Dwight Howard: “I Want to be Kobe Bryant”

Dwight Howard: “I Want to be Kobe Bryant”


Trade rumors circling around Dwight Howard have been around since the start of the season, and a myriad of reports indicate that the Lakers and Magic are working on a trade that would send Howard to the Lakers.

However, despite the fact that Howard once said he would sign a long-term extension with the Lakers, it now seems as though he may not stick around for the long future. On top of that, reports say that Howard will not accept a role behind Kobe Bryant.

Sam Amick from Sports Illustrated writes that Howard would like to be the first option on the Lakers and will not be the second option behind team captain Kobe Bryant.

He [Howard] wants, as one source said, to “be Kobe Bryant, not be with Kobe Bryant.” Of course, it’s hardly that simple.

There is no way Bryant will take a back seat to Howard if he comes to Los Angeles. Although Kobe would love having a dominant center on his side, he has been the Lakers’ first option for quite some time and would like to keep it that way. Bryant has led the Lakers to two NBA championships in the past four seasons, and will most likely be the leader of the team to the day he retires.


  • Max Priest


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001061739219 Christopher Hill

    Dwight When you win “”5 Rings”” by yourself and have the mentally lik kobe then you can say your “”kobe”” but for now your Dwight

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XAHJMMQGDSVE5FDR7SCGOPRPL4 linda s

    I think Dwight Howard ate something that didn’t agree with him and he had a nightmare.  Who is he kidding?  Kobe don’t belong behind anybody.  He earned the position he has and the record books will soon run out of space trying to log in this guy’s accomplishments.  Wannabee’s are just that…they keep standing at the wishing well, but they don’t put the work in.  Even Andrew Bynum can score better than Howard.  He does not act like a leader, he can’t bring them out of a hole, so you tell me, why would Kobe get “behind” somebody that dreams of being great instead of working at it.  Hope he stays in Orlando.  We don’t need to deplete our front line for him.  Trade Luke Walton.

    • Kayamcfarlane

      Man you hit the hammer right on the nail. What Kobe done and his body of work is intransigent and is perpetual. Lakers owners are to upses with winning and Kobe has three solid years left in him at his best. I say trade Luke but jokingly, because Luke is like a old broom, you don’t want to get rid of him. Lakers need a solid guard as you said and maybe the off season attract guards to come join. It’s about winning and if anyone is in there rit frame of mind, they would join Kobe why the iron is hot. Dwight is an arrogant prick, if he comes to the lakers and learn something from Kobe the greatest player in his time, in three years the team will be his, after Kobe teach him how to follow through on free throws. When it comes to being a dominate player Howard gots it, when it come to being a black mamba on the hunt for a ring Howard is incompentat and timed to rise to the top. And to piggy back off your comment, Howard is not a leader, he needs to be lead.

  • chama

    Score 82 pts wins 6 championships and then you can say IM KOBE BRYANT !!!!!! 

    • Tmtpimp

      5 champs…

  • http://twitter.com/Diandra_M Diandra M.

    Well, I guess he won’t be coming here because he won’t be the first option anytime soon. I honestly don’t see anything wrong with us keeping Bynum.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jerry-Osorio/1429207329 Jerry Osorio

    None of this makes sense.  Kobe has demonstrated he can make others look great with his passing.  Why can’t Dwight see that he would probably have more looks in LA than he would have anywhere else, because it’s KOBE who would be getting the ball to him.  Isn’t it about winning?  It seems Dwight is more interested in looking good than winning.  With this attitude, he will ALWAYS be the best player on a losing team.

  • Ryan S.

    If Dwight Howard does not want to sign a long term deal with LA if he’s traded, THEN DON’T TRADE FOR HIM! Why are you going to trade a big man for a big man, then when the season ends, Howard goes elsewhere.  Then, LA would be a big man short!  Hmmn…

    Doesn’t make sense to me. 

    I’d rather keep the big men that we have now.  Just work on getting a veteran point guard.

  • http://twitter.com/isaacbai Isaac Bai

    if and only if we can trade luke walton for dwight howard now i guess since he doesnt wanna sign a long term contract with the lakers

  • Robert

    Dwright, you can’t do it by yourself. Thats why you need a 1-2 punch… So stop the BS and come to LA……………..

  • BSS

    We don’t need howard we actually need him to stay in orlando..then we need to sign DERON WILLIAMS! hes a fantastic point guard and kobe doesnt have to fight him for the ball deron can go in kick it and he he can spread the floor so there isnt always 2-3 guys on Bynum everytime he touches the ball

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZH6FUZRL22QEASI5BWO2TWU5SY elf

    somebody get that fool a jersey

  • http://twitter.com/j3yToKs Jtoxx

     I want to be a Kobe Bryant! Simple as that he want to Play for the LaKers!! HAve a 5 or more rings…breaks record like Kobe!   Hope all FANS…Understand that!!!!!

  • Cwanyam

    LMAO HA!!! As much as i love you DH if u wana be first man better extend ur contract with Orlando cus it aint going down like that in LA

  • Cwanyam

    this foo dont know he’s privileged to play with Kobe? 


    Dwight, we have already seen you play on a team where you were the “Kobe.” You were the first option in Orlando your whole career and what did that get you…. not a championship. If you come to LA you will probably still average the same numbers at least that you get in Orlando, but obviously there is a pride issue.

  • Sallyrenado

    I would hope that Dwight see’s that he needs Kobe, when Kobe retires, Dwight is younger, then he can be the first option.  But if Dwight wants a ring now, teaming with Kobe would be to Howards advantage.

  • Wes

    Go to the Nets …You will regret not playing for the Purple and Gold.  You aren’t even in the same level as #24 believe that.  Don’t compare ….Be here because you want to win a ring not because you want to be the first option.  At this point I wouldnt even trade Gasol for you straight up u punk ass

  • Casadinebutler

    i well love to see howard on the lakers him kobe and bynum at PF this well best thing to happen to them but they do need a PG

  • Bubba

    DH is NO SLEEP TIL BROOKLYN!!! Sorry LA you had your time and stole the Dodgers from us and in return we take DH12 from ya’ll.

  • Barbara


  • Siavasp

    I know a lot of rumors are spreading out there, if Kobe said this about Dwight, but it is all in the Hype, if it was true why did Dwight joke with him in the all star game, in my eyes I would love to see Dwight come to the Lakers but to be team mates not options, it takes a team to win a championship not one person, everybody said Lebron will win so many championships, please he has a long way to go to even compare him self to Bryant, as much as people do not like it, it is all in the game and make people guessing, just check this front line out Kobe, Dwight, Pau and Rondo, you don’t they can win more championships than the Heat, well I guess we just have to wait and see what happens, 13 days left.