Did Deron Williams Just Drop a Nice Dime to Ramon Sessions? Reviewed by Momizat on . Earlier today, we posted the news about Deron Williams free agency wishes and the feeling around Lakers Nation was a little bit more somber than usual. Much noi Earlier today, we posted the news about Deron Williams free agency wishes and the feeling around Lakers Nation was a little bit more somber than usual. Much noi Rating:
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Did Deron Williams Just Drop a Nice Dime to Ramon Sessions?

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Earlier today, we posted the news about Deron Williams free agency wishes and the feeling around Lakers Nation was a little bit more somber than usual. Much noise is being made that the story released by ESPN is just a negotiating ploy by Nets to increase their leverage for sign and trade deals (i.e. Nets trying to get Bynum instead of Pau).

But let’s pretend that the sources are actually right and Deron Williams has really narrowed down his choices to the Nets and Mavericks.

What does this mean for the Lakers? 

Last week, Jim Buss sat down and chatted with TJ Simers of the LA Times to talk about the Laker’s off-season plans. It was pretty clear that Jim Buss wasn’t planning on making any major trades, so that the core of Bynum, Gasol and Kobe can give it one more try next year. Again, you can take the interview for face value, which then prompts you to yell at your computer screen OR you could take a second and consider the fact that Jim is just setting the table up, so he can also have better leverage during trade negotiations. The Nets have just set their table up with this Williams announcement.

The thinking here is if your opponent knows that you need something, the amount he can gain increases. For example, if you just walked across the desert and dying of thirst, you’re going to need some water. You come across a man who has a cooler of bottled water and he sees that your tongue looks like sandpaper and you’re about to die from dehydration. Originally, he would be selling the water for a $1 a bottle, but because he knows you need to save your own life plus he sees that you just got a $5B deal from Time Warner, he quotes you a price of $5. He just got you for $4 more dollars than the next person.

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Now, let’s say you walked across the same desert, have the same thirst and saw the same man. This time, he doesn’t see you until you want to be seen, so you clean yourself up, muster all your energy to look like you’re not going to die and calmly walk over to him and ask him how much a bottle of water is. The man thinks nothing of the situation and offers you the same price he offers everyone else and you get your bottle of water for a dollar, saving the other four dollars you would have spent if you didn’t do the proper prep work.

Re-read those last two paragraphs if you’re new to negotiations. It might save you a couple of bucks next time you’re at the local farmers market, flea market or car dealership.

So, what’s this have to do with Deron Williams and Ramon Sessions? 

If you haven’t heard, Ramon Sessions opted out of his final year of his contract that would have paid him $4.5M. The quick reaction here is to wonder if Sessions’ is worth more than that on the open market. The real reaction should be that Ramon has been saying he was going to opt out all season and that he is just looking to secure a longer term deal – i.e. 4 years/$16M – in case of injury or what not. The question still is – how much is Ramon Sessions worth to the Lakers when they’re already paying Steve Blake $4M a year, with two years left on his deal.

Well, let’s go back to my analogy and say the Lakers are the thirsty, dying man, crossing the desert. Deron Williams is selling his bottled water for $5 and Ramon Sessions is selling water from a well for $1 a scoop.

With Jim Buss’ interview and Mitch Kupchak’s latest statements about not making major moves this summer, the Lakers have cleaned themselves up and are mustering up all their energy not to look desperate for that water.

But now with Deron Williams saying that he’s refusing to serve the Lakers any water (Nets & Mavs Only), even for $5 a bottle, Ramon Sessions hears that and can now increase his scoop of well water to $2. Simple supply and demand dictates that the Lakers are going to be paying a little bit more for Ramon Sessions because the supply of point guards look to be a little low this off-season.

Yes, I’ve seen the list of other waterboys, er, point guards out there on the market – Steve Nash, Aaron Brooks, Kirk Hinrich, Goran Dragic, Ray Felton, etc. – so, the negotiating powers that Sessions isn’t as great as may think. But because Kobe Bryant’s window is closing soon, Sessions familiarity with Brown’s offense, Sessions’ basketball IQ and relatively young age, the Lakers most likely favor bringing back Sessions for next season, instead of taking their chances with the aforementioned point guards.

Also, note that the Lakers have Sessions’ Bird rights, which means that the Lakers can go over the salary cap to keep Ramon. All the other free agent point guards can only make $3M with the Lakers, so that really ties the Lakers hands as well.

Should be a fun summer once free agency opens up on July 1st.

What do you think is going to happen?


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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000219755487 Mando El Laker Ramirez

    Lets be real Steve,and Ramon ain’t worth all that money..they don’t play like they do..

  • Dbrooks11

    Lakers need to wake up and do whatever necessary to get D Will & D12 to add to the Mamba
    You Play To Win The Games/Rings
    They will never get back to elite status trying to save $$$$$$$$$

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1143339691 Rick Chapman

      did you not read the article.  williams doesnt want to come to LA.  so he wont.  he is from dallas.  his family is in dallas.  he wants to play in dallas.  my inside scoop may not mean much to anyone, but i live in dallas (HATE the mavbricks with a passion) but my ballin pals know people and say that he has already made a decision to come to dallas.  i have been saying this for 2 months now.  and yesterday it comes out in the press.  i might just be on to something huh?  


      This is what I would do if I was the GM and the owner.
    Move 1- Trade Matt Barnes, Pau Gasol,  Troy Murphy for Andre Igoudala and the 15th pick Reason- This is actually a decent trade for both parties. The Lakers get to move up in the draft and they get a solid forward who has athleticism, defense, and streaky shooting.
    Move 2- Draft Perry Jones IIIReason- Jones is one of those players that is too good to pass up. He is very versatile and has a lot of upside.
    Move 3- Draft Quincy Acy at 60th pick and call up Zack Andrews from D League.Reason- They can rebound, they are athletic, and they hustle.
    Move 4- Trade Steve Blake and Josh McRoberts for Lamar OdomReason- Lamar Odom is very versatile and can shoot, defend, pass, and rebound.
    Move 5- Sign Jameer Nelson with Lamar Odom Trade ExceptionReason- Jameer Nelson is good enough to do the things we need him to do like pass, shoot , and penetrate. Although we can’t get Deron Williams because  Buss said we are not aiming for major trades, this is a good move.
    Move 6-  Sign Brandon Roy to a Mid Level Exception Reason- Roy is a great player and is healthy enough to come back. He would be an excellent sixth man for us.
    Move 7- Resign Hill, Sessions, Morris, and Ebanks.Reason- They are the future and still haven’t reached their primes yet. When given playing time, they are really effective.
    This is a real championship squad with versatility. 
    Lineup ViewStarterspg Jameer Nelsonsg Kobe Bryantsf Andre Igoudalapf Perry Jonesc Andrew Bynum
    Benchpg  Ramon Sessions/ Darius Morrissg Brandon Roy/ Andrew Goudelocksf Metta w. Peace/ Devin Ebankspf Lamar Odom/ Zack Andrewsc Jordan Hill/ Quincy Acy

    • lakersssss

      let’s be real man. i dont think a roster change of that magnitude is gonna happen. they pretty much said no trades or major free agent signings this summer. this team in saving money mode which why they shipped out odom for pretty much nothing. signing iggy and jameer nelson, sessions as well as all the benchies is just gonna take up too much money. the most realistic thing thats gonna happen is the lakers either 1) resign everyone and stay put with the roster, maybe a little change here and there, nothing too much, or 2) they let all of their free agents go, and sign a bunch of new role players they hope can make an impact (like troy murphy this year, except he didnt make an impact). the best thing i can say is give more minutes to goudelock. if the lakers really want to make changes it should be in coaching strategy (no I’m not saying fire brown), but like run more plays for gasol, and actually play the young prospects a bit more. why mike brown wants to play washed up veterans instead of young talent that can score (goudelock) i’ll never know

      • Nlruizjr

        apparently, Brown doesn’t either !!!!!

  • Kdruff2

    Nothing will happen till Kobe retires (leaves team) and frees up massive cap space and ball possession time. Longtime Laker fan.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1143339691 Rick Chapman

      agreed 100%.  been saying the same thing for a while now.  not many laker fans on board with this.  rose colored glasses i guess. 

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/H3OBHVXD33WQCUMHUJCV6UTIPY Dillo

       I agree Bean is not the same Bean he once was

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1413027188 Robert Brown

    Shore up the bench,practice the new coach’s schemes and things will be much better, no major trades, get bench players that’s it…remember the season had NO preseason, this year we will..

  • http://www.facebook.com/johnnylorenzo.williams Johnny Lorenzo Puncho Williams

    I wish people would stop over valuing these “great” point guards. You know the ones the people always say the Lakers cant stop. How many of those “great” point gaurds have won a title? I’ll help you out on this. The answer is 1 (Tony Parker) and I think he had a little help from a guy named Tim Duncan. The Position is overrated. Don’t get me wrong I would LOVE a Paul or Williams, etc…. but doesn’t look like that’s going to happen, oh wait, we did have Chris Paul for about a half hour, but that’s a whole nother story. My point is that we just need a couple of shooters that can actually shoot and make a few baskets, not just have a reputation as a shooter (Jason “what waste of a roster spot” Kapono)

  • Tvake817

    Let Andrew Goudelock play more pls!!!! And sign Michael Beasley!!!!! He will help so much and he is still growing at a very young age…. Or trade pau for Brandon Jennings!!! Idk do something tho!!!

    • Nlruizjr

      You actually think that Jimmy Boy wants to spend his casino money on BB players, ha, ha, ha, ha,ha, ha, ha, a good one, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha !!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000528831227 William Jones

    If neither  Deron Williams and Ramon Session wants to play with the Lakers that would be fine, the Lakers should go after Goran Dragic, he is just as good as Seesion and one day be as good as Deron Williams. He can dribble and move the ball up court and his shot selection is pretty good too! The Lakers need to make sure Jordan Hill comes back, they already Have Kobe, Pau, and Andrew locked up for a few more years. They need to keep the majority of the team they have and use some of them as bench players…Barnes, Metta World Peace, Blake, and then go out and get another PG like Dragic and big body to protect the middle…D’Menga knows the system and would probably be cheap. Hell, he’s got six fouls so let him use them protecting the paint!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/H3OBHVXD33WQCUMHUJCV6UTIPY Dillo

     I think we should trade up in the draft some how take a young fast athletic pointguard do you remember what Mo Williams did in Mike Brown’s system i really like Tyshawn Taylor i know he’s a bit of a risk but so is Russell Westbrooke now Tyshawn is no Westbrooke but he’s a winner a four year starter at KU and fell just 1 game shy of being champs. there’s other guards i like better than Tyshawn over all but Tyshawn is reachable in the early 2nd round so what’s up Portland lets make a deal ?  Pick up Andre Miller in free agency to help groom the kid like he did Ty Lawson. Andre can maybe win the starting job this year but split min with TyshawnBlake  check out this kids video he can maybe become the stil of the 2012 draft so tell me what you think family

  • Boplicity9

    sad to say but this is probably signaling the downfall of the Lakers as elite organization. I believe Buss will be true to his word and not make any major trades this offseason. Next year and the year after the Lakers will be also rans barely making the playoffs

  • @king_maybach

    Alrite now time to forget about D-Will n D-How, sing hinrik n brooks, big tyme shooters, sign odom, find a way to get beasley, keep hill, bynum, n gasol, sign roy

  • TideSteel

    In the summer of 2014, the Lakers have no players under contract (except Eyenga if they keep him and make a qualifying offer) for the following season.  I think any moves they make now should have that offseason in mind.  Concentrate on getting draft picks and young players now who won’t take up much of that cap space in 2014-2015 and then sign a couple of young stars that summer (LBJ, Wade and Bosh can be available that summer if they opt out, lol). 
    The best move is Bynum for D-Will.  Moving Gasol back to the 5 where he belongs and where he played when we won two championships and adding D-Will makes us much better now and leaves only D-Will’s contract as a significant one in 2014. 
    If D-Will won’t come to LA, then trade Gasol to Houston for Lowry, #14 and #16.  Houston’s got the cap space now that the season’s over.  Taking back Scola adds his $11 million salary to 2014, so avoid taking him at all costs.  Take only Lowry and one of the picks if necessary to avoid taking Scola.  Lowry’s contract expires in 2014, so his doesn’t hurt the cap room that summer.  Plus, if they want to resign him, they would have his Bird rights and can resign him after adding a couple of free agents.  I’d go for broke in 2014 and trade Bynum now for something similar.  I’d love to trade him to New Orleans for #1 and #10, but I don’t think New Orleans would do it.  I’d consider trading him to Portland for #6 and #11.  If we draft well and sign a couple of stars, we would be contending again in 2014 and way beyond.
    If they want to build around Bynum, they can still trade Pau for the picks and protect the cap space so that he’s the only significant contract in 2014.  Just don’t take back any crap contracts.

    • Nlruizjr

      Trade Bynum, he only plays when he wants, Gasol is more effective than Bynum, plus Bynum only has limited range, why do you think Brown got pissed at him when he shot that 3ptr, Gasol can make those, Bynum can’t, plus you can get alot more pieces for Bynum than you can for Gasol, face it, you can’t build around Bynum (wake up Jim) .

      • TideSteel

        Absolutely.  Gasol is more effective and Bynum will bring more back.  As constructed, we aren’t winning a championship in the next two years, so aim for 2014 and putting together our next dynasty.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1143339691 Rick Chapman

    exactly.  thats what ive been sayin and no one believes me.  

  • guest

    best written piece i’ve read in TLN.

    Deron Passed on the lakers, aka
    Deron dished a Dime to Ramon Sessions


    • Wpgitch

      So what. Sessions should pee in his pants to be a Laker and live in L.A.  You only play basketball for a few years and then what?  Don’t blow this opportunity Sesh. You may wind up in Cleveland or Charlotte or Memphis for the rest of your life or worse Oklahoma

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=643858538 Harrison Moore

    This core has been done for sometime now. Blow it the f*** up. The odds of this team beating either MIA or OKC is laughable. Once we lost to Dallas (who idgaf what anyone says, they were very lucky to win that year) I knew we were done.

    Sessions is a run of the mill pg who isn’t garbage but is nothing to celebrate either. Any half decent pg could average 7 assists playing ith Kobe and 1 1/2 7-footers (Pau is only half a player).

    Trade Gasol and pray for Nash (or a player of his caliber). This team can’t win a title any more than Charlotte can

  • Ballaant

    i say throw the kitchen sink at deron williams giving brooklyn bynum. trade pau for igoudala and amnesty metta world peace. sign garnett, grant hill, and lamar odom.
    PG: Deron Williams/ Steve Blake
    SG: Kobe/ Goudlock
    SF: Igoudala/ Grant Hill
    PF: Garnett/ Lamar Odom
    C: Jordan Hill/ Draft Pick or Garnett

    Garnett and Odom to close the game…everyone is versatile and can play multiple postions. Its perfect in my eyes and we would save a ton of money with being astronomically better.

  • Ruth LeDoux

    Why don’t the Lakers get rid of their coach? There were good players on the bench, but he never played them. Playedtbe same ones all the time! Why didnt he ever play Goudelock? Doesnt make any sense!!

  • Wpgitch

    Sign Sesh and Lamar. Get rid of Murphy. Get McRoberts to shoot the hell out of the ball this Summer  and just keep playing.  I never played the game but I have been watching the Lakers play for 30 years so I’m an expert.

  • Nlruizjr

    time for everyone to quit speculating, only about 1 week then we find out what in store for the Lakers, good or bad, I just hope they at least fix the bench and get a better SPG !!!!

  • lakerfan#1

    Mo Williams8.4/d.west1.1

    Kobe 25.0/eric gordan5.1

    Iggy13.5/jr smith 1.5/

    Beasley6.3/j hill2.9/mcgee

    Bynum14.5 /javale mcgee2.5/hill

    And 15 pick from philly
    with iggy so put him where he fits .5/first 
    rounder from mwp trade .5

    sign mo, west, eric, beasley smith, hill and mcgee
    trade pau for iggy and draft pick 15 and trade mwp for first rounder and trade everone else or let them go but kobe has to have a pay cut of .2 mill and iggy and bynum .5 mill paycut

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