Chris Kaman Embraces Photoshop Pictures of Him Laying On Bench

Chris Kaman Embraces Photoshop Pictures of Him Laying On Bench


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Chris Kaman spends nearly 32 minutes per game for the Lakers sitting on the bench. And last night, the Lakers only had eight players in uniform, and Kaman still only saw 14 minutes of action. So how did he spend his time on the pine?

Here he is with 2:21 left to play in the third:

Was he dead?

Today, fans took to Twitter.

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  • lakers_824

    I dont blame him i mean this guy knows how to play but dumbtoni wont even put him in the game. Only 14 mins really even when we have like 8 players left he only gets 14 mins. MIKE DANTONI NEEDS TO BE FIRED AND IS RESPONSIBLE FOR SOME OF THE LAKER INJURIES THIS YEAR

    • Gregory Choa

      Dude fouled out in 14 minutes!…he pretty much did that on his own…

      • lakers_824

        what about the rest of the season? I mean kamen was brought in to be a starter or at least a 6th man. If he would have known that hes not gonna be in the rotation he wouldnt even have considered the lakers

        • Andress Lua

          he was injured.

  • mamba magic

    lol…stretching?!? hahaha
    photoshopped ones are hilarious

  • gm jack

    Kaman’s not playing due to MDA.
    Why would you trade MDA for Mike Brown?
    Brown is not the greatest coach, but, better than MDA.
    2011, Phil Jackson lost to Dallas second round 4 0.
    2012 Mike Brown, lost to OKC 4 1, who had crushed Dallas, the rieghning champs, 4 0 in the previous rounds.

    If Phil Jackson could not take the Lakers out of round 2 in 2011, when, the Lakers and Kobe were a year younger, then, why was it such a big deal for Mike Brown to loose in round 2 to OKC in 2012, with Durant and West-brook firing in full cylinders with Harden coming off the bench. It was expected.

    MDA did not even win one game, with DH, Gasol, Blake, Nash! They could have won at least one or two.

    I know there are not too many defenders for Mike Brown, but, he was a better coach than, MDA.

    It is like trading in for a Toyota Camry in Mike Brown, for a Yugo of the Past.

    • Derek Luego

      CAVS fans says HELLO!

    • Derek Luego

      they both sucks and so do you for your d*mb *ss analysis! no arguments here!

  • TomK

    All I know is Chris scores points, and defends well, and still sits on the bench. MDA couldn’t coach his way out of a wet paper bag. The question is, will Jim Buss swallow his pride, and let him go, and hire a world class coach, or are we destined for more pain and suffering, because of his ego.