Commissioner Stern Releases Statement on Paul Trade Veto Reviewed by Momizat on . NBA Commissioner David Stern is coming off one of the most controversial decisions in his tenure, and recently released a statement as to why he chose to veto t NBA Commissioner David Stern is coming off one of the most controversial decisions in his tenure, and recently released a statement as to why he chose to veto t Rating:
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Commissioner Stern Releases Statement on Paul Trade Veto

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NBA Commissioner David Stern is coming off one of the most controversial decisions in his tenure, and recently released a statement as to why he chose to veto the Chris Paul trade.

Pro Basketball Talk- Kurt Helin: “Since the NBA purchased the New Orleans Hornets, final responsibility for significant management decisions lies with the Commissioner’s Office in consultation with team chairman Jac Sperling. All decisions are made on the basis of what is in the best interests of the Hornets. In the case of the trade proposal that was made to the Hornets for Chris Paul, we decided, free from the influence of other NBA owners, that the team was better served with Chris in a Hornets uniform than by the outcome of the terms of that trade.”

What David Stern and his staff can’t seem to realize is that Paul is going to leave the team no matter what in 2012. Paul will be a free agent and he will join another team, leaving the Hornets with a superstar. If Paul does not get traded before his contract ends, the Hornets will lose one of the best players in the NBA with no return.

If Stern and his staff are so concerned with the Hornets, they would have traded Paul to the Lakers and gotten four capable players back. If the veto is not reversed, the Hornets quickly fall to the bottom of the Western Conference standings.

It’s Stern’s choice, either lose Paul in 2012 or trade him now and get players to fill in the void.

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  • Kevin

    That’s just a blatant lie. Anyone who saw Dan Gilbert’s letter and has any common sense knows that a lie.

  • Bill

    Don’t listen to this BS that David Stern’s is selling, he isn’t looking out for the NBA or New Orleans Hornets, he is looking out for the Miami Heat, who he really wants to win the next championship. If it was about balancing the league he would not have let them put together the so called big three last year. Stern’s is a Lakers hater and always has been since he became commissioner.

  • Vmarin

    What a load of @&$¥!!!!

  • Richard

    Stern was wrong to veto this trade because of the precedent it now sets. Now it will be impossible [for New Orleans] to trade him and now they will get nothing when—not if—he leaves as a free agent next season. I love how he said that this decision was made “free from the influence of other NBA owners” and “that the team was better served with Chris in a Hornets uniform than by the outcome of the terms of that trade.”

    Translation: Stern doesn’t want another superstar player holding a franchise hostage a la LeBron and Carmelo and it will be easier to sell the Hornets if CP3 was still on the roster—even if it’s just for this season. That’s like washing the outside of house to make it’s curbside appeal stronger, but neglecting broken furnace inside.

    Stern needs to check himself because he’s presided over two lockouts and he’s responsible for creating this “superstar” system that has grown beyond his control.

  • stephanie

    How many Brain Cells does it take to figure out this Commissioner is a fraud! He isn’t about the players interest AT ALL he is all about himself and the owners who keep him on power.. I could go on dayz about this BS .. However like you stated the ONLY ones hurt by this is THE HORNETS. Good luck selling them Stern… You just tarnished that !! Lastly CP3 will be a Laker , and actually further more in 2012 it will benefit us !! Here is how We use our amnesty clause, let Bynum go.. Im sorry but he is WAY to injury prone , and the Magic are NOT going to do a one-on-one trade for Bynum , they want a lot more. We sign CP3 with that money and still have Odom and Pau.. What now Stern.. Line up haters…

  • L. T.

    Stern’s wrong to stop trade yet allow jerseys owner to talk with Howard before allowed and Knicks to talk with chandler. Cubans running the league not stern. Best interest of hornets all the players hornets we’re gonna get not a bad roster. At the end of the season they’ll get nothing.

  • Conlan Chastain

    I dont get it, if you go into the NBA (or play basketball at any level) then the goal is to be the best. In the NBA, that would be winning champion ship. So what David Stern is saying is that CP3 is going to stay with the Hornets another year and go no where. Not to mention that the Hornets havent done anything with Chris, so keeping him obviously is NOT the best thing to do, but thanks David Stern!

    -a pissed off NBA(and Lakers) fan

  • Mike

    Stern is a fucking idiot. Is there anyway we can get this mother fuckin moron to lose his job?

  • Robert Ventura

    Stern needs to take a random drug test; either that or he is a complete moron. “The team is better served with Paul”… Moron, Paul has been with this team for years and they still are without a ring, what makes you think that will change. At least with a trade they get something for their Superstar… That statement is narrow minded and insulting. You can dress it, sugar coat it, and even put perfume on it, but it reeks with a scent of hate and jealousy….

  • Adam

    Ummmm……Stern’s justifications serves no justice. Why keep a superstar that DOES NOT want to be a Hornet….You a fuckin douche bag!!!!!!

  • http://LAKERSNATION Steve

    We all obviously know that what David Stern did was one of the most moronic things that has happened in the NBA in recent memory! That being said, Stern said he did this in the best interest of the Hornets! What a bunch of bullshit! Blocking the trade because they want to keep Paul when he’s going to be leaving next year (and they get nothing)! My 10 year old brother who trades baseball cards with his friends would have known what the better business decision would have been! DAVID STERN ALLOWED MANY OF THE OTHER OWNERS TO DO THIS AND HE CANNOT TELL ME ANY DIFFERENT!! HE CAVED UNDER THEIR PRESSURE IN ORDER TO REMAIN ON THEIR GOOD SIDE! WELL I GUESS WE ALL KNOW WHO CONTROLS THE LEAGUE!

  • Vmarin

    Good bye Stern, your clock just ran out! You can no longer run things here, maybe go the the “Y”… Time for a new commissioner!!!!

  • Swain

    Stern, you suck monkey balls. How/why would you be sooooooo fucking lame!!!!!!!!!!! You’re gonna ruin NO, and in the process, delay one of the most awesome possible Finals matchups….LA/MIA – Especially if Howard is in the cards to become a Laker. Imagine how cool it could have been… Fucker!!!!!!!!!

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