Corey Maggette Willing To Take Minimum To Play For The Lakers

Corey Maggette Willing To Take Minimum To Play For The Lakers


Corey MaggetteThe Los Angeles Lakers are beginning to fill their roster for next season, with the most recent move being the addition of Jordan Farmar. Plan B is officially underway, and the Lakers are seeing what they can do with a handful of veteran minimums.

Farmar and Chris Kaman will be great pieces to the Lakers’ one-season puzzle, and there are rumors that the team will also go after former Laker forward Lamar Odom. Odom and the Lakers do have mutual interest, and it will be great to see him back on the team that he helped win two championships.

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Today on Mason and Ireland (ESPN 710 Radio), unrestricted free agent Corey Maggette expressed his willingness to sign a one-year deal with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Maggette: If you guys talk about the Lakers, that would definitely be a huge plus. You can’t beat playing for one of the greatest organizations in basketball, having an opportunity to play with Kobe and the guys that they have on there.

Mason and Ireland: Is that something you will be willing to do for the minimum?

Maggette: Of course I’d do it for the minimum. If you have an opportunity to play with that team? Definitely.

As of this point, is is unclear if the Lakers will go after Maggette, but if they do, there is a great chance he suits up for the team next season. Metta World Peace is on the verge of begin amnestied by the front office, so adding a small forward like Maggette would help fill the void.

Maggette last played for the Detroit Pistons, but appeared in only 18 games due to injuries.


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  • Islesteelr

    U gonna have people say NO WAY! I would ask them then who is better than HIM, at his position, on our team right NOW?! Simple Math. One year vet min… Low risk. Still in good position in 2014 cap wise…

  • richard

    Let’s get ready to rumble….Corey is friends with Kobe and has been rumored since his Clipper days to want to play with Kobe… now this is really good news for Lakers fans…

    If we can have him on board and snag Odom to the fold… we are definitely set for a very interesting season… who says we should tank?

    We are the lakers!

    • Jim213

      Got doubts… Corey coming out of an injury. We shouldn’t acquire too many rehab players as we need to focus on skilled younger players to build upon today and for 2014.

      • richard

        Yes, Corey is coming out of injury, but is fully healthy. He doesn’t have to play starter minutes. If he can be productive for 20-25 minutes, that’s all we need. Kobe, MWP. and Corey can split the minutes at SF. Kobe/Meeks/S.Blake splits minutes at the SG, Nash/Farmar splits the PG minutes, J.Hill/MWP splits the PF minutes, Pau/Kaman splits the center position minutes… that’s a solid 9-10 man rotation for MDA to play with. Not looking bad, eh!

        • Jim213

          Could work, but I would prefer that they amnesty Blake and bring in Vujacic and L Odom back again. This would put the team in the playoffs for sure and likely appease a lot of disgruntled fans until 2014 free agency.

          I believe J Farmar, L Odom, and Vujacic played in both his 81 and 61 point games… if I’m correct. Management must have short memory b/c they may not understand team chemistry as these players also helped the team to acquire 2 rings.

          The team then will have a clear shot of making the playoffs with these acquisitions. I’m also pretty sure that a lot of fans would let them slide another year while waiting for 2014.

          Currently, its about staying competitive for the following season while giving the franchise the best opportunity to acquire another star come 2014. Although, trading Gasol in a 3 team trade for Rondo would also help to shoot us to the top in 2014 too.

          • richard

            We are not far apart in what we are thinking… If we can have Odom and Vujacic, that would be gravy… I think they have something to prove coming back, and that can only mean a good thing. However, having Corey in at the SF position will greatly enhance our chances to be able to hang with the likes of Durant and James without having Kobe cover those on the defensive end.

            As far as your thought on Pau for Rondo trade. If Mitch can work his magic this way. I have no complain except that we will be thin on the front line. I am not sure Sacre can be depended upon to handle the rigors of an 82 season as primary backup to Kaman. I would go for a young PF and a SF in the mold of Paul George, if a Pau trade is considered.

            I am sure FO are looking at these possibilities too.

  • Jim213

    I’m more interested in an update about Lamar Odom and Sasha who has expressed interest in playing for the Lakers again… Amnesty Blake to bring both back?

  • Mark Anthony Jones

    Yesssssssssssssssss I say Jim Buss please sign Corey Maggette…Good pickup if you’re going to amnesty Metta. Also Richard Hamilton got bought out today by the Bulls.. He would be a great addition to the team also and if Miami amnesty Mike Miller, let’s got after him too with the addition of Lamar Odom, we will be set for 2013. Kind of like that roster to make a run!

  • Jokobe

    No homo, but Magette looks fuckin super ripped in the picture above.

    • Top Ramen Noodle Soup

      photo chopped can make anybody look better than they truly appear. …And yes, u are lookin’ @that straight dude w/ queer eyes…homo!

      • Jokobe

        For saying someone’s ripped? Seems like you are the one who’s got something to hide closet fag.

  • Lakers!!!!!

    I hate to burst everybodys bubble but let’s be realistic, yall need to lower your expectations for this upcoming season. Sure Corey, Odom and Sasha will be nice, heck even exciting to watch, but this team will probably only win 40 games this season. But I will still watch all 82 games and pre-season of course!!

    • Jim213

      It’ll depend on a few things Kobe’s comeback and the type of depth that the team will have come 2013 season. Require defensive depth along with younger players, if the team ends up having depth with solid players that bring chemistry there’s no doubt that the Lakers would likely be better than the Rockets… team chemistry, defense, and younger players today to help the 2014 free agency.

  • Uncle Drew

    Get this guy! He fits into the D’Antoni system. He can play 3 and 4. And the most important thing is he WANTS to be on the Lakers even if it’s just for the minimum.

  • lorenzo

    I say if we are not able to get Lamar Odom, then Corey Maggette should be the obvious choice

  • Lakers Always

    Maggette would, at the very least, add some biceps to the roster. He would be a decent pickup at the minimum, but, realistically, he probably wouldn’t add a whole lot to the team. He does not have much of a 3-point shot, and working toward his 34th birthday — who knows if he has ever adjusted his game to post and pass. I will defer to Mitch on this one! I am not sold on the idea. He is a big name, though. With Maggette and Odom added to Nick Young and Farmar, we could work toward a lineup dubbed “The League Minimum All Stars.”

  • ersliva


    • richard

      I think you underestimate J.hill… He will be our starting Power Forward. Kobe our starting SF and Meeks the starting SG. We only need another mobile PF – Odom comes to mind, and a serviceable SF – Maggete or CDR.

      Kobe will definitely split minutes at the SF and SG positions. So we got that covered with Magette being our defensive SF with CDR snagging spot minutes at that position.

    • Jim213

      The Lakers require solid defensive players with attitude on the floor more so now with MWP being amnestied. The 1 yr minimum will also give them an opportunity of resigning the most beneficial players for the Lakers future in 2014.

  • ersliva

    so the lakers right now will carry 6 guards on the active roster and no small forwards what so ever

  • ersliva

    we can only hope they can sign meggette and odom plus hopefully a starting small forward along with chris douglas-roberts who would be the teams reserve small forward…..furthermore this is the whitest laker team since the 70’s and actually even slower then those white teams of the lakers past

  • mike

    everything is too late, they just wasted their time on dwight howard, they could have acquired cp3 and andre iguodala together from what they were offering dwight howard. stupid mitch!!!


      The Lakers could NOT acquire either of those players. The only reason they could offer D12 was because he was already on the roster. Even without his contract and amnestying MWP, the Lakers are still above the salary cap. If you’re over the cap, you can’t sign free agents except to the veteran minimum, and no way is cp3 or Iggy playing for the minimum.

      • Jim213

        A few that would fit the bill with salary cap hopefully include:

        Reggie Williams, decent 3 point shooter however in 2010-11 averaged (.423), Viktor (Soviet) Khryapa would be a better option strong arms and hands with a 3 point shooting ability too aside from his defense. Richard Hendrix, (Lokomotiv Kuban) top, would also be a good addition now (solid defense). Andres Nocioni and David Bluthenthal are other solid players that would make the second team one of the top ones for sure…

        The Lakers require solid defensive players with attitude on the floor more so now with MWP being amnestied. This will also give them an opportunity of resigning the most beneficial players for the Lakers future in 2014. The show must go on!… Solid depth from observing their stats aside from their play.

    • Jim213

      Agree, plan B started late… but if the right acquisitions take place this off season to build depth then I guarantee that come 2014 free agency the Lakers will have a better shot of assuring themselves future success. Especially if they were to trade Gasol in a 3 team trade next season ahead of the trade line for R Rondo while waiting for 2014 free agency to attract another star. Plan B would definitely turn out better than plan Dwightmare. Let’s hope they get it right this time.

  • Simon Co

    corey is a smart and intelligent player… know basketball too well, that LAKERS is one of a kind, prestigious team and he ain’t gonna miss it if given the opportunity. come on jim/mitch sign him!