Doc Rivers Says Lakers Are Best Franchise In Sports History

Doc Rivers Says Lakers Are Best Franchise In Sports History

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Just 24 hours after the Lakers media day, the Clippers allowed the media into their practice facility as they gear up for the first season in franchise history where they’ll be defending a Pacific Division title.

This year, the expectations will be even higher as they’ve retooled their bench unit and have retained their core duo of Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. Further more, they brought in a coach with a winning pedigree in Doc Rivers after deciding not to renew the contract of Vinny Del Negro. Rivers, who had some bad blood with the Clippers as a player is back in Los Angeles fully understanding where the Clippers sit on the conjectural totem pole.

“The risk is all mine,” Rivers, 51, said. “To go to an organization that hasn’t won but [two] playoff series in their entire history, in a town where the other team is the best franchise in sports history – that’s risk.

“But the opportunity – for me – gives me life. If we get this right, it will be the story of stories to tell. At this point in my life, the gamble is worth it.”

That other team, of course, is the Los Angeles Lakers. Those are some kind words from a coach who was just a part of the Celtics organization, the franchise with the most titles in NBA history. The Celtics, of course, had really maintained much success following their 1986 title, missing the playoffs multiple times in the 90s and early millennium.

The Celtics 22 year title drought kind of knocked off the luster of a franchise, especially compared with the Lakers only missing the playoffs five times in franchise history, and only twice since 1976.

Rivers knows he’s going to have his work cut out for him in terms of shifting the balance between the two franchises as Los Angeles is still a Lakers town despite the recent successes of the Clippers.


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  • The Rock

    Wow he said that lol hahaha.I can’t believe Doc Rivers said that.Shocker!I agree with him.

  • Daryl Peek

    What up Doc? LAKERS!!! True story. *looking*

  • Paytc

    To me Doc Rivers has been, and is , one of the best coaches in the NBA .

    Having Doc Rivers teaming up with CP3 gives the Clippers a major advantage over many Western playoff bound teams. The Lakers only answer is a healthy Kobe Bryant and Nash and Gasol playing up to their max potential especially effort wise.Stepping up and bringing it without any excuses.

    I am pulling for the Lakers to “STEP UP ” and once again cliam what is rightfully ours (the NBA Championship).

    Go Lakers!

    • richard

      you mean to say that a healthy Kobe, Nash, and Pau Gasol = Chris Paul?… What has he done? What has Paul won? duh…. A healthy Kobe,Nash, Pau is still better than, the Clippers trio of Paul, Griffin, JJ… You are putting too much stock on little Chris… reserve those thoughts when he is able to bring this stack Clippers to a championship… he couldnt even bring them past the first round with all players healthy last year.

      • Paytc


        What you are failing to acknowledge is the skill,heart,and determination CP3 has.

        As you may already know I am a “great player” supporter.

        Chris Paul is destined to be a great player. Unlike D12,CP3 is willing to put the work in and has the business like demeanor to get there.

        Doc Rivers IMO is a better coach than a few who have won more championships than he has, without saying any names. Doc can do more with less talent than most.

        The Clippers are locked and loaded with talent and have everything in place to win a championship with the addition of Doc Rivers and CP3 leadership.

        Obviously I am a Kobe and Laker fan over Doc and CP3, but I don’t get into kidding myself too often. I will be the last one on earth to be a “great player” hater.

        Size of your heart is more important than size of a physical being. And your character is more important than your current status IMO.

        CP3 has champion heart and character.That’s why the commissioner blocked the trade. Kobe and CP3 together spelled 3 peat easily and probably 4 or 5 straight with a few added additions.

        What I want to see happen is enough Lakers “STEPPING UP” to claim the NBA championship. That would mean they would have to win the West to do that. The Clippers are in the West…. So who do you think I’m pulling for?

        But that does not take away from the fact that CP3,Blake Griffin,Doc Rivers etc…
        will not back down from anyone to include Kobe Bryant the leagues best player.

        Doc River was not leading the Clippers the past couple of years.
        That is where the difference comes in.

        Not to mention the hunger is even greater within CP3. Perhaps you have never felt the conviction and determination in CP3’s voice and
        demeanor when he talks about not being satisfied until he wins a title.

        The Laker must “STEP UP” to claim the title because the Clippers,OKC,Warriors,Spurs,Denver,Memphis,Houston,and even Portland all believe they are destined to win the West and/or the NBA championship.

        Let’s always “keep it real” and just “STEP UP ” to cliam our prize regardless.

        Go Lakers!

        • richard

          CP3 has a championship heart…? and what about Kobe Pau and NAsh’s heart,skill, and determination? Has cp3 won anything to merit you saying he has a championship heart? He had a better cast in NO when they reach the west semis against us way back 2008-2009… what I have been seeing from cp3 is that, when defenses plans for him in the playoffs he can’t lead his team… last year was the best cp3 I have seen… you know where that end up.

          You got me in this one… “Clippers,OKC,Warriors,Spurs,Denver,Memphis,Houston,and even Portland all
          believe they are destined to win the West and/or the NBA championship.”

          ONly OKC, Spurs, Clippers… believe they can win this year… I have been to other teams blog and that is not what I am hearing… I trust what Kobe said more than them all… Kobe is a winner and so is Pau… those teams don’t have that variable except the Spurs and OKC…

          you keep saying STEP UP… I am not sure that is what the Lakers need… they must first learn to play together and know their role in that system… wins will come if they do that.

          Chemistry is the greatest.. — The Mamba said.

          • Paytc

            A champion heart is in place even before you win a championship,that’s the vehicle that drives you there. Yes I am going out on a limb to say Doc Rivers with CP3 improves the Clippers chances immensely.

            It still has to be done and I will be pulling for the Lakers to capture a few titles with Kobe,Nash,and Gasol before that happens. But they leaped up to the top of the West when they got Doc Rivers.

            I disagree with you about only OKC,Spurs,and Clippers being the only teams in the West that believe they have a chance. Just as the Lakers believe they have a chance so do other teams. Some teams keep their goals and intentions inside the locker room.

            “STEP UP ” means have heart and don’t just sit back and let things happen.
            I’d prefer to lose battling and being aggressive than playing a doormat while teams walk all over us.

            Sure I want us to have great chemistry who doesn’t? But part of that starts with busting your ass up and down the court on both ends of the floor.

            That’s what “STEP UP” means be the competition don’t bow down to it. STEP UP and Be the player who makes plays not excuses.

            I’m not pulling for CP3,Doc Rivers or any one else over the Lakers, but that does’nt lesson their chances of winning a championship.

            We will have to “STEP UP” as a team. Meaning more than just Kobe, if we are to win out the West, let alone the NBA championship.

          • richard

            no, a champions heart is only attributed to a champion who hasn’t been a champion or is being doubted to be a champion again. That’s why it is called a champions heart… you do not say, “never under estimate the heart of a champion” to a person who hasn’t won anything yet… common mayn… you can do better than this…

          • Paytc

            LoL ha ha ha ha ….. That’s so funny. You made my day and that’s why I enjoy chopping it up with ya :-)

            I guess the definition of a “champions heart ” is left to an individuals interpretation.

            The definition I am using the term means ” Big Heart” enough heart to “STEP UP ” and eventually capture your prize. I have a “champions heart” that is why I relate to one so easily when I see it.

            IMO and perhaps many others CP3 has the the heart of a champion.

            No one to include MJ,Kobe,Bill Russell,Magic,Kareem…. were born champions,but they were born with enough heart and skill to eventually be crowned one. IMO CP3 will eventually be crowned one with the addition of Doc Rivers leadership.

            I’m I always right ? No. Do I have to win every discussion? No :-)
            Do I have an opinion? It’s obvious with the number of post we both do.

            Time will tell better than you and I can whether CP3 is crowned an NBA championship. I would be more surprised if he didn’t,than if he did.

            That does not mean I am a Clippers fan. I am far from that,but I have enough respect for CP3 and Doc Rivers to recognize their potential.

            It just means the Lakers will have to keep out working everyone and “STEPPIN UP” to a man. Not waiting for opponents to back us up against the brink of elimination before we “Step up ” Do it right now ! Win right now !

            Go Lakers !

          • Paytc

            It’s not about them. It’s about us ! But no one in the West is gonna just hand the Lakers anything. Teams and players see how small the window of opportunity is. The sense of urgency forces you to “STEP UP ” now, or watch the future dynasty’s emerge and claim the crowns for themselves.

            They know Kobe Bryant is just past the midway point of his career :-) They know the Lakers will always be contending for a title so they better do all they can now, just as we should.

            Just ask Barkley,Stockton and Malone,Patrick Ewing,ETC…,and many other so call great players who never won an NBA Championship.

            Nash does not want to join that club…. but if the Lakers as a team don’t “STEP UP” to a man (EVERYBODY) he won’t be crowned a champion.

            Stop waiting on Kobe to do “ALL” the work. Each player is capable so “STEP UP ” and prove it. That’s what “STEP UP ” means.” Everybody” give us max effort. Not excuses.

    • boccs5

      He’s better than that dummy pop who gave the series to the heat yell

      • Paytc

        Actually Pop is a pretty good coach.He was able to take that aging team further than a lot of coaches would have been able to. Pop always has that team competitive.
        Pop has won about 5 championships. But I do agree that Doc Rivers is as good and perhaps better than Pop. Both very good coaches.

        The Spurs players were on the doorstep and had the 6th game and championship.
        The players have to share in the blame with the coach for losing that championship.

        • boccs5

          I hear you, cause manure was terrible in those last minutes, but still pop put those guys on the floor! And why take your best player and best big and clutch guy out at that time! Parker was not the same once he hurt his leg in the series (it was not all LeBron like the media d.r.’s try to sell us) two key rebounds cost them, and you’d think he’d learn after the first. Good coach to me but after that performance he can no longer be considered top dog yell

          • Paytc

            I agree with you, and that puzzled me????

            If I remember correctly Tim Duncan was scoring at will in the 1st half and Pop must have gotten one of those phone calls, because he got away from that in the second half. And to not have your best on the floor at clutch time?

            I always wondered way PJ would bench Kobe at the start of every 4th quarter? Would’nt it make more since to rest him part of the 3rd quarter since the game is usually decided in the 4th? A young MJ or Kobe could erase big leads but….

            That was how Dallas studied film on PJ’s tendencies and kept Norvinski in at the start of the 4th and ran up too large of a lead for an older Kobe to miraculously pull out the come from behind victory? Dirk just matched Kobe almost bucket for bucket and the big lead and time became a factor?

  • Eddie Lazaro

    What can he say other than the Truth! At least the guy is being honest, but beyond that acceptance speech, he is already trying to figure out what’s boiling in the Lakers Land…. He knows, the run that he’s got will get into a total Halt once we are all healthy and ready. We will take back the Royalty in LA as we still hold the Crown, not the Clips or the Okeys, not even the Spurs for their riders are fallen off their horses for the last couple of years.

    Waiting for the Mamba to suit up and take the 6th with these group of guys wanting to prove they all belong here, in the house Purple and Gold where it will “Shine Again So Bright!” soon. Lakers All the Way!

  • Jim213

    Say’s a lot when it comes from a former champion Celtics coach. Although, the Celts are just one ring ahead for now… consistency and competitiveness is what has placed the franchise at the top of the basketball realm.

  • ra

    Notice he said best ‘franchise’ in sports history, so that includes the Yankees and the Dodgers (and … the Steelers? Raiders? (old Raiders, not new)).

    That’s a HUGE compliment.

    And of course, that includes the Celtics, who did good in the 60s and the 80s, and actually were pretty good the last few years, but that ship has sailed.

    Lakers have the best brand world wide, and these huge signature players like Kareem, Magic, Shaq, Kobe, Wilt, Jerry West, etc.

    • Jim213

      The Celts have one more ring but the Lakers have been more consistent throughout the decades which also applies to title attainments. The NBA hasn’t done a good job marketing the game globally too. Field hockey, tennis, and even cricket surpass basketball globally?…

      This is why they have a lot of interest in China (popularity) given that it’ll help the growth of the game in the East. But even as American Football doesn’t make the top 10… no one markets their sport better than the NFL.

      Half of the NFL teams can be found within the top 50 most valued sport franchises as the Knicks (NBA) are just ahead of the Lakers #2 by a small margin which those Holly Night jerseys should help to increase sales too.