Dwight Howard Enjoys These Lakers Trade Rumors & This Opportunity

Dwight Howard Enjoys These Lakers Trade Rumors & This Opportunity

Time to Make the Right Decision Dwight! Not Like This One.

According to Steve Kyler of HoopsWorld.com, Dwight Howard’s camp has contact the Lakers and let them know that if the Lakers were to trade for him, that Howard would not sign an extension with the team.

“Sources close to the situation said that Howard to L.A. would require a commitment to stay beyond this year and Howard is not ready to do that for anyone.”

For the Lakers, Nets, Mavericks and especially Orlando, the way Dwight has been handling this season of trade rumors has been downright irritating. I’m sure this is the kind of scenario the NBA owners were fighting to prevent in the collective bargaining agreements – letting one player hold their city’s economic future hostage for an entire year. The only thing missing now is a scheduled one-hour special on ESPN.

Dwight Howard knows exactly what he’s doing, which is to use this one opportunity in his career to enjoy being courted by billionaires, be in the news every day of the week and have a real chance to decide how he is going to make “Dwight Howard” a global brand.

But does Dwight or anyone in his camp actually know how to build this brand? It’s going to have to start with an audience first.

Much has been said about how Howard doesn’t want to play second fiddle to the Lakers’ Kobe Bryant, but let’s remember one thing – the Lakers are the number one team in the second biggest media market in the United States.

With that being said, I wonder if Dwight’s considered the following:

  • Dallas – Will always be No. 2 to the Dallas Cowboys
  • New Jersey – Will always be No. 5 behind the Yankees, Giants, Jets and Knicks
  • Orlando – Will never be able to compete with the major markets during his career.

If you were Dwight, wouldn’t you rather be the No. 2 man on the team for 1-2 years in Los Angeles as Kobe rides off into the sunset?

And if Howard isn’t willing to sign an extension, should the Lakers trade for him anyways?