De’Anthony Thomas Says He Had ‘Black Mamba’ Nickname Before Kobe Bryant

De’Anthony Thomas Says He Had ‘Black Mamba’ Nickname Before Kobe Bryant


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The 2014 NFL Combine is officially underway with the best and brightest college football players showing NFL scouts they are worthy of being drafted in the upcoming draft.

One player stuck out amongst the rest in the first few days of the combine in terms of saying something that related to Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant. Apparently, former University of Oregon running back, and current NFL draft prospect, DeAnthony Thomas is the original ‘Black Mamba’.

Thomas is a native of Los Angeles, and earned the nickname playing youth football in the popular league owned by Snoop Dogg.

Thomas says that Snoop Dogg gave him the nickname because of his breakaway speed and ability to tear apart his opponents on the gridiron.

Kobe has yet to comment on the matter, but it’ll be interesting to see what he thinks about sharing a nickname with another professional athlete.

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  • Raspy

    And his point is? Nobody knows who he is. I’m pretty sure there’s another king James In the world but it is what it is he needs to focus on getting drafted and worry about if he can actually live up t the name.

  • Tonio

    It’s all right, the ‘The BLack Superman’ wasn’t Shaqs’ original either. It was ‘Billy Ray Bates’ who was first coined the alias (news paper headline), after his succesfull stint in the far east back then (way back when he plays for ‘Crispa Redmanizer’, Philippines in the 80s, I believe).

  • Gary Kelly

    I mean who is this kid kobe has been called the black mamba as far back as I can remember kobe has been in the nba what 18 years now prob started getting called the black mamba around 2000 or 2001

    • Jeorge Philip Santiago

      Nah, I think I first heard it when he changed his jersey number to 24 from 8. 2007 When I first heard he was the Black Mamba. But still, for me, he will be the famous “Black Mamba” ever!

  • ra

    De’ Who? Doesn’t matter. The name is now ‘synonymous’ with Kobe. Just like – Bob Marley did not invent Reggae music, but he elevated it to a new level. He is the standard by which others are measured, and there will never be another like him.

    There will ‘never’ be another Kobe. He has the title for eternity.