Dwight Howard: ‘I Don’t Want To Talk About The Lakers’ Reviewed by Momizat on . With 34 games already in the books for the Los Angeles Lakers during the 2013-14 NBA season, the stench of the Dwight Howard era in Los Angeles is nothing more With 34 games already in the books for the Los Angeles Lakers during the 2013-14 NBA season, the stench of the Dwight Howard era in Los Angeles is nothing more Rating: 0
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Dwight Howard: ‘I Don’t Want To Talk About The Lakers’

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Dwight Howard RocketsWith 34 games already in the books for the Los Angeles Lakers during the 2013-14 NBA season, the stench of the Dwight Howard era in Los Angeles is nothing more than a bad memory.

Although Howard and the Lakers have moved on, the storied franchise must play the Houston Rockets on Wednesday night at the Toyota Center with the same old questions bound to be asked once again.

Howard got his first taste of things to come on Tuesday fielding his first questions about the Lakers since his old team beat the Rockets in dramatic fashion back on Nov. 7. Steve Blake hit a game-winning shot over Howard in their first meeting, leaving the superstar center saying the same things he would following losses with the Lakers last season.

Once asked about his former team, Howard immediately pretended to fall asleep, but then woke up and said that he didn’t want to talk about the Lakers even though they had to play them on Wednesday via CSNHouston.com:

It’ll be interesting to see how the second matchup of the season between these two teams pans out with the Lakers dealing with so many injuries. The Rockets will be heavily favored in this game, but the Lakers might be able to pull something together in order to go 2-0 against Howard this season before he returns to Staples Center on Feb. 19.

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  • Lakersmobb

    Very professional Dwight COWARD!!

  • LakersHeatBeef

    That coward D12 needs to get over himself and act professional.This is childish D.

  • lakerfan0

    This clown will never grow up and will never get a ring.

  • Gregory Choa

    Hopefully we’ll see a reprise of our first meeting against them (a nice win) when we see Coward & Co. again on Wednesday.

  • Lakers Fan

    Fuckin clown. With that childish attitude, he’ll never win a ring.

    • Robert Ewing

      you act like Shaq didn’t do the same exact thing all the time………….

  • Lakers#1

    Why is he even on this website???

  • Nick Eden

    First of all who said anyone needs to talk about the knuckle head at first. He is a simple loser, doesn’t deserve to be mentioned in the same breath with class act organization as Lakers and last but not the least, the loser will never win championship, if he was all that his fat ego head thinks, they should be leading western conference in standings. They will be whooped like step child by their neighbors in San Antonio, The Spurs. GO LAKERS!

  • http://www.rodericksilva.com Roderick Silva

    Future TNT analyst. He will fit in nicely with Sir Charles and company…clown.

  • Al Haldie

    Who cares what dumb a.. has to say–and why ask him any way – most of these reporters have not brains at all…..

  • Jose Daniel Castro Sanchez

    Im Lakers fan for life, but they are going to kill us today

  • moises ledesma

    This guy a total loser couldnt handle the truth that kobe is the man down in LA hes not a pro or a superstar because when youre a superstar your game speaks by itself no matter who u playing with haha this guy a cry baby and drama queen even though they were gonna offer him max contract he left crying because he wanted to be the main atraction with lakers even asked management if they could release kobe hahhahahaha wow bro you do mistake after mistake clearly childish im glad u left u coward u dont deserve to be among the greatest centers in lakers history PERIOD

  • Kin Diesel

    This guy seriously asked the Lakers to amnesty Kobe…That is a laughing matter. Where’s the drastic improvement in this new system he’s in? He thought he was going to score 25+ a game? Lol. He is not elite offensively. It’s tough to become elite offensively. Athleticism won’t cut it. You have to work hard and be serious, not a clown. What a big baby!

    • dimes

      there is one thing we can tell he is in the elite caliber and that is being an asshole!

  • lylmykee

    listen shakers fans ,the guy is just tired of answering questions about his tyme here,that`s all,now i don`t like the guy,but its is what it is,your team just STINKS,you should put blame where it belongs,!st jimmy buss,2nd that ball hog Kobe jack`em up,Bryant ,if he wasn`t such an butt hole maybe another superstar would come an play here,so stop ya dang crying……take it like a man…10yrs in the toilet won`t be so bad..ie look across the hall….

    • dimes

      hey stupid u should suck this 8==========D and don’t open your nasty asshole mouth and don’t tell kobe what he need to do, the man won 5 rings and you are nothing and maybe playing some this 8=========D right now

      • lylmykee

        dimes,your a koolaide drinker that`s an angry bird who just don`t understand the sport,or engage in a conversation with name calling,you must be in lockup in the twin towers getting butt pumped..from your statement it seems as though you have lots of experience…

  • dimes

    we dont want to talk to u also howard the asshole

  • Robert Ewing

    I blame Kobe for all our problems right now. He was the reason Phil wasn’t hired back, thus the reason Howard left. He said he would have stayed if Phil was the coach. Kobe told Jim Buss “hell no” from what I read. Kobe is the reason we have no superstars willing to come play in LA and also the reason we haven’t TRADED PAU GASOL YET. I’m so sick of Pau he’s an embarssment he can’t do shit to help us win. Kobe is holding the team hostage from trading him while he’s still got what little trade value he has left. Most notably Andrew Bynum. They said the teams “couldn’t come to terms” but we all know that every time we have a trade on the blocks and all indications look like all parties are satisfied with the deal, Kobe relseases some statement saying how he objects to it and the Lakers chicken out and don’t pull the trigger. We have created a spoiled child. Our adoration for this man has literally given him full license to run the team from the sidelines. It’s bullshit. The Lakers front office is terrified of pissing off Kobe because they all know that if they lose Kobe they lose the fans’ support. That’s not right, Mr. Bryant isn’t bigger than the Lakers franchise. There were legends who played in that uniform that dwarf your career and you’re DESTROYING it, you should have taken your 50mil and shut the hell up and let the GM and the owner run the damn.

  • Matthew Portillo

    I used to not like Lebron alot Dwights the top on my list no…. never gonna get it never gonna get a RING…

  • ian


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