stop this Howard news already! He is in Houston for God’s sake. We are the LA lakers. Let’s stop talking about him. Daniel Buerge, don’t you have anything to write? I am sick and tired of this clown.

    Go Kobe!!! Go Lakers!!! championships baby!!! What do we play for?????

  • jwickabdurrahim

    I still don’t think he’s a good fit in Houston. Honestly, his bet fit would be in Miami where he isn’t the star because after the way he’s handled himself and played over the past few seasons, I’m not convinced he’s one of the top players in the league. He’s the best center in the league because the position is diminishing in the NBA. But honestly, with Howard’s terrible free throw shooting he’s a liability and his style of play is going to conflict with James Harden’s because Harden can’t be the facilitator-esque player that Kobe is. Haha, enjoy Howard, Houston.

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