Dwight Howard Describes “Saddest Moment” As Member of the Lakers Reviewed by Momizat on . Dwight Howard didn't have very much fun as a member of the Lakers. Well, at least that's how it sounds. Despite what he's saying, the lack of acceptance from La Dwight Howard didn't have very much fun as a member of the Lakers. Well, at least that's how it sounds. Despite what he's saying, the lack of acceptance from La Rating:
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Dwight Howard Describes “Saddest Moment” As Member of the Lakers

Dwight Howard didn’t have very much fun as a member of the Lakers. Well, at least that’s how it sounds. Despite what he’s saying, the lack of acceptance from Laker fans was likely taken into consideration when he made his final decision.

Regardless, in a recent interview (h/t Bleacher Report), Howard described his “saddest moment” as a member of the Lakers, when a fan reportedly threw a jersey at his face.

Poor Dwight. What a trying life he’s led.

In all seriousness, I don’t doubt Dwight being upset about Laker fans not immediately accepting him as their own, but the relationship is over. Move on, Dwight. I know L.A. has.


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  • anthony

    if he has the same attitude and crys like he did in orland and in LA LA LAND…

    dont think the rockets fans wont do the same….

  • anthony

    thats the difference from LAKERS and other teams we expect you to win all the way we not just happy with i try by best

  • 3339

    Most pathetic moment was when he gave up on us and got himself ejected. I bet that if he were to play against Shaq right now, Shaq would still beat his ass

  • Daryl Peek

    I’m no D12 fan and I firmly believe he was not the guy to lead the Lakers post Kobe, but I must admit Nelly was right on one thing. Howard and any other superstar that joins the Kobe led Lakers will always get the blame before one bad word is spoken of Kobe. Gasol, Fisher, Sessions, LO, Metta, Blake, Barnes, ETC… have all been thrown under the bus by Lakers fans throughout the Kobe era. IJS

    • Aye Bee Cee

      Rightfully So Though..Well Maybe Not Odom So Much But The Rest Really Did Slump Or Fall Off To The Fullest

      • Joseph Apohen

        Thrown under the bus only because they needed it. Superstars don’t have any patience when they are busting their ass and the others are not giving their best. That’s true in business and everywhere else.

        • Daryl Peek

          Nah, you don’t hear other fan bases with the vitriol LA has towards players that have contributed to championships. I understand needing to let someone go because they’ve fallen off but it’s out of balance here in LA.

          • Kenny Ray Martin

            I think it’s a waste of our energy to blame Coward. Never liked him, but he was hurt and has no heart. Work on his free throws would have shown he has heart, that aside Jim Buss has been the problem for two years, firing members of the Lakers support staff that had been there for years, ushering out Fisher, Barnes, and anyone else who was on Phils team, Not fighting to keep Lamar and Not hiring PJ, is what the Legacy Killer Jim Buss is supposedly all about. Dwight didn’t fit in. he saw all the FB posts and knows we hate him. He was supposed to leave. Kobe is a ball hog. There i said it. But he was Our ball hog. the greatest ball hog we’ve ever had. 5 fucking rings

          • Leonard Flournoy

            Laker fans expect greatness not mediocrity like that of Howard. Kobe delivers. 17 years in the league and he’s the first on the court and the last to leave. Does he make every shot? no, does he give 150% YES. That’s Laker basketball. You don’t have to be great, just give great effort and the fans will love you. Ask Rambis, Hill, Fisher, Turiaf. These guys play without the ball and always got the same Laker love that Kobe gets. L.A. is not for the soft!

          • Jim213

            Agreed, just as Farmar’s done… and to add takes a pay cut too! True Laker

          • Aye Bee Cee

            Boston Fans Don’t Like Ray Allen Much These Days…Spurs Fans Threw Ginboli Off The Roof This Year…Some Mavs Were Talking Bout Trading Dirk For Younger Players…Heat Fans Were Talking Bout Trading Battier, Mike Miller, D-Wade & Etc. All Year Long…Ahaha..It Comes With The Turf…& The Expectations For Players On The SHOWTIME Franchise Is Higher Than Any Other In The League…

    • cocoloco

      That’s because Kobe basically kill himself last two season’s trying to go deep into playoffs.
      If you can’t see that you are just blind.

    • Paytc

      Perhaps the organization thinks Kobe is the franchise player,and the best in the league?

      Every player you name doesn’t even come close to the player Kobe is(Fisher is the closest).

      But if I had the option of picking Kobe or getting every player you named,Id take kobe instead of all seven etc…. Kobe puts out more effort night after night,

      Kobe is the best player.And Kobe is why most of the people are paying so much for a ticket.

      Business can be harsh,but you have to be able to face it.

      Trust me…. Kobe has a number of detractors, and critics.Love and hate is the nature brought out, when witnessing the great.

      • Daryl Peek

        Your out of context. It’s not about picking any of those guys over Kobe. That’s foolishness.

  • Jim213

    Lakers Nation?!, you’re starting to sound like the real sore losers… enough with this CHILD. ORLANDO WAS RIGHT!

    • Cry_Zero

      loving that jersey

    • Islesteelr

      Totally agree Brother…. Move on! We needa synchronize swatches to Kobe’s!! Dwight Howard is in the rearview mirror..

    • ra

      hm. Well maybe DH will get some TLC in Houston. Actually, he should have gone to the Bucks (an even smaller market team). That would have balanced the karma from when the Bucks lost Kareem to the Lakers in the 70s.

      Anyway, we ‘have’ moved on, because now we’re talking about next year, and how it will play out. Even next summer (and, we haven’t finished ‘this’ summer). We’ll get a marquee player who can handle LA. Carmelo has been to NY, and that’s an even more hostile place than LA (I don’t consider LA hostile, but we have big expectations). He would do fine here.

      Of course LBJ would do fine here with many fans, but I don’t know about that happening (not sure if I would feel good about it, or if it would even happen).

  • Jokobe

    What a bitch ass overgrown kid. If someone throws a jersey at you, you take it as motivation and reflect that maybe your best wasn’t good enough. That means you work on your freethrows, call in Kareem and fly Hakeem over to LA and get your shit going. You don’t cry about it months later after you go to another team. You want sympathy Dwight? Well you’re pussy ass aint getting it.

    • Joseph Apohen

      Well put. Amen to that!

  • Corb V

    D Ouch’s saddest Laker moments are yet to come.

    • Joseph Apohen

      That’s when he realizes he let opportunity in movfieland slip through his fingers.



  • leon

    Dwight has moved on, and I’m ashamed to say that many of you Laker fans still haven’t. Like talking shit about a man, (behind a computer screen) is really going to help us win another championship. Instead, let’s focus on the future. And even though it’s early, I like the potential with this 2013 starting line up moving forward. Peace.

    • Leonard Flournoy

      It’s not the Laker fans that haven’t moved on, they keep pushing his soft ass in our faces. I never liked the fact that he felt he needed to feel wanted. Do your damn job! do you think I give a rats ass if my job likes me? PAY ME! end of story. I’m glad that heartless menstruating bitch is gone….

      • Jim213

        Given that he didn’t care about our tradition say’s a lot… He probably seems himself as the man given the lack of talent within the position today. He should’ve known that one has to earn respect here through bye earning it…

    • ra

      I don’t think DH has moved on. Maybe it’s the media’s fault, but he keeps bringing up the Lakers. Shut the F** up. Move on. We can pretend like DH never existed and move on (already have). He needs to do the same.

    • Jim213

      Agree, though LN has to end with the posting too.

  • Mike Ithagi

    It’s you who hasn’t moved on Lakers Nation. Enough with this guy already!

  • Clarkkent113

    Dwight who?

  • Lakan Kildap

    enough. it’s better for both parties that he left. rather than re-sign and then mail in his performances for 3 years or until Kobe retires (or whatever it is that pisses him off).
    let him be. and then beat his a$$ when Houston comes to town. sound good?

  • Qing Zhang

    I am really looking forward next season to see how Lakers and the Rockets pan out. Right now, I solely blame Dwight for Lakers failure last season because a locker room cancer can cause a team to look very bad on the court, it’s a distraction that kills team chemistry. Moody players often injure themselves on the court because they were not fully prepared for the fierce contact on the court, yes, Dwight made everyone moody with his crying baby personality.

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