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Dwight Howard Enjoys These Lakers Trade Rumors & This Opportunity

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Time to Make the Right Decision Dwight! Not Like This One.

According to Steve Kyler of HoopsWorld.com, Dwight Howard’s camp has contact the Lakers and let them know that if the Lakers were to trade for him, that Howard would not sign an extension with the team.

“Sources close to the situation said that Howard to L.A. would require a commitment to stay beyond this year and Howard is not ready to do that for anyone.”

For the Lakers, Nets, Mavericks and especially Orlando, the way Dwight has been handling this season of trade rumors has been downright irritating. I’m sure this is the kind of scenario the NBA owners were fighting to prevent in the collective bargaining agreements – letting one player hold their city’s economic future hostage for an entire year. The only thing missing now is a scheduled one-hour special on ESPN.

Dwight Howard knows exactly what he’s doing, which is to use this one opportunity in his career to enjoy being courted by billionaires, be in the news every day of the week and have a real chance to decide how he is going to make “Dwight Howard” a global brand.

But does Dwight or anyone in his camp actually know how to build this brand? It’s going to have to start with an audience first.

Much has been said about how Howard doesn’t want to play second fiddle to the Lakers’ Kobe Bryant, but let’s remember one thing – the Lakers are the number one team in the second biggest media market in the United States.

With that being said, I wonder if Dwight’s considered the following:

  • Dallas – Will always be No. 2 to the Dallas Cowboys
  • New Jersey – Will always be No. 5 behind the Yankees, Giants, Jets and Knicks
  • Orlando – Will never be able to compete with the major markets during his career.

If you were Dwight, wouldn’t you rather be the No. 2 man on the team for 1-2 years in Los Angeles as Kobe rides off into the sunset?

And if Howard isn’t willing to sign an extension, should the Lakers trade for him anyways?

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  • Zone24

    I don’t think the lakers front office will do a trade if in fact they know that’s what dh wants. Jim buss can’t be that dumb, I hope.

  • Gegham

    I just think Dwight really wants to go to New Jersey.  I feel like the new Russian owner has a huge impact on his decision.  They probably have some sort of an agreement but he can’t talk about it.

  • http://twitter.com/John_LakersRule John

    He is an arrogant dubmass 

  • Eelkus66

    Forget about Dwight Howard…He just playing with the Lakers. Lakers… please don’t waste times and effort on him anymore.Just move on to find a good point guard.
    From the begining he already set his heart with the Nets.. he just use the Lakers and his so called wish list to divert attention.Just let him go to the Nets to dancing with Jay Z and rubbing shoulder with the Russian owner. Who knows what he (the owner) promised to give him under the table.

  • ese steve

    dwight to la is great but we already have a ”primo” center no he is not better then dwight, but he can  be just as good ! his knees are fine stop tripping .go after a better bench and pg and shooters then if dwight wants to sign  then great but were all getting all worked up for nothing kobe will be good for another 4 years SO STOP TRIPPING !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://coachdesignz.wordpress.com/ coachD

    eff the Howard move, start talking about PG. The Lakers will still suck if they get Howard and NO PG. Come on!

    • Anijhns9

       u suck

  • http://coachdesignz.wordpress.com/ coachD

    I have an idea. Accept the deal the Howard offers. Trade him for Kapono. Then dish Howard next season. Dont extend him anymore. LOL.. DH wants to emulate the decision by LBJ going to Miami in order to make a run for a RING. Nice move Dwight, ride with the Lakers for your ring

  • Bigbirdst33z

    I say we make the trade, we wait out till the end of the year, then sign williams and we got a championship team, oh and we shuld also trade walton cuz hes shit

  • Rapfree14

    Trade for Dwight Howard, it makes sense for future purposes cuz we certainly ain’t goin to the Finals this year with the roster we have. I mean I hope we do but I don’t see us getting past the Thunder

  • Eelkus66

    Dwight…please take the Lakers off your list, we don’t want our name on your  S*** list anymore. Go flirt with Mark Cuban and Jay Z. We have had enough and already tired of your game .

  • john

    this drama queen DH12 is stupid. he don’t know what the fuck he is doing. what difference does it make if he goes to lthe LAKERS and he is the number two guy. what the hell does he want to be the number one go to guy. what does this guy has done for his carreerr except winning the defensive trophy. he has no ring no championship and be take away KOBE as the number one go to guy when he is already there when this stupid guy is not even palying basketball yet and not only that can he match what KOBE has done for his carreer. if can not answer those questions he should just shut up like what the BIG O told him and play basketball. this guy if he don’t a player who is way better than him will never win any ring and championship because he is not good enough to carry a team period. he is just over rated because there is nobody out there to choose from.he is a one dimensional player. 

  • john

    i say the hell with this drama queen. he is not good. he is just attracting attention when in fact he has not done anything yet for his carrer. he wantsa to be like KOBE common you idiot nobody can be like KOBE just like nobody can be like you, you are really stupid, idiot and assholes. go play RUSSIAN ROULLETTE with your soon to be RUSSIAN MAFIA BOSS and we will find out if you will leave with an unforgetable legacy. my take is you won’t because of your stupidity.

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