Derek Fisher and Luke Walton Endorse Brian Shaw as Lakers Coach

Derek Fisher and Luke Walton Endorse Brian Shaw as Lakers Coach


During their exit interviews today Derek Fisher and Luke Walton endorsed former Laker and current assistant coach Brian Shaw as the next head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Phil Jackson’s imminent departure leaves an opening on the team for a head coach, and one of the most popular rumors this season has been that Los Angeles will promote Brian Shaw from assistant to head coach.

Earlier this season during a game in Portland Kobe Bryant also endorsed Shaw. The quotes from Fisher and Walton seem to emulate Bryant’s original comments.

“If we keep the triangle (next year), I don’t see where we’d go other than Coach Shaw,” stated Walton. The Los Angeles reserve went on to say that the triangle wasn’t the problem this year, but an inability to play patient enough to run it effectively was what cost them.

Fisher’s sentiments were very similar to Walton’s, “I support Brian (Shaw) 100 percent. It’s not my decision to make, that’s for Mitch (Kupchak) and Dr. Buss, but I’m hopeful.” Fisher went on to say that this year’s elimination was tougher than losing to the Boston Celtics in the 2008 Finals, and that he’s hopeful for the future.

Whether or not Brian Shaw is given the head coaching job next season will depend on Dr. Buss and Mitch Kupchak’s opinions on who they believe will be the best man to lead the Lakers in the post-Phil Jackson era.

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  • Jimdixi4

    phil jackson should leave now !!!

  • treese1231

    These comments coming from players that probably won’t and shouldn’t be with the Lakers next year! Really Walton, what have you ever done for the Lakers?

    • Jimdixi4

      phil jackson is no longer hungry for another title . what other reason would a coach sit emotionally detached and let the team run and coach it self?

  • Doncaloy

    I wish they’d give JERRY SLOAN a call.

    • LARocks!!

      He’s a heart-attack on a stick. Why in the world bring his grumpy azz to L.A.?! And, besides.. what if we go after Deron Williams.

      Brilliant! … not.

  • Mmechapman

    Lakers need a “Defensive” pg and a 7 footer back-up, that’s it. Sorry, forgot, move fisher to back-up.

  • Mmechapman

    Can’t make Gasol/Odom be Physical players when that’s not their game. Get a “Bulky” 7 Footer to back-up Byrnum and a young, Quick defensive point Guard and d Lakers will be Fine!

  • Mmechapman

    I’m all for giving a young Coach a Chance. Just not sure Kobe will listen too an inexperienced Coach. At times he didn’t listen to coach Jackson. Gud Luck whomever they get.

  • Mmechapman

    Of Course Fisher/Walton endorsed Coach Shaw! Walton knows he would be gone if a new coach had his choice. Luck for him he is under contract. Like walton but just not Athletic enough. Fisher is a Laker “Legend”. At some point he has to be moved to a Back-up role for the gud of the team.