Derek Fisher: Kobe’s Injury ‘Put Me In A Tough Place Emotionally’

Derek Fisher: Kobe’s Injury ‘Put Me In A Tough Place Emotionally’


Kobe Bryant 3After winning five NBA titles while playing alongside one another with the Los Angeles Lakers, Derek Fisher and Kobe Bryant created a bond that will last a lifetime. Even though these two Laker legends won’t be able to finish their career playing together in Los Angeles, Fisher says Bryant’s recent injury impacted him emotionally via

Still, Kobe’s injury really put me in a tough place emotionally — not only because he is a friend, but also because it was an example of just how fragile this business really is, and how quickly your career can change. Things like that can happen, and just like that, you might not be the same.

It was a tough couple of days to kind of process that. But I’m better with it now. I know he’ll be fine. He’ll be great when he comes back.

As a result of Bryant’s knee injury, the five-time NBA champion will be out at least until the end of the month and potentially longer pending any setbacks. It’s been a rough year for Bryant with the superstar battling back from a torn Achilles tendon that kept him off the floor for eight months. However, he remains confident that he’ll be back and ready to compete at a high level once again this season.

As for Fisher, the veteran point guard is working on winning a sixth ring in his final season in the league with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Fisher will be playing a bigger role for the rest of the season with Russell Westbrook going down with a knee injury once again.

With the Thunder currently in second place in the Western Conference with a 27-8 record, Oklahoma City has a solid chance at competing for a title this season. Westbrook’s injury could prove costly, but as of right now, the Thunder might be the best team in the West.
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  • Paytc

    Wow, how much have the Lakers missed Fisher. Sessions did an ok job, but they let him go before he could find his fit with the Lakers. Perhaps KM?

    Yeah Fish, all the real great player supporters felt the blow when Kobe suffered his first major injury after trying to almost single handily lead the team to a championship.

    It’s been a couple of unfortunate years for Kobe and the Lakers, but they will both bounce back. Go Kobe ! Go Lakers ! Much love goes out to Derek Fisher.

    • Jim213

    • ra

      Notice that many players are in and out due to injuries these days, not just on Lakers. Players are clearly being pushed to increase their performance, and it’s only a matter of time before PED’s start playing a part. There may even be new rules to protect the players, just like in football, some day.

      As for the NBA in general, I believe it has suffered without Kobe in the mix. Even the haters on ESPN don’t have much to talk about. LBJ isn’t really carrying the torch well, and doesn’t have the draw that Kobe had. I mentioned that it is like the time when Tiger Woods was out for a few years. Interest in Golf took a nose-dive. Even if Tiger isn’t playing his best, people watch Golf because of Tiger. Players strive to reach Tiger’s ability.

      Kobe isn’t around for others to ‘strive for’. Even LBJ admitted that the Christmas Day game was not the same without Kobe. He brought more than excellence to the game – he brought focus and worldwide appeal.

      Yes, he will be back, and when he comes back, I hope the media-weenies start beginning to appreciate his value to the NBA. Fish already knows what Kobe means to the NBA.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Derek Fisher was the locker room leader and Lakers miss his leadership.It sucks Kobe got injured as bad as he did,it was out of left field when he got hurt he was having one of his best stretches ever as a player and boom in one instant it all came crumbling when he tore his Achilles Tendon.Derek knows how bad the injury is and he is saddened by it.Nothing will ever replace that team we had with Kobe+Fisher+Pau+Lamar+Bynum+Ariza they worked so damn hard to win it all.

  • Jim213

    The injuries for teams at the PG keep on piling. Eric Bledsoe out infidelity as requires some knee surgery. Given this the Suns (small ball) may wait until FA to try to sign him as it may be a wait and see for their FO. Just throwing it out there as a possible pickup in 2014 as RFA if healthy. Thus possible 7th-8th vacant playoff spot opening?