Chris Paul Reminded ‘Everyday’ That He Should’ve Been A Laker Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="239"] Many wondered how the Los Angeles Lakers were going to perform this season with uncertainty surrounding Kobe Bryant's return from inj [new_royalslider id="239"] Many wondered how the Los Angeles Lakers were going to perform this season with uncertainty surrounding Kobe Bryant's return from inj Rating: 0
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Chris Paul Reminded ‘Everyday’ That He Should’ve Been A Laker

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Many wondered how the Los Angeles Lakers were going to perform this season with uncertainty surrounding Kobe Bryant’s return from injury and Dwight Howard’s departure in free agency.

With constant injuries and lineup changes, the outcome of this season has been an unfortunate one as the team has been out of playoff contention for quite some time.

With the Lakers struggling the past couple of seasons, many still think about the failed Chris Paul trade in 2011. While the Clippers are headed for the playoffs, Chris Paul was on Power 106 on Tuesday morning to discuss numerous topics.

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When asked about his previous comments about Los Angeles still being a Laker town, Paul said the Clippers aren’t trying to take anything away from their cross-town rivals except to win a championship:

“Man, we don’t have enough time. You know, to tell you the truth, we’re not trying to take anything from the Lakers or anything like that, other than to win a championship.”

Three seasons have passed, but Paul also mentioned that Lakers fans still let him know that he should’ve been a Laker:

“Everyday. Just about.”

Since arriving in Los Angeles, the 28-year-old guard from Wake Forest has been able to rejuvenate the Clippers franchise with Blake Griffin by his side. He also became the first Clipper to be named to the All-NBA First Team since the franchise moved to Los Angeles in 1984.

With the Lakers and Clippers headed in different directions this season, many wonder where the franchise would be if David Stern did not veto the trade. However, with ample cap room and a high draft pick, the Lakers can quickly turn it around as soon as this off-season.

In 52 games, Paul is averaging 18.8 points, 4.3 rebounds, and 10.9 assists this season.
Lakers’ Kobe Bryant Meets With Jim Buss, ‘Goal Is To Win And Win Now’

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  • Jim213

    It is what it is, but he could’ve tested FA rather than give his word to return to the Clippers.

  • Jim213

    Believe K Durant is pushing for D Fish to play another year after this season. Per Sam Amick (USA Today), Phil Jackson wants to Derek Fisher as part of the the Knicks staff. Phil: Derek’s a “natural leader with exceptionally emotional intelligence and finely tuned management skills.”

    As mentioned last summer wouldn’t mind seeing D Fish in some type of role with the Lakers.

    • Marcus Franco

      That’s the problem, I think that has no space for Derek in FO with Jim Buss in charge.

      • Jim213

        Was thinking more as part of the coaching staff but we’ll see what takes place.

        • Marcus Franco

          Oh I see.. Well, that might work first I’d like to imagine a good and possible coach for lakers next season.. Do you have any in mind ?

          • WEST

            either of the van gundy brothers or george karl i feel would be great choices and dont give me that they never won a championship crap. Every coach has that over them until they win one. These would be great hires. with a coach like that and hopefully the Lakers Front office putting great pieces around that coach we could win a championship again. Or if you just want to make it quicker BRING JERRY WEST BACK TO GM! god Magic said it best when he said it sucked seeing all these old laker greats going and running other teams. Once a Laker always a Laker bring them in to recruit some talent

    • Spitfire

      Why talk about Phil in Lakers page? He is now the Knicks president. And if you guys cant get over with it. Then it’s better for you to join him in the Knicks.

      • Daryl Peek


      • Stephen A Smith Da Termanator

        Well said

      • Jim213

        Probably b/c the same players which goes for former players (staff). Duh

  • AD

    I’m sure Chris thinks about being a Laker too. The Clippers may be winning games but nothing beats winning while being a Laker….or just being a Laker, period. He would probably have a ring by now too.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Conspiracy theory arises as Chris Paul trade to the Lakers gets vetoed yet 2 days later the lowly bottomless pit Clippers get his rights in a trade???WTF Mr.Stern???Since then the Lakers are not anywhere near the caliber team they used to be and the Clippers are always near the top of the west???Yeah okay.Now we are pinning our hopes on a lottery pick coming up!!!The Lakers got screwed!!!Sayonara Stern!

    • ‘James Edwards

      This is how we all know u just may not understand exactly what happened with the Paul trade…..u all have to remember stern was not acting as commissioner when he vetoed the trade he was acting as owner of the Hornets which he was because the Hornets we owner less at the time. This happens all the time a GM sets a trade up the owner still has final approval Stern believed the trade to send CP to the clippers set the Hornets up better for the future. He was also right the sudden decline of Gasol and Odom’s life is falling apart Stern as owner did the right thing no matter how much I or any other Laker fan doesn’t like it he was right to veto that trade.

      • Drizzle

        That’s crap bro. He just didn’t want the lakers to be a power house again. Plus stern always hated the lakers. No owner that I can remember vetoed a trade for that reason. Come on man as a fellow lakers fan u need to know that.

        • K3V

          Yea we got screwed. Stern said it wasn’t fair for either team (remember all that lockout bullcrap)with players leaving small markets teams for bigger markets and more money. But then allows paul to go to the clippers.

          • Gekko

            It is hard to know if it happens all the time or not. When we read an article, it says that both sides are in discussions and then later it falls apart and we never really know the details. Just gossip and rumors.
            That being said, I have always had the feeling that David Stern has tried to dismantle the Laker dynasty. I think he sees us as bad for business. Its mostly a gut feeling.
            Personally, I see us as good for business. People fall into two categories when it comes to L.A. Those of us chanting for LA and those chanting “Beat LA”. Each side is equally passionate about it too.
            If you still don’t think we are good for business. Ask all of the franchises around the NBA which game sells out first. Its always the Lakers when they come to town.

        • Evan Boland

          He’s an idiot ignore him.

      • jonathan escalante

        James edwards thts not true the only reason tht trade was vetoed was becase when the deal was done nearly all of the gms around the league pleaded stern to veto it they were pretty much petitioning for paul not to go with rhe lakers because they didnt want to see the lakers win another championship too soon from their last one if tje gm’s wouldnt of said amything stern woulndnt of vetoed shit

      • Shannon

        That’s b.s. No one had any way to tell Odom would decline in the future and Pau is putting up 18 and 10. A lot of people have no clue about that trade. The Hornets would have got Lamar, Kevin Martin, Luis Scola, GORAN DRAGIC AND A 1ST ROUND PICK! That’s not a bad deal and the Hornets STILL SUCK so who did that trade help? The only team who got better and got the best deal was the Clippers. The trade they got after the Lakers one got vetoed was even worse. That trade was lopsided as hell. They stopped it because butthurt owners like Mark Cuban and Dan Gilbert complained.

  • Frnk Sinatra

    Cavs owner Snyder pushed for the veto along with Mavs owner Cuban they didn’t want the LAKERS to be at the top Stern didn’t want a group that could knock the cHeat off the throne he made for them

  • Sheeshus

    The best COACHING choice for the LAKERS in my opinion has been and still is MR. BYRON SCOTT.. Former Laker, Championship history, and coach of the year in 2008 then fired by two sorry ass teams shortly after. BYRON SCOTT is a LA guy from Morningside HS and I feel he would be a respected voice for the LAKERS Coaching position. BYRON SCOTT FOR LAKERS COACH!! REPOST

  • Richard

    I think It’s going to be very interesting to see how management handles the Laker’s destiny. How will things play out going forward? What will happen and how? What and how will their decisions affect the future of this franchise. Most important what will their blueprint/plans be for winning the next Laker championship?

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