Dwight Howard Describes Shoulder as Sore, Questionable For Sunday

Dwight Howard Describes Shoulder as Sore, Questionable For Sunday


Dwight HowardThe Los Angeles Lakers fell to the Clippers last night in an entertaining “Battle of Los Angeles.” The Lakers made an impressive fourth quarter rally, but the comeback fell short in the final minutes and the Lakers could not steal the win.

In the game, Dwight Howard fouled out in the closing minutes and he was forced to watch the Clippers regain momentum while on the bench. However, a bigger concern for Howard and Laker fans was his shoulder injury midway through the third quarter.

Even though Howard remained in the game despite the injury, he still felt pain in the locker-room after the loss. Mark Medina reported that Howard felt soreness in the right shoulder he injured.

“It’s sore,” he said. “We’ll see how it feels tomorrow.”

Howard was grimacing from that point on and it was clear that the shoulder was bothering him. Howard is a very important player in the Lakers’ search for find an identity, and they cannot afford to lose him to injury. However, the fact that he played the remainder of the game despite the injury shows that the setback should not be too severe.

  • Dmouse35

    You see this is what seperates kobe bryant from players like dwight howard, a sore shoulder are you kidding me? When I was playing running back in college I had way worse injuries than this but I still got out there and bust my ass. Dwight is a pre-madona, if your getting payed millions to play a sport that you love then there is no dame excuse, I’m sorry. To honestly tell you I have really been disappointed with dwight at times but he has proven to be an excellent player when he’s 100% focused but he needs to step it up. It’s just my opinion, go lakers!

    • Michael

      Dude you’re plain wrong, Kobe’s just the exception in this league. Most players sit out from “sore” or “tender” this and that. The fact that Kobe hasn’t killed his career playing with injuries is just a testament to how resilient he is. Don’t be bashing Dwight for treating his body with as much care as most players in the league.