Dwight Howard Blames Defense, Not Free Throw Shooting for Loss

Dwight Howard Blames Defense, Not Free Throw Shooting for Loss


The Los Angeles Lakers once again lost last night and the team with title aspirations is currently sitting at the third spot in the Pacific Division with an 8-10 record.

Los Angeles held a 17-point lead in last night’s game against the Houston Rockets, but they could not maintain the large advantage. The Lakers played horrendous defense in the fourth quarter and the Rockets opted to use the “Hack-a-Dwight” tactic late in game. The Lakers shot 22-34 as a team from the line, but Howard continued to struggle as he went 8-16.

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However, after the game Howard spoke to Yahoo! Sports and said that the Lakers lost last night’s game due to their poor defense, not because of his poor free throw shooting.

“We allowed them to get back into the game. It wasn’t just about free throws. … It wasn’t just about me missing free thows toward the end. We’ve got to do a better job defending.

“That’s fine. That’s fine. People going to say what they’re going to say. But at the end of the day, the reason we lost is not my free throws. That didn’t lose us the game. Our defense was not there in the fourth quarter.” […]

“Why should he take me out?” Howard asked, indignantly. “Like I said, the more I continue to practice, my free throws are going to fall. But there’s other things you can do on the court to help your team. It’s not just about the free throws.”

At the end of the day, it was the poor defense and free throw shooting that caused the Lakers to lose the game. This team is too talented and too tall in the frontcourt to experience defensive lapses like they did last night. At this point of the season, the team is not getting better and they are surely disappointing fans everywhere.

The Lakers came into the season with high hopes and many expected multiple championships, but at this point the Lakers are playing like a lottery bound team.

  • joe23

    they need to trade kobe, kobe don’t listen to his coach, his coaching his self and making a play for himself… kobe is just to much… he is being like allen iverson. Kobe has too much ego of his own.

    • Kanth

      you mad sir?

  • Jim Buss

    Its a combination of both bad free throws and bad D..lakers need to stop with the complacent attitudes and just try to be as good as they can be in every aspect of the game..Dwight needs to grab his scrotum sac man up and make free throws..and as long as they have this personnel, they need to be an all in defensive team and stop blabbering and making excuses for offense..they’ve been scoring in the hundreds without nash, offense hasn’t been an issue since they got rid of the princeton..I know I am not the only laker fan who is sick of the complacency and lackluster hollywood mentality and attitude this team has been playing with. NOTHING IS HANDED TO YOU IN THE NBA LAKERS. GET THE KILLER INSTINCT & DO WHAT YOUR SUPPOSED TO DO.

  • Shak

    If D12 can’t make FT, they should sit him from the 4 min. Mark untill the 2 min. Mark so the other teams stop using the Hack a Dwight. if not we are going to keep Loosing game after game because Kobe gets Cold walking to watch D12 miss FTs, plus every Team in the NBA already knows the strategy and the Teams Moralle goes Down too. If he starts making them in practice then he could play, untill then just sit him Down for two minutes.

  • joe23

    Kobe don’t care about winning a championship anymore, he care only to score and make history of his own. he wants to pass MJ in the NBA greatest scorer.

  • Marty Susman

    First of all D12 is correct, he is not alone in the loss’s… On the other hand if D12 were truly about winning, he would “ASK” to be seated for the last 5 minutes of any game where they are behind or have a small lead… If sitting him down would help win the game, then sit him…. As for the Laker problems, I am really really confused…. I have been saying for more then a year that the Lakers are OLD & SLOW & they need to get younger & faster….

    I would love to ask Jim Buss why on earth they hired a coach that has a run n gun offense with these guys already on the team… I would love to ask why on earth Jim Buss thinks for one second that Nash who has horrible back problems will now come back whenever & be the savior of the old folks team..I would also remind Jim Buss that Gasol has been sluggish since Phils last season & showed that during the playoffs so stop this GARBAGE & get a player who can not only help now but help 10 years form now as well rather then being in an old age home… Jim Buss also needs to call Toronto & ship Nash to Canada for lowly…

    • hookedonnews

      Nash does not have “horrible back problems.” His back has not kept him off the court. Most of the time he’s missed over his career have been for other injuries. He’s had the back problem all his life and missed less time on the court than Rondo, Chris Paul, and Derrick Rose last season. He had better numbers than Chris Paul, Deron Williams or Rondo last year. The reason Jim Buss got Nash was because he saw him play last season and knows that he is still one of the top PGs in the league. D’Antoni does not put Howard on the bench at the end of games because of his defensive presence, and because you don’t treat one of your star players that way, especially when you’re looking to re-sign him. Howard’s FT shooting is not the reason the Lakers lost the previous 2 games. It was the 4th quarter defensive lapses, turnovers, and general lack of energy at the end of the games. They looked much better against the Hornets tonight. Hopefully they will continue to improve.

  • kmac_321

    Damn the NBA should step in and ban intentional fouls in the 4th it’s stupid… it’s not basketball??? It doesn’t display athletics or any such performance in the game!

  • Usuck2

    We want Phil! Haha