D-Fenders News: Manny Harris Scores Franchise Record 49 Points In Win


    Ever since he stepped on the floor for the D-Fenders, Manny Harris has been a scoring machine. Last night, Harris took it to another level as he broke the D-Fenders franchise record, scoring 49 points in the D-Fenders 133-124 over the Idaho Stampede.

    Harris’ 49 points also matched the D-League season-high as Los Angeles won their sixth consecutive game. Harris, who recently was named D-League Performer of the Week, is trying to get another award on his mantle with his scoring outbursts. Harris added six rebounds, three assists, and three steals in the victory.

    Harris, the D-League’s fifth rated prospect, was one of six D-Fenders who scored in double figures. James Southerland added 16 points and nine rebounds, while Terrence Williams had a great all-around game with 11 points, five rebounds, seven assists, and five steals.

    With this win streak the D-Fenders have now climbed into the playoff picture as they currently sit eighth in the D-League. Here are highlights from Harris’ 49-point effort via NBA D-League:

    • Jim213

      Depending on Xs status may possibly be called up.

    • Jim213

      Rumorville: Per Ken Berger/ CBS Sports, the Lakers are looking to acquire an athletic PF – possibly in exchange for Pau Gasol.

      IMO, three team trade may be required as opposed to a two team trade. Jeff Green? (Celts) a player like this adds value and if things don’t pan out with whoever is picked up they can be dealt before trade deadline. ex. K Love (possibly).

      • LakeShow

        What do you think of Royce White? He is the same age of Xavier and Kendall and quite athletic. And he’ll come for cheap too.

        • Jim213

          He’d be worth a try if on a budget but I’d rather they acquire a player who can add value in a trade so if it doesn’t work out things can be simpler come trade time. #asset

          • LakeShow

            I think if he turns out to be a good player as in college, he could be a great asset for the Lakers. I like the fact that he is young and cheap just like Henry and Marshall. Lakers might not want to trade him either.

            Imagine 2nd team: –

            PG: Marshall
            SG: Henry
            SF: Kelly
            PF: White
            C: Sacre

            Not bad considering all are very young. If they can create chemistry, Lakers just need to focus on finding the starters.

            What do you think?

    • Jim213

      Coach: on ESPN710 vs. Clippers… β€œit was our first really bad game.” ?!?!

      10/30 – 94-125 Loss to GSW
      11/05 – 104-123 Loss to Mavs
      11/10 – 90-113 Loss to Wolves
      12/13 – 97-122 Loss to OKC
      12/21 – 83-102 Loss to GSW
      12/23 – 90-117 Loss to Suns
      1/05 – 115-137 Loss to Nuggs
      1/10 – 87-123 Loss to Clipps

      These where the blow out games as there are at least 5 other games they lost by close to 15 pts. But have no choice now #rollwithit until the end of the season.

      • Daryl Peek

        Agreed, MDA trying to be optimistic in blowing smoke up our asses with that BS.

    • 49ers All Day

      Manny who???I never heard of this guy and i am not a college basketball fan.

    • The Little General

      Manny Harris has just earned a call up to the NBA.Someone should sign him.