Dwight Howard to the Clippers, NBA GMs Speak & Michael on Kobe

Dwight Howard to the Clippers, NBA GMs Speak & Michael on Kobe


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We start off today with news laker fans may not want to hear. Sheridan-hoops-dot-com is reporting dwight howard has expanded his wish list to the l.A. Clippers. The possibility of playing with chris paul and blake griffin has intrigued him. Sheridan hoops says the likely scenario for howard to land in lob city would be an off-season sign-and-trade. Now the magic have not given permission to howard’s agent to speak with any teams other than the ones on howard’s original wish list, which include the dallas mavericks, the new jersey nets and the lakers. For now, most general managers think the lakers have the best chance of getting howard by offering a package centered around andrew bynum.

The league’s general managers had another opportunity to have their opinions heard in the annual gm survey….. 74.1% of them voted the miami heat to win the championship this year. The lakers? 7.4%….A significant decrease from their 63% vote last year. 67.9% of the gms believe the oklahoma city thunder will win the west. The lakers got 17.9% of the votes….As opposed to 96.4% last year. And the mvp? Kevin durant leads the way with 55.6% of the votes.

Though chris sheridan believes kobe is leading the mvp race.

Michael jordan is also a kobe believer, saying that he thinks kobe is the only player that deserves comparison to him. Roland lazenby, an author currently working on a michael jodan book, spoke to jordan and tweeted

“Kobe’s the only one to have done the work to deserve comparison.”

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By the way, 48.1% of the gm’s voted kobe to take the final shot with the game on the line. A number down from last year when he got 78.6% of the votes.

And now it’s time for our “tweet of the week” where we feature whatever laker fans have say.

This week we have @Ewest26, who said “rick carlisle is still jim carey’s twin. It kills me.”

I never noticed it until i saw this tweet. But they do look a lot alike. And now for our featured facebook comment.

Shout out to mr. Reyes commenting on the kobe comparison to m-j story, “sorry lebron. His air-ness has spoken.”

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Well that’s going to do it for us. Be sure come back again on friday where amy halvorsen will have the latest for you. For the fans, by the fans this is lakers nation. I’m derek opina, thanks for watching l-n-t-v.