D-Fenders News: Manny Harris Sets Franchise Record Against Warriors


    Former Laker Manny Harris made a huge statement last night after setting a franchise record 56 points scored in a 121-106 win against the Santa Cruz Warriors. This marks the second time this season that Harris would break a franchise record for scoring.

    Harris took to Twitter to express his excitement after his record-breaking performance:

    The D-Fenders would have a weak start, unable to defend the Warriors in the paint and shooting only 33.3 percent from the floor in the second quarter. The momentum would shift after the half with Manny Harris scoring 21 of his 56 points in the fourth quarter and finishing with a total of 16 rebounds. Top contributors also included Travis Hyman with a double-double and James Southerland with 14 points.

    Harris signed two 10-day contracts with the Lakers in the past month due to an injury-plagued team, but Lakers decided not to sign him for the remainder of the season with the hopeful returns of guards Steve Nash and Steve Blake. Despite being sent back to the D-League, Manny Harris continues to make his presence known.
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    • ranfan

      Manny is on a tear lol. Hope he gets that contract he wants

    • LakersHeatBeef

      Keep up the good work,hope we get him back.

    • Daryl Peek

      Dave McMenamin ‏@mcten 19s
      Shawne Williams, putting Manny Harris’ 56 points for the D-Fenders in perspective, tells Nick Young he’d score 100 “easily” in the D-League

      • kobe24

        As your comment shows, D-League is a joke compared to NBA. Sorry but its true. Although I think Many Harris could be a solid bench player 56 points is really no big deal.

        Put KD or Kobe (if he isn’t injured) or any other super star and they’ll be getting 100+ points per game, thats how bad the d-league is.

        • Daryl Peek

          I like Manny and think he could be a good role player off the bench too. Not worth signing to a contract right now tho. Not with Young, X, and Kobe coming back this season.

    • Marty Susman