Dwight Howard Says It’s Irrelevant To Discuss Why He Left Los Angeles

Dwight Howard Says It’s Irrelevant To Discuss Why He Left Los Angeles


Kobe and DwightTonight, the Lakers and Dwight Howard will face each other for the first time since the messy divorce over the summer that had Howard packing his bags for Houston, leaving the Lakers scrambling to fill their roster.

This day has been imminent, and it’s still not entirely clear as to why Howard decided to forego $30 million and an extra year of security to go play for the Rockets, and that reason will continue to remain open to question, according to Sam Amick of the USA Today.

“I thought it was irrelevant to talk about why I left L.A. at this point. It happened this summer. I left. People make decisions. People change jobs. People change their minds every day, but I mean, it is what it is.”

And at this point, Howard may be right. The reason why he left Los Angeles doesn’t change a thing. Both parties are in the midst of another NBA season, this time they’ll be without each other, and it may be for the better.

Howard was brought in to potentially be the one to carry the torch when Kobe Bryant calls it quits, and for whatever reason, that plan didn’t exactly work out. Now, with Howard gone, the Lakers will have a surplus of cap space to give to the free agents who are willing to come.

Howard’s style and personality didn’t fit what the Lakers have represented over the years — and that’s not exactly a knock on him as there have been and will be myriad players who will not fit that role. It may not have been the most pleasant of exits, but why it happened doesn’t really matter.

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  • Gregory Choa

    Jesus…enough already…win or lose, I can’t wait for tonight to finally be over.

    • metalbass

      me too

  • Paytc

    Yeah it is irrelevant. Now lets kick him in the ass tonight for good measure :-) LOL……
    Hack-a-Howard late in the game may be the deciding factor…… Can the real Lakers with Heart please “STEP UP ” and separate yourselves from the fakers ? Famar running the point with Nash subbing in gives us the best chance IMO

    Go Lakers !

    • Paytc

      I bet Howard is left scratching his head tonight, second and third guessing himself.

      What’s relevant is Howard still needs to work on his post moves, foul shooting,mental toughness,Maturity,heart,respect,and an apology letter to Kobe,the fans,and the Laker organization.

      But I guess we’re better off so don’t bother writing the letter.Howard better give Harden a foot and back message in hopes he will one day lead him to a championship.

  • ra

    Yes, and it’s also irrelevant for us to discuss why he left LA. In fact, it’s irrelevant for us to discuss him at all.

    So, not including this current discussion of his discussion, let’s stop discussing him.

  • Jim213

    Given it’s game day have to let some slide.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Enough already lol Dwight Howard is freaking gone.Good riddance.

  • hookedonnews

    I’m tired of talking about/hearing about this guy, but he created the story. He can’t expect the media to move on just because he doesn’t want to talk about it.