Derek Fisher On Playing Again: ‘Those Days Are Gone’ Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="244"] Derek Fisher will forever be one of the most beloved Lakers of all-time. After helping the Lakers win five championships in his 13 se [new_royalslider id="244"] Derek Fisher will forever be one of the most beloved Lakers of all-time. After helping the Lakers win five championships in his 13 se Rating: 0
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Derek Fisher On Playing Again: ‘Those Days Are Gone’

Derek Fisher will forever be one of the most beloved Lakers of all-time. After helping the Lakers win five championships in his 13 seasons with the team, all fans have their favorite Fisher memories.

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Fisher decided to retire at the end of this season and jumped straight in to the coaching ranks, becoming Phil Jackson’s hand-picked choice to lead the New York Knicks.

Power 106 held a ‘Farewell Fish’ party this morning and Fisher made it clear that he would not be stepping back on the court as a player:

The passion and love for the game will never leave Fisher, but he understands he needs to stay away from the court. He also believes that going straight into coaching will help him focus that passion towards something other than playing:

Whether Fisher can translate that passion to wins as a coach remains to be seen. But Fisher is looking forward to his new role as head coach.

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Unfortunately for the Knicks, if there’s a couple of seconds left in the game, they’re going to have to look to someone else to win the game.

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  • Zach

    Fisher actually was a bigger part of the five rings than Kobe, played smart team ball and actually hit a few clutch shots along the way. Fisher >>>>>> Bryant.

    • BleedPurpAndGold

      Fisher did hit a few big clutch shots but to say he was a bigger part than kobe? really? that’s like saying Robert horry was a bigger part than shaq and kobe in their first three peat…lets not get ahead of ourselves

      • Zach

        Kobe was just better at putting up stats, Fisher was the glue guy, and mor clutch. Big 4th Q in Boston in 2010 and huge shot vs. Spurs with .4 seconds left were both more memorable than any KB playoff moments.

        • BleedPurpAndGold

          Fisher did hit big shots but kobe added the scoring that lakers needed for fisher in order to do what he did. What I mean is that without kobe scoring the ball throughout the series the lakers wouldn’t be in a close position where fisher shots would have made a difference or would be needed. You take kobes average numbers away and lakers would have been down by 25 points to the other team. Then others players would have to filled that void but those other players wouldn’t have been able to fill in kobes shoes on a nightly basis. That’s why you need at least a superstar on your team what it takes one person to do instead of four or five people to do. Know what I mean?

          • Zach

            But if you had another player in there of any value at SG they’d probably score more points than him on the same amount of shots. Too many 8 for 27 kind of nights for Kobe. Fisher was more efficient and played smarter in my opinion.

          • Truehere

            Zach, I can appreciate what you’re saying. But man, really, there’s no efficient fisher without Kobe/Shaq and Kobe/Gasol. Fisher is a great player for sure. But to say something like that, if ur not trolling, is just plain wrong.
            He was always a key piece, but we can change him and win, but we couldn’t change kobe and win.

          • Zach

            I’ve never bought into the whole Kobe myth, honestly, guess I just don’t appreciate his game. Would he settle for scoring just 15 a game if that’s what was best for the team?
            Give me a selfless and smart guy like Fisher to build a team around…maybe it’s just me but I’d take him over Kobe anytime.

          • Kishan

            hahahahahahaha TYPICAL KOBE HATER

          • nlruizjr

            can you really name a superstar that is not selfish, not even the great MJ, that is what makes them a Superstar, other than that you just seem to be a Kobe hater, that is also a fact !!!!

          • Tommy Young

            Your distain for Kobe is obvious and never ending, so its just waste of anyone time to point out how critical having Kobe on the Lakers contributed to their 5 Championships…keep on hating

          • Kishan

            Fisher shoots 39% in his career kobe shoots 45% lol

          • Zach

            Holy crap, you’re right, or close to it! I changed my mind, he’s no better than Bryant…still played better in the clutch and provided far better leadership, but those are some bricklaying stats. Guess he must have been a great leader to even last in the NBA this long! : )

          • Kishan

            i think u need to be quiet before i shut u up with more proof on ur Clutch statement

      • DKWTTY

        He’s a troll. Ignore him.

        • Barney

          yeah, he’s all over this site just starting arguments by posting unpopular opinions and hating on Kobe. Now, why would a person go on a Lakers’ Fan Site and hate on the Mamba? He’ll get more thumbs up if he goes to other team’s site and bash Kobe.

          • Justin

            he isn’t looking for approval. He is a twisted, deviant sociopath who finds pleasure in annoying other people.

          • DKWTTY

            His mom was a prostitute so he was neglected as a child and seeks attention online. Trolls are well known to be mentally ill. He was probably also denied an autograph from Kobe or something. Sounds personal.

    • Kishan

      Okay so lets take kobe out from the team would he have 5 rings then????
      go and follow another sport coz u knw nothing about basketball

      • Zach

        It would depend on whom they replaced Kobe with, that’s obvious. You’re too biased to think clearly. McGrady would have been an upgrade.

        • Kobe Is Lame

          You’re a low life TWEEKER!YOU ARE A TWEEKER!

          • Zach

            Nah, check the stats, McGrady was at least as good, probably better, when healthy. Great player.

        • Kishan

          Kobe was a bigger factor than Fisher so don’t give me that crap


    Fisher should have retired like 3 years ago. Hope he does a great job coaching in NY though.

  • gotwel

    What about Bob Macadoo!!!

  • Buck

    Derek Fisher always played hard and made clutch shots.Greatest role player ever.

    • Zach

      Kishan just pointed out that Fisher hasn’t even shot 40% for his career. And we thought Bryant was a bricklayer…


        …and we thought Zack was a prick layer. He is actually a sucker.

  • Fungal Nail Clippers

    …says one whose team was playing for a racist owner from 1981 to 2014. And without a single NBA championship banner to speak of.

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