Chris Kaman On Gasol Pairing: ‘I Didn’t Think It Went That Well’ Reviewed by Momizat on . Given the recent success Chris Kaman has experienced when given playing time, many wondered why Kaman didn't get off the bench more often or start alongside Pau Given the recent success Chris Kaman has experienced when given playing time, many wondered why Kaman didn't get off the bench more often or start alongside Pau Rating: 0
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Chris Kaman On Gasol Pairing: ‘I Didn’t Think It Went That Well’

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Given the recent success Chris Kaman has experienced when given playing time, many wondered why Kaman didn’t get off the bench more often or start alongside Pau Gasol. In the final game that Gasol missed due to vertigo, Kaman started and scored a season-high 28 points.

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When Gasol returned to the lineup on Tuesday, Los Angeles Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni gave the two 7-footers an opportunity start together. Kaman scored 12 points on 6-of-16 from the field and Gasol scored nine points on 4-of-9 from the field.

According to Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters, their play tonight did not sit well with either of the big men, and Kaman admitted the pairing did not work well tonight:

Kaman didn’t shoot well, which he believed may have impacted how the Portland Trail Blazers played defense. The two centers have similar skill sets, with each capable of scoring from the post or with a midrange jumper. In some instances that can prove to be effective, but when one struggles from the outside, as Kaman did, it can also lead to the defense stuffing the interior, which Kaman alluded to the Blazers doing.

Kaman has voiced his displeasure with how the season has gone on several occasions and his admission that he and Gasol didn’t quite fit well together is a change from the comments he’s previously made, which were often directed towards D’Antoni. 

More times than not, Kaman has been a casualty of D’Antoni shuffling his rotations in an effort to find the best lineup, which has resulted in several games where Kaman didn’t log a minute of action.

Though the duo didn’t fare well tonight, D’Antoni said after the game that it’s likely he’ll attempt starting the two big men alongside each other tomorrow night. Hopefully, Pau Gasol, who said he had a rough time in his first game back from vertigo, will be able to play tomorrow.
Chris Kaman Speaks Out On Mike D’Antoni, This Year And The System

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Matthew Moreno is a journalist from Whittier, Calif., serving as an associate editor at Dodgers Nation. A Cal State Long Beach graduate, Moreno also contributes to Lakers Nation, and previously served as a co-editor and lead writer at Reign of Troy, where he covered USC Football.

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  • Jim213

    Called it, but it was obvious given both haven’t had too much time together on the floor.

    • Spitfire

      LOL…trying to be defensive now?!
      It came from their mouth that it will never work and yet all you noobs keep asking for it.

      • Jim213

        Lol… Who’s asking for both to play together? Would’ve likely produced better results at the start of the season but it is what it is. However, they seriously need better players which seriously goes with cutting ties with the dead weight and replacing the coach who’s decisions speak for themselves which also apply to lack of adaptation.

  • Daryl Peek

    Props to Kaman for keeping it 100! So much for the nefarious agenda of MDA VS. the big’s this season. As I’ve said all year long, player development was a goal with this roster from the jump, and the injuries accelerated that directive under diverse conditions that could not allow for winning basketball.

    • Daspin

      You seem to believe the complaining is about not winning. To the contrary the complaining is about a coach having no clue how to coach. The complaining is about incompetence.

      • Daryl Peek

        How can there be incompetence when over half his players have been in and out of the line up due to injury? Kaman rightly said this in the above video, and even Kobe has come out and said such recently, citing MDA not getting a fair shake the two seasons he’s been the coach here.

  • Marc Gasol

    Those 2 bugs in there in the paint and they played “Red Sea” defense all night long, highlighted by Lillard dunking on both of their sorry soft asses. And of course, the Pau apologists will absolve him of any blame and blame everyone else even the parking lot attendant. Pau whines and complains a lot nowadays, but he is every bit as guilty out there for this piss poor season. He only cares about getting his touces offensively, and doesn’t give a damn about touches defensively (ie.. Blocks, rebounds, deflected passes).

    • Josh

      Yet he is one of the top rebounders and shot blockers in the league…

      • Deven

        Please. Rubio averages more steals per game over tony Allen and pay more blocks per game than Lebron. So are they better defenders? No. You will see Allen and Lebron in the all defensive team this year. Stats don’t tell the whole story.

        • Deven

          I meant Pau avgs more blocks per game than Lebron

        • Josh

          The accusation was that Pau doesn’t block shots, rebound, or deflect passes. I’m not saying Pau is a premier defender in the league. He is getting old, and his body is wearing down from all the championship level basketball he has played in the NBA and Spain for so many years. He is better than people give him credit for.

          Also, the all-defensive team selections don’t tell the whole story either. Plenty of guys make that list based on reputation as opposed to actual play.

    • Laura Waddell

      Nice, using Pau’s brothers name as your user name. The REAL Marc Gasol wouldn’t say such such unkind things about any player…brother or not.

  • 3339

    So according to dantoni supporters he gets a pass for last year because of the no training camp thing. And this year he gets a pass because of the injures.
    So those morons are ok with the Lakers losing as bad as they have as long as this overrated coach gets a fair chance in their eyes.

    • Jack

      I’m no MDA supporter, just a realistic Laker fan, but does anybody really believe everything with this awful season is 100% MDAs fault? Just plug in another coach with the same roster will so a complete turn around?Sorry, but you can have Pop as coach and Doc as his assistant, and you give them this same team with all the circumstances of injury, bad luck, and old age, and they are still going to be where they are right now give of take a couple games be

      • 3339

        Doc or Pop would provide a better environment and better players would want to join in. What star player would want to join this dantoni mess?
        the roster dantoni had last year was pretty good and he was still clueless.

        • Josh

          Are you sure better players want to play for Pop? There is no evidence that anyone outside the current Spurs roster wants to play for Pop. Great coach! But I’ve never seen anyone flirt with the Spurs in free agency.

        • Terrell

          You make a fair pt. But you Didn’t answer the guys question. Pop, given this SAME team, where would they be? I Agree with the original poster on that point. They would still be where they are right now. In the toilet

          • 3339

            I disagree. Pop or doc would be using all the players properly and the Lakers would defiantly be much better on defense. Even when dantoni had healthy players his teams still sucked on defense.
            Doc and Pop have shown that they can be successful with different groups of players because they can adjust their system to fit the players they have.
            dantoni could take over the clippers right now and start complaining that Blake and Jordan can’t play together.
            Doc and Pop are leaders, dantoni is no leader. Give those two this current Laker team and there would be more structure, more leadership, and yes more wins.

  • quickster007

    The Lakers needs a defensive center. Gasol and Kaman are not defensive center/power forward. The Lakers should draft Joel Embiid if not try to sign Marc Gasol and don’t resign Pau Gasol. Nobody in the Lakers squad plays any defense.

  • Laura Waddell

    Gotta love the pop up quiz asking is Gasol is helping or hurting the team. Riddle me this: WHY is that question not being asked in relation to Steve Nash?
    I’ll tell you why. 1. Nash is not a free agent at the end of the season. 2. D’Umbfukee LIKES Steve Nash.
    Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Nash, but he has unfortunately become so unreliable his teammates can’t reasonably count on having him available to play. This whole scenario is designed to do nothing but grease the gears on the ‘ole rumor mill. This is precisely why I do not like Lakers Nation. It serves NO useful purpose other than to spread misinformation & get the fans all excited and/or upset about something that most likely isn’t going to happen.
    Leave the reporting to the professionals, please!

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