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Dwight Howard vs. Andrew Bynum: Shaq & Charles Barkley Weigh In

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Last night after the Lakers victory over the Dallas Mavericks, the crew on TNT of Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, Charles Barkley and newcomer, Shaquille O’Neal began a debate about who the better big man is between Dwight Howard and Andrew Bynum.

Charles starts off with his multi-syllabled statement “Dwight Howard is the best big man in the game!”

Followed by a very nice:

“You gotta let this Superman hatred go!”

Shaq responds “ain’t got nothing to do with it! . . .Listen. Andrew Bynum is a true big man. . . . . Dwight Howard only has one or two moves on the block.”

You can see how the craziness starts and I’m sure you can imagine how it finished. Both Charles Barkley and Shaq make great arguments that Laker fans have been going back and forth about for the past few weeks. Even our friends at Dime Magazine just gave their opinions on the matter.

It’s been 15 games into the season – what’s your opinion on the matter now?


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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DX2L4BAEZEK2FDR7AG573N66YY Ronald M

    Years ago the argument was about Elvin Hayes and Abdul Jabbar. The funny thing about this is Howard reminds me of Elvin Hayes(Big E) A awsome player but a center who was reallya power foward. Howard’s a center who really a power foward. Bynum is like Jabbar and Shaq a real 7 foot center!

  • John

    Sorry but I’ll have to say Dwight is a better player than Bynum. Offensively, I agree with Shaq that Bynum has more moves than Dwight but Dwight makes it all up with his defense. Dwight’s athleticism more than makes up for his lack for post moves and his presence alone compared to Bynum already impacts how the other team would have to play offense and defense against him. Bynum still has potential but his athleticism is years below Dwight’s.

  • 123kid

    Dwight and Drew are two different types of players. They both have upsides and downsides. Dwight is quicker, stronger, and defensively I think is far more better. Drew has more post moves, doesnt rely on just wanting to dunk, and probably 1 more year from being considered a consistent 1 or 2 option with no more LO. As for their downsides, its their counterparts upside. If Dwight had more post moves and could shoot that 10-15 ft shot then he would be the best center right now. And if Drew was quicker off his feet and had a spin move and was just able to knock people on their A$$ like Shaq did, then he would be the best center right now.

  • http://twitter.com/John_LakersRule John

    Hopefully with each game that goes by Bynum becomes enticing enough to the Magic, that a straight up trade can be made. I want to believe that this is why Mitch is standing pat, fact is and continues to remain that while Bynum is slowly becoming better than Howard. But It does absolutely nothing to help the Lakers simply because of the fact that he still doesn’t posses that quality that players like Howard posses. The ability to use your skills and turn your team into a playoff/championship contender, Bynum needs a couple of years at the helm to get that ability. That won’t happen when he has to play behind Kobe instead of beside him.

    • Margarita Mitchell

      Bynum is a better center then Howard . And the Lakers are not going to trade a good 7 foot center for a 6ft9in Power foward. You guys who believe the Lakers are going to trade a improving everyday Bynum for a guy who has no post moves a guy who has trouble playing against big physical centers (Perkins Bynum Chandler) are delusional

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KQ4G2G4OCNOND7JX5JXTS5A4TA arjul

    Get Dwight for Gasol..BYNUM’s OFFENSE and DWIGHT’s DEFENSE..

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KQ4G2G4OCNOND7JX5JXTS5A4TA arjul

    C- Bynum
    PF- Howard
    SF- Barnes
    SG- KB24

    • Pogi

      pg- Sessions

  • Mrdouchebb

    Bynum rages too much and is a fire waiting to break out! we all saw when he elbowed JJ Barea like a madman. Dwight is a DPOY and is more consistent and funny.

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