Chris Paul Will Not Report to Hornets Camp Reviewed by Momizat on . In retaliation to the latest news that the NBA has vetoed the trade that would send Chris Paul to the Lakers, the perennial all-star will not attend Hornets tra In retaliation to the latest news that the NBA has vetoed the trade that would send Chris Paul to the Lakers, the perennial all-star will not attend Hornets tra Rating:
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Chris Paul Will Not Report to Hornets Camp

In retaliation to the latest news that the NBA has vetoed the trade that would send Chris Paul to the Lakers, the perennial all-star will not attend Hornets training camp on Friday. Camps are set to begin for all teams on Dec. 9, but Paul will not be joining his fellow players. Paul believes the deal is still on hold and he will wait a little longer before making his next move.

The rejection to the Lakers-Paul trade shocked the entire league, and Paul is not willing to let Stern dictate his future. In addition to sitting out of Hornets camp, Paul has spoken to Billy Hunter and expects to use the players unions’ legal powers to push the trade.

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  • Brian

    I like this trade better than the Howard one if this happens. Paul can run the floor while it spreads the floor for Kobe to make jumpshots. Not to mention a young center who can live up to his potential with gasol and odom gone. I hope this pulls through.

    • Frank

      I agree but who do we use at the 4?? That’s both our big power fowards ??

  • http://n/a Mike Alvarez

    I believe the league has violated the rights of the hornets, Lakers and Chris Paul, i have nothing against Pau and Lamar, but this was the decision made by the Lakers staff, i say David Stern and the other owners need to stay out of other peoples business and focus on all the bad rep. this lock out has brought against the N.B.A

  • ms cali swagg

    Now Sperm have really pissed CP3 off and if he has to wait until the end of this short season to sign with the Lakers he will. He’s going to be a Laker no matter what David Sperm says. who the hell do he think he is trying to dicate where people can go. When he was going to be traded to Boston, New Jersey, and Golden State David Sperm didn’t have anything to say. TRUST CP3 WILL HAVE THE LAST LAUGH……

  • bheesting

    I read Mark Cuban complained the most. Using the small market excuse. Last time i checked he’s in a big market and he spends alot going over the luxury tax, Fakin Cry BABY.

    • Justin

      And, unless I missed something, didn’t Dallas just win the championship? Why is Mark Cuban even in the conversation?

  • richard

    David Stern is too must like my boss.

  • bheesting

    So, Stern mentioned for “Basketball Reasons” the trade didnt go through. So, if the lakers wants to get better in the future then we can’t because we might hurt the small markets.

  • Diandra_M

    Stern screwed the Lakers and Paul over.

  • Joe moe

    Owner Stern can’t run the league and a team 2 ??

  • Andrew

    Sterns can kiss my ass, and his bullshit excuse, such as “basketball reasons”. I didn’t see any “basketball reasons”, when Lebron and bosh went to miami. Also it’s not like were not giving up two of our best players just to get a point guard. Lamar was the sixth man of the year, and ever since we picked up pual G the lakers have made it to the playoffs or won the playoffs. # stern your a bitch

  • Tae Mo

    The NBA owns NO ryt? So i guez they have the ryt to veto the trade!!! LOL

  • Emmanuel Gonzalez

    why didn’t they question the Lebron trade last year. Now they do this to the Lakers! Clearly, Miami Heat is David Stern’s team.

    • Mrwilleeeum

      Because it wasn’t a trade. Wade, James, and bosh were free agents.

    • Justin

      They couldn’t stop it because those guys contracts were up, they were free agents and could go wherever they wanted. Same thing CP can do at the end of the season if the trade doesn’t go through now.

  • Andrew

    This guy ^^

  • jojo

    Occupy David Stern!!!! Bastard!!!

  • Boi

    Stern is and idiot

    The busses should step in.

    Let’s see how well the nba can do without the lakers

    That’s some bullshit. ( and it’s not likenwemdidnt give up any players)

    Sad day for nba

  • chuck

    I’m pretty sure the league will do okay without the Lakers. Its the other way around. N the NOH are owned by the NBA so its there choice if they want to go with the deal or not.

  • Sexydiva

    Geesh its getting worse everyday! :-/ I hope Cp3 the best. He needs to stand up for himself…

  • Bryan B R Davis

    As Lakers fans we need to stand up and let our voices be heard if Lebron and Dwade can be on the same team why can’t CP3 and Kobe? As a fan i am outraged. We are the ones that keep the NBA going so make us happy screw Dan Gilbert and other owners. We need to go on a NBA strike and show them who really has the power. Look me up on Facebook . if u agree .

  • Travis

    I was one of those floater fans who had no problem going to the NHL when the lockout hit and I’m pretty reluctant to come back. The last few days I was actually interested in the NBA again because of blockbuster trades like this. There’s even less of a chance I come back to the NBA after seeing that this is how they’re going to run the league.

    And I guarentee there are many fans out there exactly like me.

  • Manuel Franchia

    This is rediculous. The league should not be allowed to determine where Paul goes or does not go. He is not going to stay in New Orleans after this season, so why not get something in return for him.

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