Donald Sterling Thinks Magic Isn’t ‘A Good Example’ For Kids In L.A.

Donald Sterling Thinks Magic Isn’t ‘A Good Example’ For Kids In L.A.


The hits keep on coming from Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling. The controversial owner sat down with CNN’s Anderson Cooper recently and had some interesting things to say about Magic Johnson.

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As if Magic wasn’t wrapped up in this racism scandal enough, Sterling blasts the Lakers legend for not being a role model for kids in Los Angeles via CNN:

“Did you apologize to him?” Cooper asked.

“If I said anything wrong, I’m sorry,” Sterling said. “He’s a good person. I mean, what am I going to say? Has he done everything he can do to help minorities? I don’t think so. But I’ll say it, he’s great. But I don’t think he’s a good example for the children of Los Angeles.”

At this point in time, Sterling seems to be digging the hole even deeper while continuing to rub everyone the wrong way. Magic was already at the center of the scandal with his name being mentioned in the leaked recording from TMZ, but now Sterling taking a shot at his efforts to better the community will only make the Clippers owner look that much worse.

Sterling sitting down with Cooper was considered to be an attempt to apologize to anyone that he has offended and clear the air in the process. The 80-year-old continues to struggle with the reality that his words have ruined any future in the NBA and has severed damaged an already tainted reputation.

It remains to be seen what the outcome will be in this ongoing scandal involving the Clippers longtime owner, but it doesn’t appear to be getting any better after his first interview.

The rest of the Sterling’s interview with Cooper will air at 5:00 p.m. PST on “AC360” on CNN.
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  • Isaiah Leon

    This guy is just simply fucking stupid. “Bad example for children”?? Get real! Magic is a star and a bunch of kids look up to him!

    • Donald Duck

      he is a bad example with his gay son and fake aids

      • Isaiah Leon

        This is why people like you get no where in life ass wipe

        • Al Haldie

          and you are?

          • Isaiah Leon

            Oh I’m Isaiah. You? Oh wait, no one gives a shit what you think

        • Bill Curly

          Says the guy who probably steals or sells drugs for a living

          • Isaiah Leon

            For real he doesn’t have to come out and say that kind of crap

      • karasoon4

        The 5 of you (4 guests, of course) who voted up for this disgusting comment, should be ashamed of yourselves. But it’s ok, karma has a wonderful way of finding you in life.

      • Robert J. Carmack

        a most fitting name ..DUCK! . a Cartoon… put yourself on a T-shirt so you can be shipped out with Donald F_ing Sterling

    • Al Haldie

      Do you kiss your mother with that mouth – its time to grow up child….

      • Isaiah Leon

        Stop your with your complaining dude, you sound ignorant with your dumb talk. Just go away you Sterling supporter

        • C*HarrisTHEboss

          I dont have anything to say about your little debate here – but I think your a joke for thumbing up your own comments.

          • Isaiah Leon

            If you’re referring to me I don’t thumb up my comments. Where do you see me thumbing up my comments? There is zero thumbs up for my last 2 to 3 comments. You should open up your eyes to see things more clearly because apparently you are seeing wrong things

          • C*HarrisTHEboss

            Your first two comments on this thread – have your name in the list of upvotes. Or did you forget doing that?

  • Yuuto Hajimari

    Bad example for children, lol. Speak for himself

  • Swaggggg

    What exactly is he saying, anyway…?

  • comrade24

    Who cares what Donald Sterling says? That’s like saying Hitler made a bad comment about jewish people, or Putin made an anti-gay remark. Get real, and Magic? wow, what has Magic done to anyone? I mean, i could see if he said something about Kobe not being a good role model for children in LA, just because of the controversies earlier in Kobe’s career, but Magic? get real.

    • pili45

      Lol. You do realize the scandal surrounding Magic Johnson’s cheating and promiscuity right? I’m not saying sterling is wrong or right, but to say Kobe is a bad example and not Magic is ludicrous!

      • comrade24

        lol oh yeah, totally forgot about that one. good call. and obviously Kobe was innocent anyways.

      • LAstory

        So you’re comparing a moral flaw (Earvin’s infidelity) to Don Sterling’s character flaw (Bigot).. I’m say Sterling is wrong because he is… your post as stated is ridiculous and of base within itself.

      • Sylvia Ross

        Magic, was a single man at the time doing the same thing most single men with his income and women allowed him to do. I’m not saying it was right but how many of you with his income would not have done the same thing.

      • keenanjen

        Try again, Magic and Cookie didn’t get together until 1990. Magic was single when he was messing around. He had the right because he was not with anyone.

  • Sylvia Ross

    You let us worry about who’s a good example for our kids. There is one thing for sure, we know you’re not IT !

  • keenanjen

    Hasn’t helped the community. Magic gave so many jobs to minorities, he’s also mentored us as well, this guy is off his rockers

  • Al Haldie

    None of this should be on LAKERS NATION –its uncalled for and the LANGUAGE BEING used by you GENTELMAN – IS WAY OUT OF LINE–VERY YOUNG PEOPLE READ THIS AND -AND IT SHOULD NOT BE SEEN-some of you were not born when that stuff happened-so please remove all your crap so none off this rubs off on the younger kids…..

  • Dante

    STFU Donald Duck Sterling he is scum of the earth…Piece of crap Clippers GTFO!

  • Tyrone

    Donald Sterling better lose the Clippers even if it means contraction.Whatever it takes the RACIST BIGOT Donald Sterling must leave the NBA and profit never again.Just leave the NBA go away Sterling Family.

  • Tito

    Magic Johnson is the best role model ever,Donald Sterling is the worst person ever.

  • Mookie

    Nah man this is wrong Magic Johnson is a great black man.Sterling is a racist.The NBA needs to move much quicker on making Donald Sterling and his family lose the team.This ignorant jerk has no place in the NBA.

  • Leon

    Donald Sterling is the worst person in the world.Time to face the fact.You’re OUT!

  • orangechicken

    Seems like anyone who is not a minority is in support of sterling. Racism hasn’t gone anywhere. Black Americans also tend to be racist because slavery is still embedded in their genes they have been through worse then whites. I’m Asian and whites picked on me more then blacks did when I was a kid. Just because I was Asian whites always told me to open my eyes the blacks where more nicer though. I’m telling you there are a lot of ignorant people out there and that will never change. Im reading a lot of dumbass comments in regards to defending sterling and dissing magic because of his hiv. People who seem to defend sterling are ok with whatever he says and expect blacks to just get over it. The majority of the NBA are blacks why the fuck would anyone want to be associated with this old fool?????? The players are not at fault and have spoken. Also I’m not a fan of Jay z but I hear more white people talk crap about blacks when they are not around especially white women. Racism is not going anywhere. This message is for white people, the next time you go out and see someone who is not white Wether it be black, mexican, Asian or whatever other nationality you will see that you are thinking something in your head because you feel more superior just because you are white. You will see that you have some form of racism in you. I’ll never get over the fact that I was picked on all the time by white people growing up and I’m asian.. whites are more racist then others. Racism lives

    • Al Haldie

      There is some good and some bad in all people , the only difference is some of them take it too far, just reading WHAT YOU SAID and you are talking about white people im not saying your wrong or right – but it is in your mind and mine its how you use it…{im white with no excuses for it.} every one is the same = its how and where you grow up one of my best friends was black, I grew up around san pedro ca. and in the army I had a good friend who was Spanish, and he did not like whites, but we got along- I have seen all kinds some I liked some I did not like. but in my life time { 75 years } things have not changed….. Thanks for reading this….

    • michael

      What you are doing is racist too. I wont deny that their are racists whites, but you talk about all whites.
      I am white, hang around with a lot of foreigns or kids of foreigns, white, black, hispanic etc.

      You are continuing racism by making all whites the same. Think about that.

  • Glen

    I could never forgive a scumbag like Donald Sterling.Never would i work for owner like him if i knew ahead of time how he is.This Sterling family must sell the team or face seeing the Clippers players becoming free agents and then seeing the head coach leave all in the Summer.Clippers are the ones that will suffer by Sterling not selling the team the sooner the better.SMH

  • Glen

    Just terminate the Clippers from the NBA nobody would notice anyways.

  • Clyde

    Adam Silver fucked the Clippers Sterling hard and this mess is only getting much worse.The Clippers are fucked with no legitimate owner in place and the whole franchise is in flux and uncertainty looms large when it comes to ownership of the Clippers.Yes Racist Donald Sterling was irrelevant and unpopular for over 30 years while being a terrible owner for the entire time.Sterling is known as the worst owner in the history of sports.Clippers are the laughingstock of the sports world/NBA.Lakers must take major advantage of the Sterling fiasco.Clippers are facing losing the franchise.Lakers are facing having $30 million dollars in salary cap space and a top #6 lottery pick in the best draft in a decade.LeBron and Carmelo also Lance Stephenson all free agents warming up to the Lakers.

  • Malcolm

    Donald Sterling can’t buy forgiveness!He is a ignorant fucking bastard.Fuck head Sterling is a Piece Of Dog Shit loser idiot.

    • Al Haldie

      That’s real bright……