Debate: Which Lakers Newcomer Will Have The Best Season? Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="312"] Topic: We wonder which Lakers newcomer -- between Carlos Boozer, Jordan Clarkson, Ed Davis, Jeremy Lin, or Julius Randle -- will have [new_royalslider id="312"] Topic: We wonder which Lakers newcomer -- between Carlos Boozer, Jordan Clarkson, Ed Davis, Jeremy Lin, or Julius Randle -- will have Rating: 0
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Debate: Which Lakers Newcomer Will Have The Best Season?

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Topic: We wonder which Lakers newcomer — between Carlos Boozer, Jordan Clarkson, Ed Davis, Jeremy Lin, or Julius Randle — will have the best season.

Context: The Lakers will be boosted by the return of Kobe Bryant this season. Additionally, players like Nick Young, Jordan Hill, and Xavier Henry are all coming back and will be major contributors.

But the Lakers have also brought in a number of newcomers, all of whom could play a big role in the Lakers’ fortunes this year.

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Carlos Boozer is the lone veteran of the group. After 12 seasons in the NBA, many people are counting out the former All-Star. He will likely begin the season as the starter at power forward and log major minutes all year.

Clarkson is a second-round pick, but flashed serious potential in summer league. He is young, athletic, and could blossom if given the minutes.

Davis was an under-the-radar signing. He has been around the league for a few years, but has never been given a chance to play consistent minutes. He could be the Lakers best chance at a true rim protector.

Lin will probably get the most minutes of the group and could easily be the starter at point guard, one of the weakest positions on the Lakers. He has also proven that he can play at the NBA-level consistently, which can’t be said for everyone.

Lastly is the Lakers’ prized first-round pick Julius Randle. He definitely has the potential, but as a rookie, you can never be sure how good he will be immediately.

But who will have the best season of group? That remains to be seen.

Verdict: We went to Twitter to ask our faithful followers which Lakers newcomer will have the best season. These are some of the responses:

This question brought a wide range of answers and was actually relatively even. I was rather surprised to see Clarkson be mentioned as much as he was.

Overall, the fans seemed to edge towards Jeremy Lin ever so slightly and I tend to agree with them in this instance. But not by much.

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I have been a supporter of Ed Davis since the beginning of the off-season and I do believe that he will have a breakout year. He will grow into the Lakers’ best rim protector and become a fan favorite by the end of the year.

However, I don’t believe Davis will get the consistent minutes at the outset of the season. In the case of Lin, that won’t be an issue. He will get the minutes from the beginning and will have the ball in his hands a lot.

All five players will have the opportunity to make an impact at some point this year, but in my opinion, it will be Lin who has the biggest impact.

Lakers Coach Byron Scott Talks Nick Young, Kobe, Defense

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Corey is currently a full-time staff writer for Lakers Nation. He is a passionate follower of the Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Cowboys and can usually be seen arguing the merits of Kobe Bryant or cursing the decisions of Jerry Jones. He is also a former producer and associate producer for Sirius XM Sports Radio. Follow him on twitter @TheeCoreyH

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  • Jarriq Darrius ThaGreat

    Lin definitely will have the best season. point guards in bryon scotts offenses always get better. Depending on how hard he works this offseason i can see him at 17-20ppg. Running pick n roll sets with our big will be nice for him. Last season Jordan Hill and Farmar had some nice success with it early in the season. I cant wait for the season to start, end all this speculation

    • Computer Networking

      Great point. I see Lin being a double double machine this year. If you pair him with davis, it will be an insane duo with the pick and roll.

    • http://www.88degrees.tv Allen Lin

      I’m hoping Lin and the other new additions can use their youth to outhustle older teams like Spurs and Mavs. Imagine a starting 5 of Kobe, Lin, Boozer, Hill, Randle. Then you have coming off the bench…Nash, Clarkson, Wes Johnson, Ed Davis. If Byron has our boys playing tenacious D, I think we’ve got a shot at making the playoffs.

    • 1mtoldman

      point guards when they leave the rockets always get better too: dragic, lowry

  • Pedro

    So, Shawn Marion is going to Cleveland. Could someone please explain to me how do they have enough cap to sign all these players? I mean, Marion is probably signing for the vet minimum but i can’t see how they can have LeBron, Kyrie, Kevin Love, Varejão, Dion Waiters. Mike Miller, etc and all of that within the limit of their cap space…

    • 1mtoldman

      you are right about marion signing for the vet minimum and thats how they do it; all cap and extension and every other kind of possible exception or clause has been used up. only because marion signing for minimum can they get him. reports of they maybe getting ray allen too but from what allen has said i dont see him signing for minimum.

      • Computer Networking

        Even the exceptions that they have won’t explain it. Lebron, kyrie, love, and varajeo takes up 61 of the 63 million. That’s only 4 players.

        • rayg0838

          Why all the worry about Cavalier’s payroll???? Are FAKER Fans concerned about something. The FAKERS have absolutely no cap space,and they got absolutely nothing in the top free agents, wonder why???….Just a Thought!!

          • Computer Networking

            Honestly, no one is concerned. The lakers will compete. No one will win it all every year, so what you want is for you team to make playoffs. This they will do.

          • rayg0838

            Oh, thanks for the input. My question was directed at the comments that were concerned about the Cavaliers cap space. Sounded like Faker Fan sour grapes a usual. Yes fans do want their teams to compete and go as far as possible to winning a championship. Being a Spurs fan for many years, I too want them to do their best. ….Just a Thought!!!

          • Ohthehumanity

            Why are you shouting

      • rayg0838

        Perhaps you should have your eyes tested or put your glasses on before you speak, if you can’t “see” Allen signing…..Just a Thought!!!

    • nlruizjr

      why is it that Cle can get away with these signings, without basketball reasons, and the lakers could not even sign only one superstar and get hit by the commissioner with basketball reasons, why aren’t Jimmyboy and Mitch compaining about Gilbert getting all the breaks, 1st round picks, signing top superstars and not a whisper of basketball reasons from the commissioner.

    • Computer Networking

      They will be over the cap. Every team can go over the cap, they just have to be willing to pay the luxury tax.

    • rayg0838

      Why ?? is it your money??? Or do you work for the IRS??? Or are you a FAKER Fan who is really concerned about how well the CAVALIERS will do this year while your FAKERS will be mediocre at best??? Jealousy, gets you in the out house with out toilet paper..So Pedro, suave cito, and have some more Zombie Juice…..Just a Thought!!!

      • Seriously?

        Slow day in the Spurs’ forums so you have to troll a Laker forum?

        • rayg0838

          Seriously, it is laughable to tell you and your fellow FAKER Fans the truth about you and your FAKERS. Then, it is even amore laughable to get the FAKER Fans, like you, replies from your worn out FAKER Fan Spin Bible. Then, to reply back to the FAKER Fan replies it is like dealing with the Simpleton, Simon on the way to the fair. You know that one,right??, where he was going fishing with all the water he had was in his mother’s pail. Just like a FAKER Fan. It is hilarius, and I must admit, unfair, because yoiu FAKER Fans only have your FAKER Fan Spin Bible to get a reply from , so it is always the same old dumbed down school yard diatribe, and dead beat attempt comments. The FAKER Fans repllies are all a joke, such miscreant origin, past history boring redundant trivial dribble. It truly is the most dumbed down repies from a worn out reference guide of ancient history and I.Q. -5 mentality. So, seriously, are you seriously asking that question, or is that a FAKER Fan spin bible reference comment??? To answer your question, though, I do comment on the Spurs, and their fans have a more challenging dialogue of incite to basketball, to respond to with a level of intellect that is totally remiss in any FAKER Fan diatribe…So, seriously, Just another Thought!!!.

  • DJSlik

    JLin is going to have a break out year. He’s in a contract year, and despite the fact that he won’t be the focal point of the offense (as Kobe rightfully is), he’s going to have so much freedom compared to last year he won’t know what to do with himself. Combination of playing for a new contract, being closer to home, playing for a coach who believes in him, almost certainly guaranteed minutes, generally being happier, and playing with a chip on his shoulder is going to equate to big things. Boozer I think is close behind. Randle could be ROY or just another rook. I don’t buy stock in rookies until I actually see them perform on the big boy stage.

  • 1mtoldman

    if ed davis was “locked in a cage in memphis” as some poster in the article said then lin was locked in a concentration camp isolation cell in houston.

  • Ultimate187

    I don’t know if Lin will have the best season, but he’s positioned to make the most immediate difference.

    • Computer Networking

      Lion’s only issue was defense. Hiring scott might solve that issue. If so, Lin will have his best season. He can penetrated defenses, good perimeter shooter and unselfish.

      • TheSportsAuthority

        The idea that Lin is/was a poor defender is pure garbage. Much like a narrative consistent with the modern conservative movement…it is meant to cast aspersions while rejecting thought, history and perspective in the process.

        As someone who has played, coached, officiated, live broadcasted and reported on the game of basketball…let me ease Lakers fans fear. Jeremy Lin is an above average NBA defender.

        He’s extremely active on defense, good defensive rebounder, helps and rotates, draws charges, can get into passing lanes, challenges shots…easily above average defensive player.

        Now if you’re going to make the measure “you can stay in front of Russell Westbrook coming off screens” or your a poor defensive player…then Lin is a poor defensive player.

        • Okaaay

          More to your point, point guards who can face guard players like Westbrook, Rose, and Irving for a full 48 minutes are few and far between. In my opinion, it takes a concentrated effort on help defense by all 5 players on the floor to effectively limit their impact.

  • Eman94

    I’m hoping its Ed Davis or Julius Randle based off of their potential but since Jeremy Lin will certainly get more minutes than either of them due to his position and the need for a PG I’m going to predict he’ll have the best season. To me this team looks solid but sadly I don’t think a solid team can make it to the playoffs in the west, I think they still need a better scoring forward because Wesley Johnson isn’t one and he’s not consistent enough on defense to make up for it. They also need a true center because Jordan hill can’t be a starting center and I’ve lost all hope in Sacre due to his poor rebounding and limited offense and lack of athleticism. Right now Ed Davis would be my starting center but if he’s lost to an injury then we’ll have to use Sacre and that’ll hurt the team severely.

    • 1mtoldman

      i agree with most of what you say but i dont think a big man is that important anymore. how many really good big men are there? the usa team played last nite with basically 4 guards and a stretch 4 (whatever a stretch 4 is)–i think the game has changed to where a conventional center actually is a detriment. theres no reason to assume davis will be injured more than anyone else. i agree sacre is useless. but i dont expect him to even be in the rotation. i think hill can be a starting center and evidently the lakers also think so cause they paid him a lot of money. but yeah i think davis would be my choice as the season wore on to take over more minutes with perhaps hill still starting. (a lot of teams do that sort of thing)–also yeah it seems most long time laker fans agree johnson and the 3 spot is the weak link; well theres always beasley? (rotate beasely and johnson one for offense one for defense, what about x henry could he provide offense?) and i think the team can make the playoffs if injuries dont derail. but it will be hard fought. i see 3 teams at the top 8 teams in the middle and 3 teams at the bottom. the lakers are defintely in the middle.

      • nlruizjr

        Prejudging the Lakers before even one game has been played is not giving this new team a chance to prove themselves, I for one think they deserve that chance to prove themselves before prejudgement !!!!!!

    • Johnathan Barris

      i think everyone is forgetting wesleys 42 or so point game a while back…he has the ability to score. but your right about the consitancy…

    • Computer Networking

      I hope that all of them have a good season. I hope davis starts ahead of hill but they split time on the court evenly

  • Blue

    Not a chance Boozer has a positive impact this season. He’ll score points, but he’ll do it a lot less efficiently than Hill, Davis, Kobe, and Lin – all four are more efficient scorers, and not as much of a defensive liability. Lin’s defense is not great but he plays PG, defense in the post is more important than defense on the perimeter and Lin’s also the most efficient scorer of all of the current Lakers outside of Jordan Hill based on last season’s percentages, Randle and Kobe excluded for obvious reasons. He can also create his own shot, unlike Hill. Davis is another good choice. Lin has the potential to score 20 points a game but Davis has potential to go 15-12-2(blocks). In fact, any playoff chance whatsoever hinges entirely on Davis having a breakout season. He never really got a chance with his old team, but in limited minutes and usage, he was very good. Lin is very good creating for big men, so it’s a good pairing if they eventually start Davis, or have Lin come off the bench. There’s also no other consistent post scorer besides Hill, either. Hill can be good but his basketball IQ is low and he’s not as good of a defender. Coaches typically preach defense, but give preference to offensive players because offense is easier to control. So contrary to what Byron Scott says, I think he will ultimately chose Hill over Davis. Nick Young is trash, the poster-boy of volume scoring if you will. Randle will need time. Nash is cooked. Bryant will be like MJ on the Wizards. So I’m gonna stick with Lin.

    • Computer Networking

      I agree with most of what you said. I do believe that davis should start. I agree that hill will be the starter but because hill is the biggest trade asset the lakers have that would help the team upgrade. They will try to trade him by the trade deadline. There is no other reason why they would give him 9 million per season. Davis will get his shot. The lakers just need boozer to be a team player. A 10 pts 10 reb guy. He is capable of doing that and he will. Kobe will be a 25 per game guy. In order to guarantee this, the lakers need to take a shot at signing beasley. If they sign and start him at sf, the lakers will do way better than anyone expects. Nick young needs to continue to come off of the bench. He is getting paid to be a spark off the bench. He is one of the best in this job.

  • Kb24

    Lin(princeton relies on lin,kobe)
    Davis(rim protection,pick and roll guy)
    Randle(sad to say but i always keep on hearing that scott benches rookies)

    • Johnathan Barris

      that julius statement is straight from the rumor factory

    • Jim213

      Davis IMO, needed an above the rim finisher inside who’ll be motivated to play for the brand.

  • Egg No Yolk

    Frank Jones is fat.

  • Fred Melendez

    lin all the way man you will all see

  • ricky

    How about no one?

  • independentbynature

    Jeremy Lin gets my vote.

  • numb1lakefan

    michael beasley will have the best season as a laker because he has been working out with kd and getting better..laker fans will love the addition of b-easy

    • rayg0838

      If he can stay away from drugs and guns, another Dim-Wit FAKER for the FAKER Fans, right up their alley….Just a Thought!!!

  • Mark Zarina Samonte

    Clarkson!!! If given playing time…

  • Zach

    I’m going with Carmelo or LeBron, asssuming they signed them both like their fans kept claiming they would???

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