Dwight Howard Mocks New All-Star Rule in “Save The Centers” Spoof

Dwight Howard Mocks New All-Star Rule in “Save The Centers” Spoof


Once the NBA had officially decided to remove the center position from All-Star ballot, Dwight Howard of the Los Angeles Lakers was one of the first two speak out about the league’s decision. The new All-Star ballot will give fans the option of voting for three frontcourt players from each conference instead of being required to vote for a center in the East and West.

Although not directly impacted by the new All-Star balloting, as he’ll almost certainly be voted an All-Star starter regardless for years to come, Howard wasn’t exactly thrilled about the decision claiming “I don’t like it at all,” but since the official announcement the debate over whether or not it was the right decision by the league has basically disappeared.

In classic Howard fashion, the six-time All-Star appeared in a parody called “Save The Centers” mocking the new NBA rule:


  • http://www.celebritybug.net/ Amanda (Celebrity Bug)

    He should have been working on his game (9-12), while he was taking part in this foolishness. Love the Lakers, but their effort makes it hard to be a fan sometimes.