Dennis Rodman Says Lakers Have ‘No Chance’ This Season Reviewed by Momizat on . The Los Angeles Lakers are not on many people's radars this season, and no one really has them making a deep run in the playoffs. With Dwight Howard now in Hous The Los Angeles Lakers are not on many people's radars this season, and no one really has them making a deep run in the playoffs. With Dwight Howard now in Hous Rating:
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Dennis Rodman Says Lakers Have ‘No Chance’ This Season

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GTY_dennis_rodman_jt_130909_16x9_992The Los Angeles Lakers are not on many people’s radars this season, and no one really has them making a deep run in the playoffs. With Dwight Howard now in Houston and an aging group of stars, the Lakers are not a popular bet to dethrone the Miami Heat.

The flamboyant and outspoken Dennis Rodman chimed in on the Lakers, and he told local reporters in Tokyo that Los Angeles has no chance in winning banner number 17 this season.

“We know that the Miami Heat, that’s the best team,” he said. “The Lakers, no chance.”

The Heat are heavy favorites to win it all and become the first team to three-peat since the Lakers did in the early 2000s. However, the Lakers are not shaken or saddened by the fact that they are being overlooked this upcoming season. Kobe Bryant is more determined than ever to prove his naysayers wrong, and the team as a whole is focused on competing in the Western Conference.

The Lakers may not have the best team on paper, but they have the heart and dedication to make some noise.

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  • Daryl Peek

    The Lakers only shot at making noise this season are in one player… Pau Gasol. If Pau can get back to 2009-10 production, this team will be reckoned with! Kobe is the wildcard but a given as I fully expect his return to consistent greatness. If Pau is on, whatever Nash gives us will be gravy. Pau can lift the role players by commanding double teams like he did in 2010. His efforts in rebounding and blocked shots are the areas I want to see elevated.

    This group of Lakers is being undersold. I’m not mad at that, they have much to prove given how many other teams have vastly improved coupled with our recent failures. I can’t wait to see what kid of statement the team makes against the Clippers on Tuesday!

    • Paytc

      Daryl Peek,
      I don’t think Pau is our “only” shot but I do think he is a very important piece of the winning puzzle. I also think he will be motivated because his contract is up at the end of the year.

      I agree they are not giving the Lakers much of a chance, but it’s up to the Lakers to “STEP UP ” and show them whats inside their hearts.More than just Kobe,Pau,and Nash… The team!

      I don’t know if we are ready for the Clippers quit yet, but hopefully we are come money time(playoffs).

      • Daryl Peek

        I want all the Lakers new and old to do well but star power is what goes deep in the playoffs! If Gasol steps up everything else will fall in line for noise to be made.

        LeBron is the constant in Miami, when Wade is on the Heat are damn near unbeatable. This is the same for Kobe (the constant) and Gasol. Duncan and Parker also. Duncan had fallen off the last couple of seasons, his resurgence last year had the Spurs seconds from ring number 5 in game 6.

        This team goes as far as Kobe and Gasol can carry them. Roll players are all important but they follow the leaders…

        • Paytc

          Yes you are right . Well stated ,and I do agree with you .

    • Joseph Apohen

      I’ve seen some of the preseason games and did not see Farmar play with the first unit. However he looked good with Jordan Hill and Hill looked good too. I am anxious to see how he plays with Pau as they both have high bb iq.

  • Canine

    from who? who cares what this clown say.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Everyone has an opinion and i am fine with that.Dear writer do you know how many famous people will have strong negative opinions of the Lakers this season?Drum roll please the answer is a lot,if you spend the whole day writing a worthless article on some ex NBA player saying Lakers are no good and have no chance you will be spending most you’re time on it.

    Lets face reality the roster is full of question marks and the coach MDA is not a fighter to shut these guys up much like Phil or Pop do.We know the roster is filled with young unknown players like Xavier Henry,Jodie Meeks,Shawne Williams,Elias Harris so of course the media will eat this up for breakfast.Nick Young and Wesley Johnson are the main young guys and the media knows that Wesley was a lottery bust as was Jordan Hill and they want to just shove dirt on the Lakers for no good reason.Jordan Farmar is young and the media and fans of the NBA hardly remember him being a 2 time champion.Times have changed and these critics are harsh in their approach to the Lakers.

    Media and Ex NBA players are all opinionated people.Dennis Rodman is just staying relevant by dissing the Lakers.It’s not rocket science the Lakers are missing Kobe and Nash seems old and injured also Pau has trade rumors swirling around him,it’s no wonder the Lakers are getting dissed by the pundits.I disagree with the pundits,i actually think the Lakers will win their fair sharer of games.

    Go Lakers!

    • monica697

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      • usuck

        nobody cares!”

      • Gianna

        Marcus is a liar, his story has more holes than Thailand’s Red light district! I’m just saying he shouldn’t be posting stuff on LAKERSNATION comment section. So you finally got that 1979 BMW 3-series? From you’re perspective, that’s a huge upgrade from your 1985 Toyota Tercel. And don’t forget to put the decimal place on the $51.75 and $8.1 income you posted, we might confuse readers. Good luck on your new job! if I’m free tonight I might drop by to taste the burgers you proudly fry so well.

      • Scam Buster

        monica897, I checked out your full profile and you are full of sh*t! To those who are wondering, please check this out–http://disqus.com/monica697/. She can’t even get her story straight. Bought a Maserati, A BMW M3 and a Nissan GTR. BMW 5 series, GMC, Lancia, Fiat Panda, Lotus Elise, Subaru–multiple times in a span of 1 week. Now you know this thing is just a bunch of BS!

  • swagmeister

    “they want to just shove dirt on the Lakers” ….it’s a sad human nature that people love to kick the champ while he’s down. However just like death, taxes and General MacArthur …the Lakers shall return!!

  • Paytc

    So basically we are all suppose to believe Dwight Howard was the only way the Lakers could win a championship title? Is that what all these doubters and haters believe? The Lakers won championships before Howard,and PJ so we can win it again.

    If D12 was still here many of these same clowns would be saying the Lakers are favorites to win it all like they did last year. In my book that one player was not that important.

    I think we improved the team so we have also improved our chances. We were set up from the start to fail last year with all the injuries,coaching changes,ego’s,immaturity,lack of hunger/championship desire etc….

    I would respect Rodman’s comment more if he said “slim” chance, but “no chance”? In all fairness to him this is hear say coming from a media source. I did’nt hear him personally say it.

    If he did say it and is out to salt the Lakers just for personal attention, that’s a buster move.

    We still know the call word to action this year is STEP UP ! The Lakers won’t make excuses our plan is for each player to “STEP UP ” and be accountable.

    Go lakers !

  • Matt Williams

    Whatever Rodman. Go back to your tea party with Kim Jong Un!

  • C*HarrisTHEboss

    Realistically – Who cares what a washed up cross-dressing freak has to say about anything.

  • Golteb

    ’nuff said

  • Super Girl


  • NotSure_i_Agree

    Former Laker? Wasn’t he a laker for all of 15 games?

  • kim


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