Derek Fisher On Coaching Kobe: ‘We’re Brothers So We’ll Figure It Out’

Derek Fisher On Coaching Kobe: ‘We’re Brothers So We’ll Figure It Out’


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Now that the season has officially come to an end for the Oklahoma City Thunder and Derek Fisher considers his options to become a head coach, the questions are coming from all angles about the Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks.

With Fisher considered a candidate to become the new head coach of the Lakers, the five-time NBA champion fielded some interesting questions after his season came to an end. Fisher was asked how he’d handle coaching former teammate and longtime friend, Kobe Bryant. The former Laker said the following, according to Darnell Mayberry of The Oklahoman:

Fisher also said the following about possibly coaching Kobe next season via Mayberry:

At this point in time, Byron Scott appears to be the favorite to land the job in Los Angeles. Scott is confident he’s got a leg up on the competition for arguably the most desirable head coaching position in the NBA while Fisher remains undecided if he’ll have a shot at coaching next year.

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With Fisher and Scott both having played with Kobe and maintaining a close relationship with the superstar over the years, it would be safe to say that the team could have them at the top of the list of candidates.

Other big-name coaches have been mentioned as candidates like George Karl, Lionel Hollins and Jeff Van Gundy, but the team may want a familiar face to run the show rather than someone that has no links to the franchise.

GM Mitch Kupchak did say that he hopes the team can hire a coach before the 2014 NBA draft on June 26 basically forcing Fisher to make a decision quickly. The New York Knicks will be in the hunt for Fisher as well. Phil Jackson also wants a familiar face to help run the team in New York and after being unable to bring in Steve Kerr, Fisher may be the frontrunner for the Knicks.
VIDEO: Derek Fisher On Relationship Kobe Bryant

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  • MissCicely

    Are Fisher’s only qualifications his tenure as a player?

    • Tune

      It’s a pretty strong tenure you have to admit. Playing under Phil for so long and being accustomed to the Lakers family. My favorite deal would be Hollins as coach and Fisher as an assistant and eventually head coach.

      • MissCicely

        Yeah, I just thought he’d have to earn Head Coach. Assistant would make more sense.

        • Tune

          I just hope he does it the smart way and comes to LA as an assistant, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he went to coach or be an assistant for the Knicks. Phil most likely wants an inexperienced coach that knows his system well (Steve Kerr, Fisher now) who can pretty much be his legs. Phil wants to coach, but his health is the issue rather than his wants from the reports regarding his coaching. Having a previous guard that ran your offense on a championship team would be ideal. No idea why the Warriors went after Kerr, they must’ve just figured that if Phil wanted them, he must be a golden child for them. Honestly I expect Kerr to fail or struggle since it seems pretty obvious Phil was looking for a coach to mentor similar to Pat Riley and Erik Spoelstra.

          • CCX

            Fish would be nuts to take the perennially-dysfunctional Knicks job over a chance to maybe be an assistant with the Lakers. He’ has always been looked at as head coaching material since early on in his playing days, a lot like others such as Avery Johnson, Doc Rivers, Jason Kidd, etc…

          • Tune

            Yeah, but the difference would be Phil mentoring him at the Knicks. It has less pressure so he has time to grow while contracts expire so Fisher would be ready to coach and Phil can rebuild.

    • Michael lakers lifer

      I think he has the passion, deter nation and basketball iq to be a very smart head coach. And his leadership has been lauded for over a decade as a player, so he will have the respect of the players. I do think he will go to the Knicks, as Phil seems to want someone with ties to Phil most of all. The lakers haven’t expressed a desire to interview or pursue fisher, so I really don’t know why we are even discussing it. Besides, the lakers want to go after an experiences coach. Personally I’m hoping for Jeff Van Gundy, Lionel Hollins or George Karl. Byron Scott seems to be sucking up too much and banking only on his relationship with the lakers. Let’s be honest, he showed in Cleveland he isn’t great at managing young talent. So not what you want on a lakers team that likely will have to develop a young player or two in the coming years…

    • Klondike

      Derek Fisher is a great motivator.Lionel Hollins is the best motivator in the NBA and if you put Derek Fisher and Lionel Hollins as the Lakers coaches the motivation will be off the charts.Lakers FO better get these motivators.

  • CR

    what would be cool is if byron was coach and fisher was top assistant

    • bandit

      I think that would be perfect

      • lkrpwr

        Tired of the hype around Byron Scott…if he’s so great how come no one is offering him a gig….maybe because he sucks…as a player he choked during the playoffs….and as a coach no players seem to miss him….time to smell the coffee beans and be a bit more imaginative…it worked for Phoenix…

        • CCX

          Like Stan Van he’s waited for the right job to come along and if the timing between his New Orleans / Cleveland stints were a little different he would probably have been Laker head coach for a few years now. Just look at his time with the Nets for proof he can coach and his relationship with CP3 to show how well he can coach star players.

          He sucks and choked? You sure that’s not what you did just before writing that weak post?

  • sile

    When Derek Fisher left that court last night in a OKC uniform.I could just sense him thinking i am a Lakers for life and i am heading back to the Lakers to coach them.

    • DensieMorrisou

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  • Sanderson

    Let’s remind everyone who Derek Fisher is:

    This is the same Derek Fisher who REFUSED to report to the Rockets when he got traded;
    This is the same Derek Fisher who LIED to the Mavericks that he wanted to live close to his family in LA to get released;

    This is the same Derek Fisher who went to play for the enemy OKC while raising his arm high in the air CHANTING “BEAT LA” when playing against the Lakers;
    This is the same Derek Fisher that intentionally CONCEALED Billy Hunter’s illegal activities for 2 years;

    This is the same Derek Fisher who dragged out Players Union negotiations CAUSING the 2011-2012 season lockout; while he wrote that stupid 20 page memo to players that NOBODY bothered to read except Fisher re-read it a hundred times so he could admire his own writing;

    This is the s same Derek Fisher that made a SOUR deal for the players by accepting lower percentage revenue sharing;
    This is the same Derek Fisher whose locker room motivation talk served no purpose but to boost his own ego while alienating other teammates;

    Derek Fisher is a PUNK who should be removed from professional basketball just like Donald Sterling got removed from the NBA.

    • meep

      it the same fisher who help us get 5 rings. so what you like what he did or not he just doing what any business man would do in any business and he didnt make racist comments. so what he did and sterling did are two different things

    • Lois Evans

      dang…what did he ever do to you?

    • bandit

      Damn tell us how you really feel

      • Tune


    • Michael lakers lifer

      Some of this is true, such as the failing to report to the rockets (I think the rockets should not have released him, forcing him to either show up or retire). And I agree he was underhanded with the mavericks. As for chanting “beat LA”, sure, he was on another team, and the lakers traded him, so I can understand that. As for hiding billy hunters illegal activities, what actual evidence are you basing this on? Just your own personal opinions and thoughts? And it has been confirmed HE and Adam silver are the main reasons we even had a season after the lockout, if it was up to sterling or hunter, they would still probably be arguing. The old system was a broken machine, where players earned more than entire franchises, and that’s just not right. So as a fan of basketball, I say thank you to mr fisher for giving us back the game we love, and if the players can only earn $132 million on a max deal, instead of $140 million, I’m pretty ok with that. Having said all that, I don’t think he’s the right fit for the lakers, but I hope he does good things in NY!

  • Lionel Hollins Fan Club

    Hire Lionel Hollins as head coach and then hire Derek Fisher as lead assistant coach.This could be a great situation for Derek Fisher with the Lakers again.

  • kliff richard

    Hire Jeff Van Gundy or George karl and Quin snyder as Next Head Coach LA Lakers

  • kliff richard

    Or Hire Fisher as Head Coach and as hire assistant byron scott and as hire assistant coach kurt rambis LA Lakers

    • Chrmngblly

      Not Rambis, my God…

      • lkrpwr

        and no Scott either….

        • Chrmngblly

          I have been a Lionell Hollins fan after my main guy, Kevin Ollie went back to U-CONN. But I also have long thought the Fish would make a great coach–and–since someone else mentioned it, so would Luke.

          Remember, Luke Walton is like Kobe, he grew up in pro basketball with an all-star, NBA champion father, who was also an announcer for years. I really like Luke Walton, too.

  • Leo

    If you did not want Phil, try to get Greg Pop in the coming years. After the big three’s time will be over in SA, try to get him. He is the best active coach in the league.

    • Evan

      So you want the Lakers to wait four, five, six years or more to get a coach?

  • Lez

    I dunno about this, sometimes it just doesn’t work if your best friend or family member is your boss. Mark Jackson is an exception, besides, he went to a team loaded with young athletic talent. That kinda helps an incoming coach whether he’s experienced or not.

  • Evan

    I don’t want Fisher as our head coach (I’m on the Hollins bandwagon), but as an assistant? Maybe. What can he bring to the team? Knowledge.of the triangle only helps so much. He may know how to help the HC with Kobe, but what else? I’m honestly asking because I have only ever seen him as a player, and have no idea what kind of coach he could even be.

  • Derek Clark

    Would rather have Fish be an assistant coach first. Learn the ropes and work your way up. We need a coach with experience running a team like the Lakers.

  • Yaya

    Their kinship is suddenly new to me.

  • #LakerFaithful

    Fish should go with NY, cuz like he said “They’re brothers” and having brothers myself, I could tell you that the last person I would want to coach me in any part of life is “My Brother”. Fish is gonna be a great head coach though.

  • kb24

    scott or hollins as HC i am not sure who is better fit for lakers and idk who has more knowledge about D,rebounding and championships at the same time using 10 or 11 man rotation lineup

    • KB24

      Derek Fisher as assistant coach

  • Josh

    Not trying to just root for Lakers guys to get this job, but my top preference for the HC job is Byron Scott, and I also think Fish and Luke would make great candidates. Hollins is the only non-Laker I would consider, but he is fourth on my list at this point. I’ve always really like Rambis, and I don’t think he got a fair shot working for Kahn in MN, but I think it’s time to cut him loose; I’m surprised Phil hasn’t interviewed him yet.

  • roseducanna

    No KARL, no GUNDY.

  • CCX

    Mitch make the first right coaching change since Phil and bring B Scott as head coach with Fish his top assistant!

    • BULLY

      that would be perfect.. Fish will help Scott add the triangle in his offense

  • mg_harrier

    Best coach for Lakers is still playing on the team..KB24!