Donald Sterling’s Lawyers Mention Kobe Bryant In Legal Response To NBA

Donald Sterling’s Lawyers Mention Kobe Bryant In Legal Response To NBA


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The Donald Sterling continues to offer twists and turns on an almost daily basis. Ever since Sterling was banned for life, there have been reports that he was prepared to sue the NBA. But recently, it seemed as if Sterling was ready to sell the team.

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Now that seems not to be the case as Sterling and his lawyers have written a 32-page legal response to the NBA. According to the LA Daily News’ Mark Medina, it mentions a certain Laker’s outburst as evidence to support Sterling:

It’s facially ludicrous that what Mr. Sterling said in these circumstances could produce the equivalent of a death penalty while Kobe Bryant called a referee a [homosexual slur] on national television sustaining only a modest $100,000 fine.

Four years ago, Bryant used a homosexual slur while talking to an NBA official and it was caught on camera, earning Bryant a $100,000 fine. Sterling’s lawyers seem to be trying to use this as an argument against the Sterling ban, but it is unlikely to work.

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The players, both for the Clippers and around the league, will not stand for Sterling continuing to be owner of the Clippers. If he remains, it is a serious possibility that players will boycott games.

The bigger question here is what does Donald Sterling have against the Lakers. He has already gone after Magic Johnson in an interview, claiming that he is not a good role model for young children.
Magic Responds To Donald Sterling, Says He’d Rather Own The Lakers, ‘Not The Clippers’

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  • lakerfan

    *Ref Makes bad call*
    Kobe: “Fucking faggit”

    Donald: “Don’t bring black people to my games”
    ” I feed them, give them cars, clothes”
    How do both statements relate?? Lol

    • Daryl Peek

      Like it or not, Sterling has a point…

      Kobe cheats on his wife and is accused of rape then proceeds to tell the police he wants the Shaq treatment? I could go on and on with all kinds of dirty laundry that has been looked past by the league, most of it personal biz just like Sterling’s that should in no way be cause for banishment.

      And don’t get it twisted, I’m not defending racist azz Sterling. I’m defending the rights of our civil liberties in general. If you’re not alarmed about not having the sanctity of your own home violated as a place you can be held monetarily accountable for speaking your mind, you should have no problem with government wire taps in your home.

      • Daniel

        The NBA is not the government.

        • Daryl Peek

          Agreed but Sterling is still being stripped of his lively hood for saying something in the privacy of his home.

          • Daniel Goodbuy

            no he’s being stripped of his team because NBA is a private club, It’s a priviledge not a right. and if 80% of the clubs members who are black don’t want to play in a league with him then u have to take away his team or lose the players.

          • Daryl Peek

            The players are not the shot callers in this club. If they were they would have much more power in collective bargaining. The owners are the club, period. Silver works for the owners. Really, where else are the players gonna go? Why didn’t they create a work stoppage already? It’s not as simple as most want to view it.

          • Chrmngblly

            DP, YOU are the one that is trying to look at this too simplistically. It is not the government that is taking away his “right” to own the team. It is the association of fellow plantation owners he belongs to who has determined this. They are all old white guys, too. They are only doing this because it would be bad for business if they didn’t.

            There is a reason they require any owner to be approved of by 3/4 of all the rest of the association’s members. The value of any of their individual franchises is determined by their ability to operate jointly, legally and morally in support of the overall good of the league. If it didn’t work like that they wouldn’t have a league.

            What if DS was exposed as a pedophile? Would you be so willing to carry his water? Would the other owners be justified in expelling him from their association (The League)? In this case it is just about black people, so who cares?

          • Daryl Peek

            The bottom line here is, the precedent being set. It’s actually bigger than just a black white thing. I’ll just say this, we’ll see how the other owners truly feel in a few days…. and I bet they are not cool with the possibility of their privacy being invaded.

          • Chrmngblly

            No one has yet said how this came to be a public matter, but I will bet that the sheer accumulation of detritus from Sterling’s life, lived on the edge of the toilet bowl, will cause all the other owners to shrink back from any association with him at all. He will be voted out and you will once again be proved to be out of touch with reality. That is the bottom line.

            It is not about being exposed as a racist or HOW Sterling got exposed as a racist—IT IS ABOUT ACTUALLY BEING A RACIST. We can all quibble about this fact or that lawsuit or some other incident, but it is the overall pattern of a disgusting life that–well, disgusts everybody. Except you. You are the “house n*gger,” in all this, DP. Shame on you.

          • Daryl Peek

            Sterling has always been a racist. His phone convo pales in comparison to some of the other mess Stern, Silver and the league (Owners, coaches and players who willingly signed up to be employed by racist Donald) has done in the past. Shame on all of you in the moment activist!! Especially given that moment was private and we all have said things were not proud of in the privacy of our homes. I have no problem with Sterling being pinned for his life long ISH but I cannot agree with this process in this context.

            If you can’t keep the BULLSHIT in check miss me!!!! You are a pompous bitch made lil ass who needs to grow the fuck up!

          • Chrmngblly

            You need to learn to cuss better, DP, if you want to cuss me out…:-)

          • backagain

            You sound like an Uncle Tom.

          • Whatchu Talkin Bout Willis

            You are a slave sir.

          • Dino Madness

            The NBA is a Billionaire’s club and is not a democracy. The NBA has it’s own constitution and any owner who violates it’s rules can be voted out.

          • Nalin Shukla

            Plain and simple

          • Chrmngblly

            Oh Hell, DP….feel free to strip me of my livelihood, too–for 2.5 Billion.

            DS is a member of an association that entertains people through organized sports. By whatever means, his personal conduct has endangered the operation, reputation and profitability of the league. This is no different than “Conduct Unbecoming an Officer” in the military. No owner can do anything that brings discredit on the league and otherwise rains down hell on the rest of the owners.

            Wise up, DP. I know you are an “anti-“, but this is dumber than you sticking up for MDA. We all know how that turned out. Everyone on here knows how you were publicly shamed over that call. With no reputation left to speak of, do you really want to walk out on this shaky limb?

          • Daryl Peek

            When you wake up a realize the implications of this going forward, holla back, and do so like you got some common sense and manners

          • fdsafd

            owned haha

          • Khoa Tran

            We’d have to be billionaires to have to look back and worry about these implications… I like your spirit and heart, but you can not super impose Sterling’s scenario on the common man. We are not part of the GOOD OL BOYS CLUB and the players, though they need the money, has the general publics’ support so it would be a disgrace to the NBA’s image and can ruin the fabric of the business model…. They CAN start their own league!!! Remember, there are many trying t buy in…. Oprah , Ellison, all the BERGS….they have the means to start a new league and TV access, so don’t mess with the players over an issue where they are in the right MORALLY. NOt saying its right to break contracts and walk… but morality and public image will save you…. Can the NBA survive a lack of integrity and public disgrace ? Why play devils advocate when you have nothing to gain ?

          • Chrmngblly

            Hell, DP, I woke up with no more common sense or manners than I had yesterday. And yet, now that it appears the team has been sold to Steve Balmer, my views have been upheld and you have been exposed for the clown you are….:-)

            I want you to know I’m not happy about that. I know you are a true Laker fan and as sharp a Laker historian as there is on here, in my eyes. I am not interested in seeing you humiliated, over and over. In “big picture” controversies when we disagree, I wish you would ask yourself why that is before you dig yourself in like a giant tick on humanity’s ass.

            Many things in life are not linear problems—like MDA ending up becoming the scapegoat for all the Lakers woes, and now, like this Sterling business. I’m sorry if I offended you with any of my remarks. You know how incorrigible I am.

          • D-FISH

            Shutup. You got no point

          • Nalin Shukla

            I really hope your just being a good troll…cause it would be sad if you really think that way..I hope the nba lets him keep his team see how good they would be with no black players

      • Dragon7s

        While you and I typically agree, with your argument this time I have to take exception.
        We are not talking about invasion of privacy or limiting civil liberties exercised in public.
        This is about a private enterprise determining what’s best for its business, nothing more, nothing less.

        • Daryl Peek

          Its unprecedented bottom line and the rest of the NBA owners don’t want that same microscope in their homes either. This is what Cuban was correctly talking about. Should Jim Irsay be stripped of his rights to NFL ownership for his personal indiscretions that could’ve killed someone? Donté Stallworth killed a man while driving under the influence but was only suspended one year and was back in the NFL thereafter. Michael Vick, no need to elaborate on his stuff. Brett Farve. Should Magic have been banned for contracting HIV from his promiscuous ways? There are countless examples of much worse conduct and as Boomani and KAJ stated, Sterling should have been put on notice long ago… MLB tried to do as such with George Steinbrenner but were forced to allow him back in.

          • Daniel Goodbuy

            what don’t you understand that the NBA players drive the league and don’t want to play in a league where the “owners” think its cool to disrespect their race. Private or not. Donald can say whatever he wants. But the players have the right to force the NBA and push him out

          • Daryl Peek

            Not for a private convo in his home. This is what you don’t get. The players all knew his history and chose to overlook it when they signed on as free agents. If I as a players felt that strongly about Donald, I would never have signed on to play for him in the first place.

            As a black man I get it. My point of view is not popular on this but it is a very dangerous media driven game being played here.

          • Blanche McCreary

            A private convo that he has now made very PUBLIC by continuing to spew nasty and ugly things about veterans and current players.

            This man has done interviews where he shows no contrite, but continues to POP off with more insult and injury. Stop crying in your beer, breathe, and let go of DS. You can say whatever you want in the privacy of your home, but owning a team and profiting off of them by means of HATE and BIGOTRY will not be tolerated. Enough with the futile attempts of throwing others under the damn bus. Your argument makes absolutely NO sense at this point. Your REPRESENTATIVE is making your case weaker by the day.

            DS has a slave owners mentality, point blank, period!

            For example, “These uppity n****** are treated nicely. I feed them, clothe them, buy them homes and cars. My n****** are happy. But my culture doesn’t mesh with them!”

            I was so over DS before and after the Anderson interview.

          • Daryl Peek

            I was over Sterling dating back to the 90’s as he did much worse than that phone convo. Where was all of this morality before hand? Again, everyone knew “We all know the history” –Doc Rivers

            Doc said this when asked about the history of the Clippers as he once played for the Sterling owned team. Why sign on to play for a known racist in the first place? Any player not drafted by Sterling or those who resigned with the team, I can’t take seriously as they knew. And if they wanna play dumb as if they don’t have direct contact with Sterling, look no further than Baron Davis or Elgin Baylor. Again, that phone convo is nothing compared to mess he pulled in his past but it is that phone convo he’s being banned for?

          • Blanche McCreary

            LMAOOOOOOO, you’d fair better off fighting for WORLD PEACE vs. a POS like DS.

            Once more, your argument is NIL. DS is out, like it or not. Kobe’s disparaging remark doesn’t get a pass, but is by no means comparable to DS’s racist rants over the years that FINALLY came home to ROOST on his pockets.

            Let’s try this again since you’re lacking the ability to LIG, the NBA has it’s own set of rules, DS broke them many times over, his remarks are BAD for business, you cannot and should not own a business and profit off of RACISM (BTW, its 2014), it would leave a STINCH over the NBA, stop blaming the players, stop blaming his SIDE PIECE, no matter how long it took to CORRECT the wrongs of Stern kissing DS’s butt, HE’S OUT! He made his bumpy bed, deal with it!!!!!!

            Please find something else to debate over!!! This was a NO BRAINER….

            Enjoy…..BACK to my wedding planning……

          • backagain


          • Daryl Peek

            All caps, really?!? Child please!

          • Chrmngblly

            Go easy with the pomposity, grasshopper, no one is trolling this subject as hard as you are.

          • backagain

            Is that your argument? I have to type in caps for a shucking and jiving coon like you because apparently the 80 other comments didn’t get through your thick ass skull! Your comparison was illogical and stupid.

          • Nalin Shukla

            The context of your arguments do not make any sense your just throwing unrelated topics in a fallacious manner trying to make your argument stronger

          • Daryl Peek

            All of this stuff I’m throwing out there has and will be visited in this on going theme…

          • Nalin Shukla

            Cease your infernal mewling, you filthy, idiotic miscreant!

          • Nalin Shukla

            Your like Samuel l. Jackson in django

          • Gabriele Di Bernardo

            Guys you forget the point and fact that his private conversation was recorded in California without his knowledge or permission which makes it illegal since there is a law in place against this sort of thing in the state of California. All Donald Sterling needs to do is take this issue to a court of law where ultimately he will win and the illegally obtained recording will be quashed. At that point (since the recording has been quashed by the courts) the recording will not be able to be used or referred to by the NBA (or any person for that matter) as evidence to support their stance. The NBA will be forced to either back down or they will be sued and lose. They will not only lose the money Donald Sterling will be going after but also be required to pay their legal fees as well as Sterling’s. It is what it is. There is a reason why laws are in place…oh and the players won’t strike. Most of the players are under contract. They have over extended themselves and have become accustomed to living the wealthy lifestyles. They simply can’t afford to take the stance they have threatened. Oh and don’t get mad at me for simply stating facts. The facts are Sterling no matter how bad he or his opinions are will not lose. He’s protected by the law…just as any of you would be if someone recorded you illegally and ultimately made you lose your job for saying questionable things in the privacy of your own home. Not about the colour of his skin…it’s about his rights.

          • Gabriele Di Bernardo

            The response wasn’t against you Nalin… just at the whole thread.

      • ra

        No, you’re actually defending racist azz Sterling. Firstly, this wasn’t just a ‘one time thing’ with Sterling. Sterling has behaved in racist manner, publicly, for years and years. The recording was just a validation of his racist behavior, and quite fortuitous.

        And this mention of Kobe is another racist attempt. He’s throwing ‘darts’ out there, bringing up Magic and Kobe. Clearly he hates the Lakers, and now that Dr. Buss is gone he can rant all he wants.

        Sterling will say anything now, and try to throw people under the bus. (Buss?). But, he hasn’t begun to attack his ‘white’ owner friends (like Mark Cuban). He’ll get there eventually. First, he has to target players, and ex-players. As a plantation owner, Sterling has to slam the people that are actually working for him (or, teams in the NBA). The more he speaks, the more racist crap falls out of his mouth.

        He has ruined the image of the NBA that Stern has tried to build up over the years. If he (Sterling) hangs in there, there could be ‘bad’ repercussions for the NBA.

        He’s going to ‘fight to the bloody end’. So, he’s going to ‘bloody’ as many people as he can in the process. He will also bloody up the NBA.

        He’s got to go, period. If the owners don’t vote him out, it’s going to be tough on the NBA.

        And, don’t feel bad for him. I’m certain that even if he sells the team, he’s got more money to keep him happy for the rest of his and his grandkids lives, more money than all of us on Lakers Nation put together.

        • Daryl Peek

          Sterling is not being banned for his history. Its all about that phone convo in the privacy of his home, period. If they were to try and evoke his past that would make it even worse. And I absolutely abhor Sterling as a human being but I see the big picture here. One must get out of their feelings in situations like this.

          And lets not act like Dr. Buss and the Lakers organization is squeaky clean. The franchise is being sued by one of the Latino Deportes Spanish-language announcers for underpayment and or racism. He has documented a history of mistreatment by the Lakers FO dating back years. I’ve always heard rumblings of employee dissension outside of the players and coaches in the Lakers organization. My point, you don’t want to start an open door monitoring system precedent the likes of this.

          • Lakerization

            So u keep mentioning ‘privacy of his home’? Can he make a threatening phone call about the president from the privacy of his home? Rape a person? Kill a man? Build a bomb? Make drugs? Yes. Is it still wrong? Yes. Just because he is in the privacy of his home doesn’t mean he can embarrass himself, the lesgue, and destroy the NBA’s rep.

          • Terrance Smith

            Well it’s obvious that you’re being a huge troll right now and I have to completely disagree with what you’re saying…what does magic contracting AIDS or kobe saying something bad in the heat of the moment have in common with Sterling? Absolutely nothing. How can Magic having AIDS or kobe’s outburst harm the NBA like Sterling has? Sterling even went on to attempt to soil Magic’s name even further by saying he’s not a role model for children but you call yourself a friend of his? Really? And have you heard kobe say anything like that slur since then? No. Neither of those people’s action would harm the NBA’s reputation or income but rather it’ll harm themselves. Sterling’s words affected a race of people and you keep saying in the privacy of his own home…what about it? It became public and everybody heard it and many were offended by it, including supporters of the Clippers as you saw majority of their supporters dropped them and every player and fan is outraged by hearing such ignorance…so there was really a sense of pressure upon the NBA to do something and if they didn’t, there would have been some serious repercussions…so I applaud the NBA for what they did to him because that’s what he deserves for his comments and his past racist actions…I mean he can try to fight all he wants but in the end, his punishment will stand so he might as well give up now because he’ll only make it worse for himself. Like Bomani said this should’ve been taken care of back in 2009 but that’s Stern’s fault, Commissioner Silver obviously won’t tolerate such ignorance so I applaud him…and plus why wouldn’t they punish Sterling like they did? Are not majority of the All – Stars African American? Let’s see…Kyrie Irving, Dwyane Wade, Paul George, LeBron, Melo, Dwight Howard, Kobe, Chris Paul, John Wall, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook…so forth and so on…and you know if great players like them saying an owner like him can’t be in the league…then the league is right for trying to get rid of him…

          • Daryl Peek

            Soil someones name?!? Do you really want to go there? Kobe VS. Shaq enough said.

          • fdsfdsf

            just move on dude.. that ego. you’re no longer making any sense.

          • Chrmngblly

            Yeah, I call DP “Mucho Pomposo”—in the privacy of my own home…:-)

      • likwid

        I think the difference is that one effects the livelihood of certain people, while the other doesn’t. Kobe using that word was wrong, butI’m sure it doesn’t point to how he feels about gay people. Sterling on the other has a huge history of racist tendencies that effect more lives than any one here is in charge of. Had Kobe gone on to do more things that indicated he was homophobic, I’d have agreed with you. I can’t equate one outburst thats never indicated how you felt to a life time of racist behaviour and practices.

        • Daryl Peek

          Whether it be Kobe’s gay outburst or the countless cases of team disruption/dissension directly involving Kobe, he too has a long history that’s been brushed over. This is one of my points.

          • Chrmngblly

            Just another weak “point”—while you remain oblivious to the big picture, as usual. Shouldn’t you be saying stuff like, “Yowza, Massa” and “Feets don’t fail me now” in your posts?

            Sorry, DP, I can’t stop myself….:-)

          • backagain

            LMAO!! You’re killing me. Daryl is the biggest uncle tom in the world.

          • LakersOverEverything

            These two things don’t relate at all. Kobe’s comments were wrong, but they were in a different context. He got mad, and used a slur basically the same as someone else might say “f’ing idiot.” No one felt alienated or wronged by his comment. My he biggest difference is that Kobe’s comments didn’t have a negative impact on the nba or his team financially. The nba will lose money, while gaining a bad rep, if they let sterling keep his team. Not to mention no one wants to play for him anymore. I’m not sure how you can try to make these two incidents similar or the same….almost as if you just wanted to stir up an argument or something. Idk

      • Jim213

        Business leaders assume ethical burdens (which also apply to any managerial position) one needs to be cautious of one’s actions in or outside the workplace as one is representing the business 24/7.

        Kobe’s spurts are more so trash talk during game moments. Although with regards to off the court accusations that’s another matter. But expressing one’s personal belief (NOT OPINION) like douche Sterling has is a different issue in itself especially as a business owner.

        Ethical lapses by business leaders are never absent from the headlines. By douche alienating minorities who he employs, help him earn a living, and most importantly bring substantial revenue to his business not only affects the brand but the NBA’s. Integrity is the #1 thing to building trustworthiness.

        Can’t compare an employer (Sterling) to an employee (Kobe) tho both have an ethical burden as leaders. Yet everyone wants respect when they can’t show it.

        • Daryl Peek

          Can absolutely compare the two. When players are constantly disciplined for indiscretions but upper MGMT gets a pass, the union compares and try’s to use said comps against the commissioners rulings. It works both ways.

          • Jim213

            Sounds more like ethical burdens as leaders but your opinion (trying to avoid a long post that would go nowhere DP).

      • Jay Jay

        Unless you can show actual transcripts of the things you accused Kobe of you shouldn’t speak on it… Your quoting what you saw and heard on Sportscenter not facts. Yes he cheated on his wife he admitted that. He was exonerated of rape (transcripts showed she lied) I can’t speak on what he said to cops in reference to “shaq treatment” I wasn’t there.

        • Daryl Peek

          Where did I say he was convicted of rape? As far as what he said to the cops, he admitted he said that. Help my understand why you chose to argue with me on the facts I spoke of concerning Kobe. I too am a fan of his but no ones perfect and there’s no need to get defensive when the truth is spoken.

          • backagain

            What does him saying he wished he paid off his side sluts like Shaq did have to do with the Sterling case? Were you screaming about Kobe’s confidential private rights when that was leaked to the public? No you weren’t.

      • Computer Networking

        No he really doesn’t have a point. He is the owner, kobe is a player. Who would you expect more out of the leader of the organization or the leader of the team? Yes, both should be held accountable, but you don’t ban a player for saying faggit towards someone who wasn’t gay in the heat of an emotional game. The owner on the other hand made statements that he shouldn’t have made. Everyone makes mistakes. I am black but I didn’t think that he should have been banned at that point in time. Then, instead of him just apologizing to try and show some remoarse, he decides to attack magic Johnson again on national television. Yes, he needs to go

        • Daryl Peek

          I’ve long said Sterling needs to go… The reasoning in how they are going about it is my problem. Just can’t take that personal convo and make it into that.

          • Computer Networking

            There will always be consequences to any and everything that we do. I don’t have a problem with it because he caused it on himself. My problem is that all of the owners already knew how he was and now they want to get rid of him because he is bad for business.

          • Chrmngblly

            DP, the trouble here is that you refuse to step back and re-examine how you, yourself, think the people involved are looking at it. What you are saying is just wrong. What you are complaining about is not actually what is going on. You keep putting your own motives onto other people. Forget what the bastard felt, thought, said or did behind or in front of closed doors, the problem is that in the big picture, DS pissed everyone off once too often, just to boil it down for you. You trying to make a legal argument of logical syllogisms and constitutional principles is irrelevant. Don’t you see that? He went too far, too often.

            Kobe could have ended up in the same boat. Fortunately, he doesn’t like p*ssy anymore, just like you.

      • curtis paggett

        Dp with all that said how would you feel now to inter a market or clothing store and see a sign no BLACKS OR OTHER NONE WHITES ALLOWED? I am not saying Kobe was wright. This is another matter. We should all be so punished to the extent of 2.5 b

        • Daryl Peek

          I feel you on that level but why are we acting like Donald was not who he is before that phone convo? Why did Doc Rivers, CP3 and other black players sign on knowing full well the Sterling history? No one tripped on Sterling or paid much attention to his public image ISH, which BTW was much more egregious in the past. Now all of the sudden a phone conversation (one which he was clearly set up and baited into) between he and his side chick in the privacy of his home is oh so outrageous he should be banned for it?

          Again, I fully understand why folks are angry about the life long totality of Donald’s buffoonery but that phone convo is not something that should cause all of this. And we again should all be leery of the precedent being set here.

      • Mirad77

        Think of it this way; the NBA ran out of covering Mr Sterling’ s racist rants and made a call.
        Maybe soon enough they’ll run out of Kobe’s.

      • Coach’em UP

        Bigg Difference in an Employee and the Owner of a team like it or not… just like bigg difference in a regular U.S Citizen and the President of the U.S…
        Your held in higher regard with greater influence and reward so greater consequence

        • Daryl Peek

          Our former POTUS was known to have used cocaine, his vice president was always in the midst of some mess, up to actually shooting someone. The POTUS before him was caught in a flat out sworn lie over sexual misconduct while in office on the clock. As we both know I could go on… consequences of personal matters are not held in higher regard.

          What about Dan Gilbert’s open letter to Cleveland fans? “Some people think they should go to heaven but NOT have to die to get there.” ?!? Gilbert spoke on LeBron’s decision like he actually owned the rights to LBJ and acted like he was a rouge indentured servant? At the time the entire nation didn’t trip on Gilbert’s buffoonery as LeBron James jersey’s were burned like a cross in a yard.

          I know that is an extreme comparison but that is what happened in the moment as folks ran left with a media driven precedent.

      • backagain

        Well here’s the thing dumbass, Kobe isn’t an owner which means he isn’t making discriminatory decisions over his workers. Calling someone a gay slur is not the same as being a racist. Donald Sterling had agreed to certain conditions as an NBA owner. Kobe did not.

        I don’t know why as a black man you’re mentioning his rape case when you above all should know many black men are falsely accused of rape. Him cheating on his wife is an entirely different discussion and has nothing to do with this case.

        • Daryl Peek

          Who are you and why do you feel the need to attack another person on the internet? Get a grip, grow up and don’t address me if you can’t debate like a mature adult.

          • backagain

            You are attacking Kobe are you not? Why can’t you argue your point if you feel so passionately about it? Or that you actually really feel your opinion is the right one? I don’t need to get a grip. Black men like you are a disgrace. It’s really sad and embarrassing. I’m just going to assume you have autism or something and are kept up in a house and sheltered all the time.

            I debated like an adult. Why can’t you argue my points instead of retaliating in the same manner you are admonishing me for??

          • Daryl Peek

            Again with the childish name calling? BTW, where did I attack Kobe?

          • backagain

            Your first comment go read it. Mentioning the rape case in which he was not guilty and comparing things he’s done to a rapist.

            Childish name calling? What else should you be called? That’s what you are. An uncle tom, disgrace to the black race. Stop acting like you’re a child and that it’s actually hurting you. We’re all adults, grow up. That’s how adults talk.

            I’m still waiting on your point or for you to argue your point but you can’t.

          • Daryl Peek

            Me mentioning Kobe’s “accusation” is not attacking him. This will be the last time I respond to you as I don’t play that childish name calling game.

          • backagain

            Yes it is! And how have I attacked you? Good don’t reply because I’m tired of going back and forth with you, besides I think you’re late for your meeting with massa! Go on now! Get cracking! Shuck and jive!

    • Melissa Haynesworth

      Sad the lack of respect for blacks to comparing Kobe to Donald Sterling!we can bring slavery and segregation really to many things blacks has suffered but for ignorant white folks its like just get over it its past but bring up frivolous things that are irrelevant to the matter at hand I pray for those ignorant white folks its so sad the mentality god forgive them for they don’t understand!

  • Gay

    WTF?????Damn this Sterling bastard.Get lost douche bag Sterling.

    • woody

      Millions of dollars have been stolen from a they hear a tape of a private conversation by the thief. .can’t fire him..have to treat him just the me I sue you..what about the other thief’s. .I am not a thief! Lol..that conversation was in private. .I am not a racist ..I love the blacks
      .I should not be made to step down..

  • fog man

    STFU Donald Racist Sterling stupid jerk!

  • Fruit Cake

    Hell to pay for Donald Sterling+Clippers from the NBA league offices.

  • DINO


    • Jim2

      Well, they already did it to the Lakers with the Chris Paul trade.

      • Chrmngblly

        And Jim Buss deserved it, too.

  • Lakers 4life RG

    Donald Hates on the Lakers because they haven’t won any titles, as for the Lakers they won 16 x’s Championship..

  • Celebrity Bug

    A slur in a heated moment and a lifetime of documented discrimination and racism are totally different things. Yes, Kobe was wrong, but to try to equate the situations as the same thing is “facially ludicrous”.

  • Wu

    of course the Clippers (current, but not for long) owner is gonna hate on the Lakers. Lakers own this town baby!!

  • Joseph Ryan Green

    Yeah right give it up boy does misery loves company

  • celeb

    At least they didn’t mention that other thing…..

  • Ray

    Just disband the clippers, we dont need two teams in LA

  • Robert Perez

    The truth is…. That Ref is a F****t!

  • corky carroll

    Every time this jerk opens his mouth he makes it worse. Best thing would be to shut up, sell the team and take his HUGE profits and crawl under some rock where he belongs.

    • vdogg

      very well said. couldn’t agree more.

  • KOBE My Captain My Captain

    Mr.Sterling is showing his hate for the LAKERS by giong after Magic and Kobe because they have a ring and he will never have one,he will never be know as a great-business-man you can only feel sorry for someone like him”go live your unhappy-life Mr.Sterling

  • greg

    i would be pissed

  • Jay Brodes

    sterling is out of his mind…ur done..take ur bags and go home!

  • Lakers4Life

    Sterling has a good point here in all fairness. But the fact also remains that the majority of players and most of the infuential superstars in the NBA are all black, so obviously Sterling is not in a good position nevertheless.

  • Reynald Sales Galpo

    sterling is no brainer please compare how many refs and how many black americans in america..kobe said only that in one person but you you say it the whole black americans living in US

  • Khay Asad

    tryin to make gay the new black

  • steph

    OK I am just going to say it!!! I don’t think anyone should lose
    their property because of what they say in their own homes and mostly
    when they are being taped unwillingly, without knowledge!!! I am not
    Racist, and my race means nothing. I think that V. should go to jail
    for her part in taping someone without knowledge! It is against the
    law!! I listened to the tape and he acts like a jealous older

    There are people in this world that are that way, so what! Life
    will go on!
    But in America in your own home, a weasel can come in and
    snap your entire life if you do not do as they say! If he loses his
    team, property, etc…watch out the rest of us!
    Really how many things did you say in your own home, not meaning it, and if it were taped could of been bent out of shape???? Many?

  • backagain

    Calling someone a fag doesn’t make you homophobic, it’s like a generic insult now. Donald Sterling as a racist can’t be compared to Kobe and anyone who does is an idiot who has terrible comprehension and logical thinking skills.