Dwight Howard Not Promising Commitment To Staying With Lakers

Dwight Howard Not Promising Commitment To Staying With Lakers


Dwight HowardThe Lakers seem to be committed to Dwight Howard. They are tabbing him as the next franchise player when Kobe Bryant retires (which could be next year).

Not surprisingly, Dwight Howard hasn’t made the same commitment. Mark Medina from the Los Angeles Daily News has the story:

Whenever he makes appearances in Los Angeles, Lakers center Dwight Howard noticed the city hasn’t entirely embraced him. He understands why.

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“I understand why they’re hesitating,” Howard said. “Because I haven’t signed a deal.”

Dwight continued on.

“I’m here right now, so there’s no need for me to have one foot in and one foot out,” he said. “I’m here. I’m going to do everything I can to help this team win right now, and that’s the only thing that matters.”

Sometimes, it’s hard to tell with Howard because one game, he’ll be lackluster, and then in another, he’ll be brilliant. It’s obviously clear he’s not 100 percent. Because of his not-so-serious manner, his effort has been questioned. Nevertheless, a Howard at full strength is a game-changer and is a top five (top three, even) player in the league.

At one hand, it’s easily understandable on why Dwight hasn’t signed a deal. The new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) is made as such that Howard has to wait ’til the summer to sign a five-year, $118 million deal. And the Lakers have the advantage when it comes to security; other teams can only sign him for four years and a total of nearly $88 million.

On the other hand, we’ve seen this fiasco before. The way Dwight Howard dealt with the Orlando Magic did not look good as he was wishy-washy about staying and going. It seemed like he held the franchise hostage for a year (dubbed the “Dwightmare”) and the same thing could happen here, too. That’s why trading him was rumored to be an option, although the Lakers have since said that they were holding on to Dwight.

Still, it’s going to be an intriguing summer for Dwight Howard. And him not signing a deal (among other things) is why the Lakers fans haven’t exactly embraced him.

Dwight Howard and the Lakers will face the Clippers on Thursday night.

  • nick

    your really helping so much this year dwight!……(sarcasm)

  • lakers_824

    Dwight is a spoiled bitch if he leaves LA i would hate him the most out of any basketball player to ever of played the game, at the current moment i dont like westbrook, lebron, griffen, and dwight would be #1 if he leaves.

  • Jack

    1st off our prayers are with jerry buss, and 2nd as a true laker fan I honestly do not want to see dwight as our “next franchise player”. He’s a great 2nd or 3rd option at best on a real franchise team, regardless of where he goes. I’d truly like to see the lakers just make a bold move or two in the next season or two and use the money on young exciting talent somehow. We need a team with potential and upside instead of continuing to squeeze the last years out of injury prone overpaid vets and signing them because of the name on the back of their jerseys. Get talented hungry players who want to really bring rings back to LA.

  • alaska fan

    Dwight have Kobe Bryant the greatest to ever play the game after Micheal Jordan you have the greatest point guard ever in Steve Nash and one of greatest skilled big man in Pau Gasol and you are one the greatest defensive and offensive centers in the game today lets get bring this championship home back to la and start the D12 legacy in lakerland

  • De Antae White

    D12 I hope u sign next year my favorite b-ball player avoid all the haters you help us out big this year

  • jason

    Before he leave trade him. Lets get some players or draft picks for him.. This season so far when he did not play we win. When he played we usually lose.

  • Chrmngblly

    I don’t care
    how you explain it; the man is now a woman, not a warrior. He could commit
    publicly or privately and take the mischief out of it. When Cortez reached the
    New World he burned his ships; Howard thinks his ship is floating out there in
    the Newport harbour somewhere. Howard will never have the chance to play with
    such a talented group in his life again and yet he is squandering the
    opportunity instead of working overtime to find some way to contribute, even in
    the injured state he is in. He just gripes and skylarks. The Lakers problem is
    Howard won’t lead; he won’t follow; and he won’t get out of the way.

    Can you
    imagine how fast the Lakers would gel if Howard invited Kobe, Nash, Pau and
    Metta over to his house for dinner and asked them all what they thought the
    team needed to do to win? If he told his teammates he would go to Jim Buss and
    commit long term to the Lakers if, in exchange, the Lakers would change coaches
    or change the system or whatever, do you think the team would not respond?
    That’s leadership.

    I also am
    confident that that the Lakers’ players have more group basketball knowledge
    than any coach alive.

  • Crystal

    Dwight…I like you and all but from the beginning, I never liked the idea of you coming to LA. All you do is whine and complain. If you don’t wanna be in LA no one’s forcing you to stay. LA is for winners, not spoiled cry babies.

    • KarmaGMA

      ya man, gotcha !!!

  • g

    Never wanted Dwight Coward.

  • rezzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Lakers problem is not D12, Its the coach and Steve nash. Steve nash is not made for a half court offence and he cant play defense, He is great in a running and high scoring offence same as the Di Antoni. If we had phil with triangle offence we would be the champs this year.

  • KarmaGMA

    actually he is an ego maniac….i hope LA will realize and trade him now!!! time is ticking. LA will be miserable w/ howard.

  • Thomas Dease

    He’s no healthy, or committed.

    I use to like his play


    I elect Bynum best big man because of his pivot moves and 5 foot jump shot skills!! and may i ad he’s injured!!!

    Dwight get right or get Da f— out!!!

  • Leo

    I just dont see D12 being a successful teamleader with this primadonna pussy attitude. A leader is always committed. Committed to the team, the players, the organization, the fans. He is not and never will be. The lakers need to have a committed and strong leader. He is just not a franchise player of championship team. He is not like Kobe or LeBron.

  • kobe

    Dwight if our reading this I want to let u know that I really want u to stay I LA please

  • Joseph Apohen

    We have a player that is committed ( Gasol) and one that is not (Howard). Why gamble with $118m on one that is not so convinced he should stay. I’d say get rid of him and get quality players to surround Gasol and allow Kobe to get #6. How about Love and Derrick Williams from Minnesota and Rondo. Send MWP with Howard as he is also no longer effective defensively as evidenced this season.