CP3 could be the Answer for the Lakers

CP3 could be the Answer for the Lakers


The Lakers front office will be scurrying to build another championship team with various trades and resign agreements during the offseason. Fortunately, they already have the core pieces for another championship at the positions of shooting guard, forward, power forward, and center. Notice anything missing? The Lakers are in dire need of an effective and consistent point guard to lead them back to the NBA Finals.

Derek Fisher has been a member of the Lakers for the majority of his basketball career, and he has proven to be an important piece to the Lakers championship puzzle with his clutch shooting in the playoffs and strong veteran leadership. He has won five championships with the Lakers alongside his partner in crime, Kobe Bryant. However, if the Lakers want to become champions again in 2011-12, they will need to find a new leader at the point guard position.

The Lakers tried to support Fisher with a veteran point guard in Steve Blake this past season, but I think they went backwards with this acquisition. The Lakers had the right formula during their two-year championship run from 2009 – 2010 with Jordan Farmar and Sasha Vujacic. These are two guards that were young and hungry for championship rings, and that’s what the Lakers need again.

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6U2ZHU7AJD6E7HFK4SRW3ETZNI rigged4fun@yahoo.com

    There’s no question that Chris Paul would be an integral piece for the resurgence of the Lakers. Although Derek Fisher is a capable distributor, Paul’s ability to penetrate makes him a loaded gun at any moment. Having the bigs like Bynum and Gasol as targets for dish offs would be backbreaking for most defenses in the league.

  • Lakerlover4life

    Unfortunately, in order to get CP3. we would have to give up either one of Bynum or Pau.  I think a swap of AB for CP3 straight up works w/the cap situation.  Or we could do a CP3/Okafur for AB/LO.  Decisions, decisions….

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5ZUK6CTJX7F3T5I6VISYDYRPLE RIGOBERTO OCHOA

      this would never happen it would have to be bynum and odom just for cp3 and the hornets probably would still say no.

      • Caseylum

        I agree 100 hundred percent. Your looking at dumping Kobe if u want cp3

      • rondo

        Laker will not trade Bynum for Cris Paul. You must out of your mind with that stupid trade.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CAPG775SGO46RFCHQ4IB3P7JDQ catch you on the rebound

      we would be giving up one of our big match ups with AB,to give up LO is not wise.

    • rondo

      You guys have no clue. Don’t make me laugh Bynum for Paul  You joking right!

  • TonySeven10

    Thank god this wont happen. With the probability of a hard salary cap, there’s no way the Lakers will be able to afford all these players.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CAPG775SGO46RFCHQ4IB3P7JDQ catch you on the rebound

    can any one tell me if we could send Pau and Ron for Westbrook Nazr M. or Collison?

  • Mike in Hawaii

    Has CP3 said he is definitely leaving NO after next season when his contract is up?  I think this happening is in the “less than 10%” range…however, if Mitch is willing to give up AB and LO, it MIGHT happen (though it would be a long shot). 

  • Matthew_briggs24

    lakers need CP3 and Dwight Howard!

    • rondo

      Yea right!

  • Caseylum

    This is dumb. Who you should be looking at is Deron Williams or even Monte Ellis. Getting cp3 would be a huge mistake. C’mon bro don’t publish garbage you should know better.

    • Thebigshow89931

      Your comment is garbage.

  • rondo

    Oh the knuckle heads are talking about Dwight Howard! Most don’t know what the hell they are talking about.The Lakers need a point guard not Dwight Howard.  Deron Williams would be perfect. Read my lips The Laker don’t need a CENTER.

  • B Smith

    3 things. 1. Caseylum is a bigger idiot than the person he called dumb. CP3 is better than Deron Williams and Monta Ellis is an undersized shooting guard who doesnt play defense or pass the ball. Get smart. 2. Deron Williams and CP3… WE JUST CANNOT AFFORD. Probably not Monta Either. The Lakers already have one of the largest salaries in all of sports. We cant just sign another Max Player. Kobe is paid 30 mill a year for christsake. We Cant get CP3, Deron Williams, Dwight Howard, or any other all star or superstar without giving up one of the weapons we already have, Stop Dreaming of a Pau, Bynum, Odom, Kobe, Paul line up. Its gotta be something like Pau, Odom, Artest, Bryant, Paul, or Bynum no Pau. No way we keep Pau, Odom and Bynum and get an all star point. 3. What we need to do is get a first round draft pick, and get a Nolan Smith or something. A proven College guard who can play D and hit open shots. Kobe handles the rest usually. He leads LA in assists anyway. Also we can groom this guard as well. Derek Fisher can Teach. We Dont need and All star guard tho we want one. We just need a young defensive guard, who hits open shots. I WANT CHRIS PAUL… but come on. Be real.

  • Arty

    B Smith you can “afford” any of these guys via trade…so dont call some1 else an idiot and not know how salaries and trades work man. Trade Gasol to get CP3..Lakers ARE NOT giving up Bynum for ANYTHING..thats Buss’ guy…and Odom is too valuable as well..they also do not need Dwight at all..

    on top of that..CP3 is by far the best PG in the league so Caseylum…idk what bball your watching but your way off

    and to the guy that said Derek Fisher is a capable passer shouldnt be allowed to watch basketball ever again..that might be the dumbest thing ive heard.

  • Leonardlarry42

    I was wondering when the Lakers front office was going to recognize that a young point guard was needed. Also they should trade Pau Gasol after his awful performance in the playoffs, move Lamar Odom in the starting line up and shop around for a legitimated outside shooting treat with some size.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=689995672 Kevin Shiau

    Totally agree with B Smith. Any trade for a superstar is going to require Bynum and that’s not happening. The only trade that made sense would be to get Dwight since you replace a paint presence with another.  Plus, when was the last time a superstar point guard won the title??

  • Malmansspc

    Paul isnt going to stay with the hornest and they know that so they will try to get who ever they can get for Paul