Chris Palmer Claims Kobe Bryant May Be The ‘All-Time Most Unguardable’ Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="125"] Former ESPN NBA analyst Chris Palmer, who is also known for provoking debate, was at it again on Wednesday night.  Palmer regularly t [new_royalslider id="125"] Former ESPN NBA analyst Chris Palmer, who is also known for provoking debate, was at it again on Wednesday night.  Palmer regularly t Rating: 0
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Chris Palmer Claims Kobe Bryant May Be The ‘All-Time Most Unguardable’

Former ESPN NBA analyst Chris Palmer, who is also known for provoking debate, was at it again on Wednesday night.  Palmer regularly takes to his Twitter profile to make bold claims and recognizes a player or players for having what he has dubbed the “Line of the Night.”

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Late Wednesday evening, Palmer broached the topic of the NBA’s most unguardable players.  The analyst got on the subject after recognizing Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving for their impressive stat lines in their head-to-head meeting.  The conversation then progressed to Durant needing to be included in a top-5 all-time list based on pure skill:

Palmer then transitioned to a list of his all-time most unguardable players, which included Kobe Bryant and whom his previous tweets suggests, he holds in high regard:

That tweet was then followed up with an argument that perhaps Bryant should sit atop the most unguardable list:

Bryant is widely considered a polarizing figure that elicits plenty of various emotions out of people.  However, what can’t be ignored is the offensive prowess that Bryant boasts and the fact that he outlasted and outperformed all of his contemporaries and perceived rivals.  Tracy McGrady is attempting a comeback as an MLB pitcher and Vince Carter hasn’t been a shadow of himself since at least 2009.

Durant and LeBron James have been the next to challenge Bryant’s stature, and overtake him, but that battle hasn’t exactly been a fair fight considering Bryant’s older age by the time Durant and James entered their prime.  That being said, Bryant more than held his own on several occasions to remain at, or near the top of the NBA food chain.

Cursed by an injury-laden 18th season, it’s become easy to dispel Bryant and his accomplishments.  Perhaps Bryant will never fully recover from his knee fracture or torn Achilles and thus will need to rely on his legendary performances from years past.  Or perhaps he will be able to suit up again, as he has in years past, and provide Palmer with more material to spawn debate with.
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  • Jason Williams

    No doubt Kobe is the most unguardable of all time. His offensive skill set and ability to adapt is challenged only by MJ. Sure Kobe could fly, but like Jordan, that’s not the reason he was unstoppable. They possessed an ability to score at will from anywhere regardless of defense. They either had an off-night or they didn’t; No defense was ever able to affect their ability to score.

    Durant no doubt has an amazing skill set, probably the best offensive player in the league right now, but much of his being unguardable comes from his height when he takes that beautiful shot of his. Lebron is another that I class with Durant, somebody who’s size and/or athleticism is what makes him so dominant, not his actual skill. In regards to pure basketball skill, James is your average all-star at best. He does have a great bb IQ though, and like Durant, can play with a guards skill set. But let’s face it, most of his offensive ability is derived from the fact he’s a freight train that can jump through the roof (apparently that qualifies as skill these days?).

    People tend to forget how great Kobe and Jordan were. These two are legendary in their offensive abilities. Both were also top-notch defenders in their athletic primes. I give Jordan the nod as GOAT overall because his greatness came with an unrivaled consistency that even Kobe couldn’t match. But both were immune to defense.

    When it comes to offensive prowess, there’s MJ and Kobe; then there’s the debate over everybody else.

    • lakerfan0

      Well said.

    • lakersknicks

      thank you for saying it better than anyone possibly can.

      just another point, Kobe is better at 3-point than MJ.

    • LAfan

      I feel safe saying that this is one of the best breakdowns in regards to MJ, Kobe, Lebron, and KD. Very well done, sir.

    • Bob

      Couldn’t agree more

    • TTKIN

      PERFECT breakdown. I just wish the dumbasses over at espn thought like this. But theyre too busy polishing lebrons ballsack

  • Matt

    Shaq. enough said.

    • Gabriel Mendes Da-Costa

      Kobe won rings without Shaq. Shaq never won a ring without a superstar dominant shooting guard (Kobe or prime Wade).

      Enough said.

  • jwickabdurrahim

    Kareem. That hook shot. He didn’t get to 38000+ points by just popping jumpers. Nobody found a way to stop that hook shot.

  • jack all

    Anyone of them have a “KOBE STOPPER”??? MJ,KAREEM in ZONE DEFENCE???

  • Wizkid

    Most Unguardable of All Time, second to no one. Agreed.

  • Alan Sien

    Well said, a lot of people are on Lebron’s bandwagon because his ability to score, pass, rebound and block by spiking the ball over the board. If he is Jordan or Kobe size, we wouldn’t even put him up there as one of the greatest. If Kobe or Jordan are as big as Lebron, they wouldn’t last this long because of the physical they have to endure especially MJ in the 90′s. But they would dominate NBA like Lebron. Also, have we ever heard MJ and Kobe claimed to win 7 rings? MJ and Kobe is the most unguardable player because they are willing to work on different part of their games. Kobe learned the post move from Hakeem as he gets older and discover that deadly fade away. The only person that can stop MJ and Kobe are themselves. It took Kobe 18 years to finally suffer an injury that he couldn’t shake it off and play after a day or two. How often do you hear Kobe and MJ missed game and complained about injuries? Jordan had a high fever during a playoff games and still end up playing. You can’t teach dedication. The will and ability to take and make the game winning shots were amazing to watch between MJ and Kobe. A survey even post that who would you want to take the final shot. MJ and Kobe got all the votes and none went to Lebron. And Lebron thinks he deserved to be on mount rushmore when there are so many great players ahead of him. Judging by overall, it might take 4 mount rushmores for him to make the cut.

  • Gabriel Mendes Da-Costa

    Kobe in his prime was in fact the most scary offensive player of all times. At least for me. Sure, he wasn’t as regular and reliable as MJ but then, who ever was?

    We’ve see Tmacs come and Go, Iversons come and Go, Vince is still here but only as a 3 pt shooter decently getting them checks. All of them are future all of famers.

    But then, look at Kobe. Last year he was still playing at an elite level and, fi not for the team turbulence, he would have been in the MVP race.

    From the players Kobe played against, only MJ and Lebron can be considered better overall. But about offensive skill, i even put Kobe ahead of MJ. And Lebron will have to win at least 2 more rings after a rebuild (like Kobe did) to convince me he is really deign of being considered better than Kobe.

  • ghost

    It’s funny list, he gave only names from last years. Kobe injured himself by his lack of shot selection and off-shooting nights, lack of consistency. Skillset is not enought if you can’t translate it into game. AI might be the same, but he was even much worse and strongly ineffective. There are many players who got unguardable shots, why they are missed here?

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