Donald Sterling On Racism Scandal: ‘I Wish I Had Just Paid Her...

Donald Sterling On Racism Scandal: ‘I Wish I Had Just Paid Her Off’


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The plot thickens in the Donald Sterling scandal only days after the NBA announced the lifetime ban for the Los Angeles Clippers owner.

Reportedly, Sterling continues to show no remorse for the comments made in the recording obtained by The banned owner still refuses to apologize and now has said the following about his scandal with girlfriend V. Stivianio according to CNN’s The Situation Room Twitter account:

Obviously, Sterling hasn’t been all that affected by all that has transpired over the past two weeks. The longtime owner of the Clippers will continue to rub people the wrong way even after being banned by the league with comments like these.

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Only time will tell what Sterling’s fate will be after this drawn out fiasco. Sterling intends to fight the league and the 29 other owners that plan to force him to sell the Clippers.

Although many believed that this situation could come to an end quickly after NBA commissioner Adam Silver announced Sterling’s ban and the intention to force him out, Sterling is as reluctant as ever to cooperate and will likely draw this out as far as it can go.

With many interested parties led by Oprah Winfrey and Magic Johnson being open to the idea of buying the Clippers franchise, the NBA is eager to get the team on the open market and move past this scandal. It’ll be interesting to see just how long this process will take and if it’ll have an impact on the team and its players and coaches moving forward.
NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Bans Clippers Owner Donald Sterling For LIFE

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  • Kb24

    I say let all of his players be FA if he does not sell the team,in that way he will sell the team lower price…..sell the team or let the players be FA ITS ONE WAY OR ANOTHER

    • $20509373

      Sterling is the type of guy that would have a team full of scabs and coached by scabs. And before you say “the scabs won’t play for him”, remember that the Clippers are still an NBA team. There are people that would kill for an opportunity to play/coach in the league racist owner or not.

      • box5

        But he is not the only owner that has those views, I put everything on it, especially in football. Imagine if a native American was allowed to buy into the league and he changed his team name to the Manhattan native land stealing crackers. People would be outraged mainly white folk and it wouldn’t matter if they put together a great championship team, people would hate on the players saying if you play for a team with that name you must be racist at heart, yet the redskins name is allowed? Where are all the owners at saying that name should be changed? Where is the commissioner at to step in? Haha y’all can’t tell me nothing yell

  • ra

    ah, yeah yeah … if wishes were fishes .. yeah ….

    Now GTFO. Time to go.

  • Jim213

    Enough said, one can’t teach a dead mule.

  • $20509373

    He just doesn’t know when to shut up does he?

    • A Fan

      He’s an 80 year old rich man. You honestly think he gives a f***?

  • Sylvia Ross

    That’s what he gets for being stingy at the wrong time. This joker has no remorse ,the only thing he’s sorry for is getting caught. There has to be something mentally wrong with this guy.

  • box5

    I actually respect sterling more than the other racist owners in all the big 4 major sports. He’s keeping it networth, I know not to fuck with his products cause I know how he truly feels and I can accept that, but these one’s kissing babies and shaking brothas and sistas hands in the public but really hating us behind closed doors *and I don’t mean just ignorant words* I’m talking actions that hold us down and not treating us equal to them when it comes to laws and business practices, I think they are true trash in the world yell

  • Paul

    It is too bad we are not more concerned with a corrupt government that has the agenda of destroying America. At the end of the day this is one guys opinion in a league that produces nothing but a good feeling when you see your team win.

  • Carlos Green