Is Lakers’ Success Dependent On Kobe’s Newfound Passing Role?

Is Lakers’ Success Dependent On Kobe’s Newfound Passing Role?


Running the Offense Through Kobe

Kobe was forced to virtually play the point guard position early on in the season due to Steve Nash’s injury, but it didn’t exactly work out well.


Well, a lot of it was because Kobe was running screen-and-rolls, and he’s not the most effective player when doing that all the time.

What has changed, however, is that now he’s operating from all areas of the floor–getting post opportunities , utilizing screen-and-rolls, and also being able to create for others through isolation plays.

Previously, fans had talked of the Lakers needing a point guard to take pressure off of Kobe for years, and when Steve Nash finally arrived over the summer, it appeared as though Lakers fans’ wishes had come true.

Well, it has–kind of.

However, the Lakers won five championships with Kobe Bryant being the main facilitator. Simply put, Kobe’s always been the one to initiate the offense and set the table for others, and it won them multiple rings in the process.NBA: New York Knicks at Los Angeles Lakers

I know many of you are thinking “Kobe was a ball hog until just two games ago,” and some of that may be true. However, the Lakers simply couldn’t have won those championships if Kobe Bryant didn’t facilitate the offense. Could other players have gotten more shots? Absolutely, but the end result was always the most important thing.

How Kobe Had Been Playing

Once Nash returned and it appeared as though the offense wasn’t running well with Kobe running pick-and-rolls all game, Kobe went into the mentality of “I can finally play my natural position–which is shooting guard. I’m going to do my part and score and get my team wins.” None of this was selfish by any means, but rather a belief by Kobe that he could take the same advice he gave to Carmelo Anthony over the summer to just be himself by scoring at will, and it would translate into victories.

However, Kobe Bryant is not Carmelo Anthony. While he may be one of the greatest scorers of all time, he’s also one of the smartest players of all time.

That being said, and with a guy of Steve Nash’s basketball IQ labeling Kobe’s play against the Thunder as “brilliant,” I think it’s safe to say that Kobe must continue using not only his ability to score the ball at an incredible rate and from all areas of the floor, but also consistently utilize his remarkable abilities to read defenses, allow plays to develop, and execute the correct decisions from all areas of the floor while picking apart other teams’ defenses.

When he does that, the Lakers are at their absolute best.

What happens to Steve Nash with Kobe Bryant dominating the ball, though? Let’s break that down next.

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  • Rasheed

    Answer is Yes. But the question is how can this be a new-found Kobe’s role?

    We have seen it before and we know what he is capable of. However it is him that doesn’t realize and then go into his mode while rest of the teammates suffer. What did we see, Kobe’s number rising while Lakers loss rising. When he passes the ball they are winning. IT IS A NO BRAINER!

    Is this going to continue? Depends on Kobe’s nature. Often when Lakers play with big teams Kobe plays like a team player. But once that is over, he comes back to his usual mode. I think Kobe is afraid of getting highlighted as a bad guy in the big games. So he tries to play team game. Once the radar is off, he goes into his MVP mode. One man team.

    Even if Kobe passes the ball, we don’t know how long this will last with Mike D’Antoni System. There are multifunctional issues with Lakers. One major issue is Kobe Vs Dwight. They didn’t click. Dwight is not dominating (injuries).
    One solution I see is Nash/Pau will be good combination. Both are good passers and can take a shot when needed. If they have ball in their hand more then Kobe, then only this team will have success.

    I like Kobe but this is a team game. I am getting old/tired of saying this, Kobe needs to start involving players by giving them enough opportunities and some sacrifice on attempts. He can’t wait till playoff’s an expect them to gel while he gets his MVP. NOT GONNA HAPPEN!