Clippers Plan To Offer Blake Griffin, Eric Bledsoe For Dwight Howard

Clippers Plan To Offer Blake Griffin, Eric Bledsoe For Dwight Howard


NBA: All Star Game-Team PracticesWe’re not into the meat of NBA free agency and already there are several scenarios being realized with Lakers impending free agent center Dwight Howard.

Howard won’t be eligible to talk to teams until July 1 and sign a contract until July 10, but he’s supposedly already identified several teams he plans to speak come early July.

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However, with news that him and Clippers guard Chris Paul have visions of playing together, Ramona Shelburne and Marc Stein of delivered a huge rumor this afternoon:

“Sources say the Clippers want to keep open the option that they could package Bledsoe with Griffin in a sign-and-trade offer for Howard after the Lakers’ center becomes a free agent on July 1.”

If Howard is dead set on leaving the Lakers, then they should explore options to get pieces in order to compete next season with an aging roster. However, general manager Mitch Kupchak recently stated that the team isn’t interested in a sign-and-trade for Howard despite several teams making overtures.

Regardless, the Clippers can hope all they want to land Howard, but the first hurdle is to acquire Doc Rivers, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce from the Celtics. While the Celtics have resisted the Clippers overtures, it sounds like they’re starting to find common ground on a deal.

Since the report from Shelburne and Stein, Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports tweeted out what every Laker fan is thinking:

It’s clear the Clippers are trying to shake things up in a major way, but there’s no chance the Lakers would help them and if Howard returns to the form like Kupchak expects, it’d be awfully hard to watch him do that in a Clippers uniform.


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  • John

    Remember it well because this is the moment this rumor appeared. There is probably going to be a lot of denial from both teams, but chances are the validity of this is about 80% true. I say to remember it because last year it was Josh Smith and Devin Harris that were offered but the Lakers refused.

    Mitch talked about plans a; b; c etc well if you ask me this should be plan a, because it’s becoming painfully clear that Howard doesn’t want to stay and to make things worse there is simply nothing the Lakers can do to make him stay, because trying to acquire CP3 is simply not possible.

  • chop91

    I’d rather have Howard, but if he’s going to walk either way this will probably be the best deal we can hope for, and it’s pretty damn good

  • Richard

    not crawford, he disappears when
    games really matter, in the playoffs… he is just like that, a sixth
    man on a good team. I’d rather have Bledsoe’s potential and athleticism
    and Caron butler and a pick for Howard.

    Our LIne up would look like this:

    Center = Pau/Sacre
    PF = EClark/JHill
    SF = Butler/MWP
    SG = Kobe/Meeks/Blake
    PG = BLedsoe/Nash

    This solves our problem at the SF position as well as the PG
    position. This can contend for a title and will fit the D’Antoni spread
    out offense. And is an above average defensive team personnel.

    • purp n’ gold

      we just gave up an all star for nothing..future GM right here.

      • Richard

        An all-star that is a big liability in crunch time and has not develop any symblance of goto move in nearly a decade of playing in the NBA. And we can use the 1st pick in the draft.

    • 3339

      dantoni’s offense is pure sh*t. it’s only good for regular season wins when working. When the game slows down in the playoffs, it is nothing. dantoni can’t coach championship teams. He goes against everything the Lakers stand for, which is winning and playing through the bigs.

  • 3339

    Lakers are f*cked. Dwight Howard is the best big man in the game, and they are seriously going to allow him to leave just to accommodate that fool mike dantoni. Laker fans think about this. Dwight Howard, the best big man in the game, who should be a Laker like the great big men before him, playing for the Clippers under Brian Shaw, the man who should be coaching the Lakers.
    Clippers would dominate LA for years to come while the Lakers are reduced to nothing.

    • nanacamcam

      Brian Shaw ain’t coaching the Clippers man, Doc Rivers is

  • jwickabdurrahim

    Howard doesn’t want to be with the Lakers unless there’s a way the Lakers can get Chris Paul. I say we get Bledsoe and Griffin, and let them be the future of this organization. A lineup of Nash, Kobe, Clark, Griffin, Gasol with guys like Bledsoe, Hill and whoever else we’ll have left looks pretty sexy to me. Sure, it’s undersized in most respects but it would give the Lakers something to build around for the future. Or they could be overpaying for Howard who is 1) a baby 2) not someone you can build a team around anyway and 3) past his stage of dominance.

  • Cruz

    If dwight leaves the lakers and goes to the clippers, he will be one of the most hated people in l.a.. Millions of laker fans will let him know everywhere he goes on what a coward he is. The man who left the lakers(most beloved team in l.a) for the clippers. I wouldn’t want to be dwight Howard and still live in l.a… He will regret ever leaving the lakers..

    • HellFire

      if dwight is traded to the clippers… the laker fans will love him :)) bledsoe is a really good pc blake fight and improves every year…. pau will be the center again… i think this will be the best deal for the lakers… no more drama … build around griffin and bledsoe

  • Dave

    I wouldn’t wish what’s going to happen to dwight Howard on my worst enemy, if he goes to play for the clippers and continues living in Los Angeles..

  • Jack

    Simple. If you understand basketball you wont like this rumor. If you dont understand the game you will love it. Bledsoe is gonna have to get paid eventually, and blakes 16 pts & 7 rb is not worth a max contract. If they want to win, clear cap space and hand select free agents who fit the system, not just entertaining role players that are gonna take up about half the luxury tax themselves.

  • Freddie Senter

    yeah if this is actually true!…? then it makes sense to trade for bledsoe AND!! griffin?…ppfff….NO BRAINER i dont really want howard in purple and gold after seeing him play with us last season just on how he played harder when kobe was off the floor…injured or resting…he looked liked he was trying to be a captain but how you gonna lead when the leaders on the floor have proven themselves and have rings lol and him without one…where is howard leading them to? a division title? and like we couldn’t tell he had some problem with pau…he needed to just come and play hard…we would of loved to see him come back and do this but 1. this guy wants his own team and doesnt realize he can have a premier team in a couple of years (still got to put the work in) and 2 we are not attractive enough for him (when you still have to think about 30 extra million and a side from learning from a legend) lol …see ya!

  • enufisenuf

    What a joke….you’re out of your mind OR…its a slow day and you need to pump up fans into a frenzy. Either way you should really stay away from that medical marijuana!

  • enufisenuf

    Howard is going to Houston and Griffin is staying put otherwise CP-3 will get mad and explore his options when time comes.

  • DigNickBigga


  • dadz litonjua

    Okay, this is not happening. Let’s get to the point here, 1. Clippers would need to trade Butler along with DeAndre and have to take in contracts, so there isn’t going to be enough room on Clips that would help facilitate a S&T for Howard. LAC has $88.72M committed on the cap, including cap holds on CP3, L.O., Billups, Barnes, Turiaf, Simmons, Hollins, and their #26 pick. To get under the cap, they need to get rid of $30M on their payroll. So, unless you add a 3rd team that can take in more salary, you are looking at an impossible S&T Scenario for D12 under the current CBA.

    2. NOW, WHEN a trade does get done, could you see D12 coexisting on the same roster as KG, who has been known to have coined “paintyourfaceclown” meme on Dwight? I seriously doubt that could happen.